10 best Marvel shows that you just cannot miss 

10 best Marvel shows that you just cannot miss  – Marvel has been in the game of releasing shows for a while now. But it’s only after the release of its recent shows that Marvel is finally being taken recently. With the success of shows like WandaVision and Loki, it’s clear that Marvel is here to stay in the streaming market. But true Marvel fans will know that there are more noteworthy shows produced by Marvel that you need to watch. And if you don’t know where to get started, we’ll help you out by giving you the best Marvel shows across all OTT platforms! 😀 

Best Marvel Series on Netflix, Disney Plus, and Other OTT Platforms


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Marvel was known for its cinematic but fairly generic superhero movies. But after producing some of the most unique superhero shows, we can say Marvel has shed this vanilla image successfully. Marvel’s Wandavision especially stands out as the most experimental yet successful show Marvel has to offer. 

If you are already familiar with the MCU, you must know Wanda as the Scarlet Witch and her boyfriend. As the show’s name suggests, the story is all about Wanda and Vision. The show pays homage to previous decades and tells how one handles grief in their own ways. Telling you anymore would be spoiling many things, so we’ll instead just ask you to watch WandaVision know it for yourself! 

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 

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Didn’t have enough after Marvel’s endgame movie? Then you need to watch Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier! Just because Captain America has retired doesn’t mean there are no superheroes to carry on his legacy! 

The show follows the team of Bucky and Sam from Captain America’s story after the events of the endgame. With Captain America no longer in the superhero business, it’s up to Bucky and Sam to grab on the reins of saving the world from the baddie. But this time the villain just might be too strong to defeat. If you want to know just who they are and if Bucky and Sam can beat them, then tune into The Falcon and the winter soldier now! 


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If you ask any Marvel fan who is the most beloved Marvel character, they will not say Captain America or Iron man. They will say it’s everyone’s favorite trickster god Loki. Whether it’s Tom Huddleston’s acting chops when he played Loki or his tragic backstory and rib-tickling sense of humor, Loki is among the most iconic Marvel characters and without a doubt the most memorable villain Marvel has ever given us. So it’s only natural Marvel will give us a standalone series on Loki too!

Loki takes place after the events of Marvel’s Endgame movie. If you remember that movie, you must recall Loki had stolen the tesseract. Loki’s theft finally catches up with him and he gets arrested and brought to the Time Variance Authority (TVA). It is now up to Loki to fix the mess he created or face permanent erasure from the timeline itself. Will Loki succeed in this time-traveling quest? Watch Loki on Disney plus and find out! 


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Not all Marvel superheroes come with shiny superpowers. Some of them are just born normal and become great in life. And in daredevil’s case, he was born with a handicap that became his strength in fighting the bad guys. If you haven’t watched Daredevil, then you are missing out on one of the greatest empowering stories ever told by Marvel. 

Matt Murdock was born blind, but he still managed to become a criminal lawyer and fight for what’s right in the courtroom. But that was not enough to eradicate his city’s underworld, and he becomes the daredevil to dish out vigilante justice to the criminals. You must be wondering how a blind man can become a superhero, right? Then watch daredevil on Netflix to find out! 

Agents of Shield 

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Shield has played an important role in almost every Marvel movie, working in the background and making all the logistics work. But unfortunately, the only Shields agent that is actually known is its leader, Nick Fury. And we feel that’s a gross injustice as Shield is an awesome organization with so much to explore. Thankfully Marvel recognized that and released a series exclusively dedicated to the agents of Shield!

Agent Phil Coulson who was only a minor character in the MCU movies takes the lead role here as he leads his own team of skilled shield agents to fight threats to humanity. With new superheroes and big villains getting into the mix, Marvel’s Agents of Shield makes for a must-watch for any Marvel fan. 

Agent Carter 

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We know Peggy Carter from the Captain America movies. But there she acted only as of the first love interest for Steve Rogers. But if you want to know the badass side of Peggy Carter, then you have to watch Agent Carter. 

After Steve Rogers is declared dead Peggy is left for herself. But she doesn’t let the supposed death of her boyfriend drag her down, and she instead joins Shield as its agent. With two seasons, this show makes for a short and exciting experience for any Marvel fan. If you want to watch the daring Peggy Carter in action, then you cannot miss out on Agent Carter! 

Iron Fist 

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Iron Fist is one of the lesser-known Marvel superheroes, but that does not make him any less impressive than others. His comics have been one of the largest selling Marvel comics, so it was obvious he would get his own series in due time. And Marvel really delivered in bringing the legend of the Iron Fist to our screen.

Danny Rand was just ten years old when he got stranded in the ancient city of K’un-Lun. There he was trained by warrior monks, growing up to be a fierce warrior. When he returns back to his home, he finds his family’s legacy under threat. Now it’s up to him to use his skills to safeguard everything he cares for. With excellent martial arts choreography and a gripping storyline, Iron fist is a must-watch for any action lovers out there! 

Marvel’s Luke Cage

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Luke Cage is one of the iconic black superheroes of Marvel besides Black Panther. It’s too bad he didn’t feature in a Marvel movie, but he did get his own Marvel series. And if you have not yet watched Marvel’s Luke Cage, then honestly are you even a Marvel fan? 

Luke Cage didn’t ask for his superpowers. He was the result of an experiment gone wrong, which gave him super strength and unbreakable skin. Despite this, he just wants a peaceful life after a relationship going wrong. But with his new villains threatening his city, he cannot stay in the shadows for long. If you want a gritty and action-filled series for a lazy weekend, then Luke Cage is definitely the show for you! 


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Do you think Marvel consists only of vanilla superheroes with no dark storylines like DC? Then let us introduce you to one of Marvel’s top superheroes: The Punisher. This superhero is not in the crime-fighting business for the ideals of righteousness and justice. No, he is there for taking revenge on everyone who did him wrong. 

Frank Castle is after the people who killed his family. Taking on the New York underworld is no joke, he has the skills to get the job done. And unlike the other good superheroes, he is there to kill the bad guys using any lethal means. But when he uncovers a higher conspiracy that’s not just about him and his family, can he finally do the right thing? If you want to watch something 

that gets your blood pumping and that adrenaline rush going, Marvel’s Punisher on Netflix is definitely for you! 

Cloak & Dagger 

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This Marvel show is so underrated that it’s almost criminal! Cloak & Dagger is everything you’d want in a superhero series. It has an amazing origin story, intriguing protagonists and crazy villains, and even a sweet love story beneath all the chaos that is happening in the show! (+_+) 

Two teenagers are on the run when an oil rig collapses. If that’s not enough, they have a drug cartel hot on their heels. Luckily for them, they acquire superhero powers along the way to fight the drug cartel. But that’s the least of all their troubles, as the two teenagers find themselves falling in love with each other! To catch up on all this superhero teenage drama, watch Cloak & Dagger today!


We hope we were able to introduce you to the amazing world of Marvel’s superhero shows. If you claim to be a true Marvel fan, then it is compulsory you watch every Marvel show on this list! So make sure that your next weekend is dedicated to the amazing superheroes of Marvel! 😀