2021 Bathroom Design Trends That You Could Try Out!

2021 Bathroom Design Trends That You Could Try Out!

As the New Year dawns, many folks like to take a look at different trends that will be in style for the coming year, whether fashion, colour, beauty items or home décor. Those who love to keep up with the newest trends in different areas of their lives, prefer to update themselves before the New Year begins.

Many people like to give their homes a makeover, and they do so keeping up with the latest trends along with their personal preferences and budget. However, while the living room and bedrooms always get priority, an area that often tends to get neglected is the humble bathroom. It is a room that gets left behind in décor.

Bored of the way your bathroom currently looks? Some of the newest bathroom designs (for both, small and big bathrooms) that are in style for the new year are listed below, keep scrolling to find one that you would like to try out!

2021 Bathroom Design Trends That You Could Try Out!

2021 Bathroom Design Trends

A splash of Bold colours: Think about your favourite colour or a couple of colours you really like. Designing your bathroom with block bold colours will give it a bold new look. Make sure to have variations in colours and textural changes to show differentiation.

Metallic themed: From kitchens to living rooms and now to bathrooms, a metallic theme is a new trend. Metallic finishes like bronze, nickel and gold for the taps and shower head will shine up your bathroom.

Gold Interiors: Imagine walking into a bathroom with gold interiors- a gold sink, gold bathtub, gold cabinets, gold lights and a gold mirror frame- what a grand look it would have! Now picture this in your home, you might absolutely love having this fancy gold themed bathroom.

Wall Graphics: For those who love art, and being surrounded by artwork, this theme is for you! In your bathroom, have one wall with a graphic design on it while the others are painted in a bold colour that matches the graphic.

Tile Graphics: If you do not want to commit to having a full wall with a graphic design, you could also have a few graphic tiles in your bathroom. It still looks good and will be trending in the New Year.

Greenery Everywhere: Bring in the outside by having plants in your bathroom. Also, have your sink, cabinets and bathtub in various shades of green and countertops, brush holders and a wall in wood- for a nature-themed look. If you do not want to have real plants in your bathroom, you can always hang up strings of ivy.

A Bathroom cum Spa: For those who love to relax and destress at home after a hard day at work, turning your bathroom into a mini-spa will help you with just that! Have several plants in your bathroom along with aromatherapy – scented candles and bath bombs as you take a bath.

Black Bathrooms: The dark aesthetic is currently trending. With the colour being one of the favourite colours among youth, many of them have designed their houses in a black theme. From the mirror to countertops, to the walls and floor, having it all in black with a few things like the sink, bathtub and few tiles in a colour like cream, beige or with a wooden finish, would make this look great.

Minimalistic Theme: Many people have started to see that with less materialistic things around them, they are much happier. This includes decluttering your bathroom too and keeping it neat. Ensure that the things on display are actually necessary. Make sure to keep everything else away in cabinets. Have a simple design for the bathroom with just the basics.

A room for everything: Nowadays, most people spend a lot of time in the bathroom, whether it is to do their makeup, shave, destress or unwind by having a bath. Some even enjoy reading in their bathroom. Bathrooms have become so much more than just a functional space. When people wrap themselves in the sense of comfort and luxury, the trend is called ‘cocooning’.

Add Character to your bathroom: Be creative and think of ways that your bathroom will express your character. Add funky tiles and play around with various colours to have a unique looking bathroom that only your house will have. You can also put up pictures and plants.

Smart bathroom: If you plan on having a smart home- do not forget to include the bathroom. Home automation for the whole house is no longer just something you see in movies, it is real life now and nothing is stopping you from having it. Some features of a smart bathroom would be de-misting mirrors, having LED temperature displays, automatic hand-wipe sensors and USB ports, which are made possible thanks to advances in technology.

So, with some of these ideas for a bathroom-makeover, let not your bathrooms be the last priority, the next time you decide to do up your home!!