Amazing Valentine’s Day Home Decoration Ideas That You Will Love

Valentine's Day Home Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about Love and who doesn’t like to celebrate love? Lots of people enjoy celebrating this day and think of gifts and décor for this special day right from the beginning of February.  

Decorating your home for this holiday is super fun. The mix of pink and red décor really sets the mood for the day. If you enjoy decorating and being cheesy, this is the perfect holiday for you to go all out on décor. 

Whether you want to decorate every room or just a few is up to you. There are plenty of décor ideas that we have below. You can either buy the décor or make it yourself at home – which is super fun and economical. Keep scrolling for some cool and fun Valentine’s Day décor ideas.

Valentine's Day Home Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day Home Decoration Ideas


  1. Hang up Heart Garlands: Garlands with little hearts on them are so cute! You can hang the garland up on any wall in your house.
  2. Pale Pink Crockery: Get plates, cups and dishes in a shade of pink with a pretty design. They will surely set the mood at the dining table too.
  3. Red Roses: Honestly, having red roses on display is a must since you are decorating. Red Roses are the most romantic thing you could have on display. Make sure to keep them in a beautiful vase with water so that the roses do not dry up.
  4. Soft and Cosy Cushions and Pillows: Make your sofas and bed a whole lot comfier by getting soft fur cushion and pillow covers in red, pink and white. Mix and match them for a nicer look.
  5. Candles: Place pink and white scented candles around your home. They will make your home smell amazing and look really pretty. 
  6. Light Board: Get a light board that says ‘LOVE’ and keep this on your kitchen island. It is a cute and simple décor. 
  7. Balloons: How can you not have balloons? Blow up red and white ones and leave them around the house. Also, you could get the helium balloons that have text on them – like ‘Love Is In The Air!’, ‘XO XO XO’ and ‘Love you More Than Pizza’.


  1. Make Heart-shaped Cake Pops: Crumble a cake with a flavour you love and mould it into the shape of a heart. Then coat this heart-shaped cake with pink, red and white coloured chocolate. It is a yummy treat!
  2. Floating Candles: In a glass of water, put in flower petals and then put a floating candle on top of it. It can be kept as a centrepiece.
  3. Pom-Pom heart Box: Get a heart-shaped box and pom-poms in pink, white and red. Glue on the pom-poms to the top of the box and keep it on any flat surface.
  4. Make a heart-shaped banner: Cut up hearts in pink, purple, red and blue. Attach them onto a string and hang this up on your wall. You can write things like ‘UR CUTE’, ‘XOXO’ and ‘i’m YOURS’ on it. Super cute and extremely easy to make.
  5. Red Mason Jar: Take a mason jar and draw a heart using a red marker. Then leave the inside of the heart empty and paint the rest of the mason jar in red. Get string lights and put them into the jar. This pretty jar can now be kept on any surface. You can also stick on a bow or some pink heart stickers.
  6. Wall of Balloons: Blow up balloons in baby pink, pink and red. Stick these up on an empty wall in your house in the shape of a heart. Go from light pink balloons at the bottom to red ones at the top.
  7. Chandelier of Hearts: DIY your own chandelier of hearts. Cut out about 20-25 red hearts in different sizes. Attach them all onto a string and hang them up from your ceiling.
  8. Floral Hearts: Get a bunch of artificial flowers in purple and pink and stick them up on your wall in the shape of a heart. This looks really pretty.
  9. Heart-shaped pillow covers: Cut up old sweaters and use them to make heart-shaped pillow covers. They will be fluffy and soft.
  10. Canvas Paintings: Make some cute canvas paintings to put up on your walls. Maybe you could use red buttons and arrange them in the shape of a heart and stick them onto the canvas. 

Though some people like keeping up their décor for the whole month, it is totally up to you to keep them up as long as you want. Have fun decorating and have a special Valentine’s Day.