10 Movies To Watch Together At Home This Valentine’s Day 

10 Movies To Watch Together At Home This Valentine's Day 

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and what’s a better way to celebrate this holiday than by watching a lovely romantic movie with your loved one?

With restaurants staying closed and Valentine’s Day parties not taking place this year, staying home and staying safe seems like the perfect option. Though there are still plenty of cute things you can do with your loved one, watching a movie together seems like a really good idea. Whether you want to watch a romantic comedy or a sentimental romance, we have a list of the 10 Must Watch Movies to watch this Valentine’s Day. To make the night extra special, you could get Valentine’s Day Snacks to snack on during the movie or maybe cook a romantic dinner for after it.

10 Movies To Watch Together At Home This Valentine's Day 

10 Valentine’s Day Movies to watch together at home

The Holiday:

When both Iris and Amanda are depressed and troubled over their guy-problems, they find each other online and decide to swap homes for a short holiday during winter. Amanda goes to live in Iris’s beautiful little house in an English village and Iris goes to live in Amanda’s Hollywood Mansion. Both of them enjoy their little break away from their reality and soon they each find a local guy who makes their holiday even better.

Dirty Dancing:

Frances Baby Houseman is daddy’s little girl. She goes with her family to New York to spend time in a resort in the Mountains. Though it is not the ideal way she would have spent her summer vacation, she has no choice. Baby’s future has been planned out for her and she doesn’t really get a say in what happens next. Her family expects her to follow the path her dad took. But while on vacation, she falls for the dance instructor at the resort– Johnny. Her father prohibits her from seeing him, but once the two fall in love, there is nothing much he can do.

The Notebook:

A young man, Noah, and woman, Allie both live in South Carolina. He is a mill-worker and she is a rich girl. They meet and fall in love but her parents do not approve of their relationship. Soon Noah goes off to fight in World War 2 and has to leave Allie behind. After a while, Allie meets someone new. They get engaged and soon before their wedding, Noah returns home. He goes to meet her and finds that he might still have a chance. The movie is based on a book that was inspired by a real life story.

You’ve Got Mail:

Kathleen, who owns a famous bookshop for children, is frustrated with the owner of the new Corporate Fox books chain store that just came up across the street. She starts to anonymously e-mail a man that she met in a chat room. It just so happens that the man is her rival – Joe Fox – the owner of the new bookstore. They both start to fall for each other and get involved romantically online when he finds out who she really is. He then tries to hide his true identity and struggles to keep his secret. 

The Fault in Our Stars:

The Fault in our stars is a movie based on a book. It is about a 16-year-old Hazel suffering from Cancer. She has had it for 3 years and is quite lonely as she has no friends. Her doctor and mom convince her to go to a Support Group for cancer patients. There she meets the one and only – Augustus Waters. They both have a common friend Isaac and they all hang out together. She soon falls in love with Augustus and their love story begins. 

Eat Pray Love:

Julia Roberts plays Liz Gilbert – who thinks she has everything she ever needed – a husband and a good job. But once she gets divorced, she finds herself lost. In order to find herself, she decides to step out of her comfort zone and travel solo. Her first stop is Italy – where she goes to try out new food, second, she goes to Pray in the ashrams in India, and last she goes to Bali – where she finds true love.

Love Simon:

Simon Spier is a 17-year-old in high school. He’s gay but hasn’t told his friends or family yet. While talking to an anonymous classmate online, who goes by the name – Blue, he starts to develop feelings for him. But soon his secret is threatened and he has to disclose his secret to everyone.

Roman Holiday:

After being forced into following a hectic schedule, a European Princess Ann just wants some time to herself. She decides to go out into the streets of Rome one night. She falls asleep on a bench after taking a sedative and is soon found by an American reporter – Joe Bradley. He takes her to his apartment to keep her safe and later finds out who she really is. They soon fall in love. 

Crazy Rich Asians:

Rachel Chu is an Economics Professor who has been dating Nick Young for a while. He invites her to go along with him to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore and it is there that she finds out how rich his family really is. She is forced to deal with tons of hate from his mother and ex-girlfriends, but she manages to make it out alive. 

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before:

Lara Jean writes love letters to all her crushes and keeps them in a box in her room. Her little sister finds them and mails them to the guys. Lara is frustrated but soon finds the guy she truly loves. They start dating. There are 3 parts to this movie and a fourth one coming out on February 12th – right in time for Valentine’s Day!