Art Deco Style Bedroom Decor Ideas That You Must Try Out!

art deco wash basin

The Art Deco style is a popular style of design from the 1920s and ’30s. It is comprised of mainly geometric forms and machine-made materials. It was popular in Europe and The United States. This style was first on display in Paris, in 1925. Have you checked out these Design Tile trends for 2021?

art deco wash basin

The Characteristics of the Art Deco Style:

The Art Deco style has modern features and design qualities of machine-made objects. It has simple and symmetrical elements. The objects in Art Deco showcase clean shapes with a streamlined look. Geometric forms like sunrays, animals, and florals are used along with manmade substances like plastics and concrete or natural materials like silver and jade. The décor has bold colors, has geometrical patterns, and has metallic features.
This style is for those who live in style and want their homes to yell ‘Luxury’ and ‘Glam’, not those who want to live a simple lifestyle. This style is iconic, and the look is elegant and strong.
The Art Deco style is a bold one. If you are a fan of the ’20s and would like to decorate your interiors the way people did back then, then this is just the style for you! If you are new to this style and first want to experiment, a great place to try it out in your bedroom. So keep scrolling for some Art Deco Ideas that you can get inspired by and try out.
Art Deco style bedroom decor ideas

Listed below are things to keep in mind when trying out the Art Deco style.

Animal Prints are the way to go:

Incorporating animal prints like leopard, cheetah, zebra, and tiger prints are a great way to start decorating. You can use any one of these prints for your bed sheets, pillow covers, or even a bedside rug. They are a bold look and choice of pattern.

Add Geometric Shapes:

Art Deco commonly uses straight lines and shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. The use of shapes was strongly influenced by industrialized society. You can add cool shaped mirrors and flower vases in your room. Hang the mirror up and place the flower vase on a sideboard or bedside table.

You need to have Amazing lighting:

Amazing lighting is a must. Whether you want to have big windows, or you prefer to have a chandelier and wall lamps, choose whichever option you think would make your bedroom look brighter.

Have Objects made from Sleek materials:

Using sleek materials makes the room look bigger. In your bedroom, you can put up sleek paintings with art from the 1920s and ’30s. A sleek vintage floor lamp can also be kept in the bedroom.

Statement Mirrors:

Make a statement with a statement mirror. In your bedroom, you can get an Art Deco style mirror and put it up above a vintage desk.

Furnishing and Wallcoverings:

Marquetry styled chairs and furnishings can be custom made and kept in your bedroom. Marquetry wall coverings can also be put up on the walls. They look very pretty.

Add Contemporary Art:

Create contrast in your bedroom by adding Contemporary art. Contemporary art always brightens up a room and makes it look extra beautiful. Put up contemporary paintings, have silk curtains, and place antiques on your bedside table.

Have Furniture made of Rich Woods:

Its no doubt that this style is meant for the rich and luxurious. If you are trying to incorporate this style, you cannot be afraid to spend because the end result will be so good! Rich wooden furniture made of mahogany, oak wood, or rosewood like an armchair for your bedroom, a bedside table, or the frame of the bed would look lovely.

Make use of Art Deco Accessories:

Make sure to add art deco accessories while you are decorating your bedroom. Add items like a vase on a console table and a unique wall clock near your windows. Also, you can add sculptures on a bookshelf or on any table.

Feminine Twist:

To give your bedroom a feminine twist, make it look cozier by having a range of cozy colors. You can add a lampstand, metallic framed vanity, and colorful pillow covers to your bed.

Modern Vintage:

To make your room look glamourous, you can decorate using a palette with cozy colors like pale pink, blue, and neutrals. A chest of drawers, table lamps, curtains, and bedding can all be in these colors each with punchy patterns.

Get some Dramatic Furniture:

Get cool looking for furniture that is unique. Weirdly shaped tables match this décor trend more than plain normal ones.

Other Popular Home Decor Trends:

Have fun trying out this trend! I can assure you that you will not regret trying it out once your room is complete. This style will definitely make your bedroom look glamourous and luxurious.