Bathroom Feng Shui Tips that you Must Know

feng shui for bathroom

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese thought that has principles to guide you on how to properly place furniture and other things in your home. This ancient wisdom is used to enhance the flow of good energy in your home. When translated, Feng Shui means wind and water. Water represents wisdom, wealth, and social connections.

What effects does Feng Shui have on you?

The physical changes that Feng Shui makes to a room or space are very practical. But the spiritual effects are personal and dynamic. One can feel a change in energy when they walk into a recently rearranged room.

The Purpose of Feng Shui:

Rearranging things in your home according to the principles of Feng Shui attracts good luck, fortune, and fame. The principles also invite auspicious chi (chi energy is the source for all living materials) into your life.

Can Feng Shui be applied in bathrooms too?

Back in the day when Feng Shui was developed, bathrooms were displeasing areas to be close to. Many people, today, still wonder whether it is a good idea to have Feng Shui in their bathroom. This question is asked because bathrooms usually create and store negative energy. Though bathrooms present many challenges, you cannot give up on yours.

So do not worry, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Feng Shui can be applied in your bathroom, all you need is a little help to understand exactly how to do it. So keep scrolling!

feng shui for bathroom

Good Feng Shui Tips for your Bathroom

Keep your bathroom Sparkling Clean:

The first step to incorporating Feng Shui in your bathroom is keeping it neat and tidy. Just having a clean and orderly bathroom is not enough, it has to be ‘sparkling clean’. Having a mess would double or triple the negative energy in there, so make sure it sparkles. Also, a minimalistic look is exactly what you need in your bathroom. Make sure not to have unwanted things, keep only toiletries, cosmetics, and medicines. However, if your bathroom is used by many people, you will have to get organizers and shelves for extra and neat storage.

Save Water:

Feng Shui was created to connect our homes to nature and water. It is an environmentally concerned green design. Saving water in the bathroom creates good energy. When you conserve water, your care and mindfulness for saving this valuable resource lead to other areas of your life improving, like other people around you start to treat you better. You can conserve water by repairing leaks, taking showers instead of baths, and installing devices that help save water.

Make sure the bathroom door is closed:

By keeping the bathroom door open, good qi could flow out. Keep your bathroom door closed so that it minimizes the chances of that happening.

Keep the toilet seat closed:

The toilet washes away waste and water. So, for Feng Shui, you need to pay attention to your bathroom to prevent the loss of resources. This also reduces the humidity and moisture in the bathroom, and you will have less mold and mildew.

Keep Some Plants around:

In a bathroom, water flows away and according to Feng Shui, that is a problem. Keeping plants in your bathroom- living houseplants- is a great way to improve the feng shui in the bathroom. Plants convert the downward energy of water into energy that is vital for life. Watering plants helps them to grow and survive. Adding plants to the bathroom gives it a natural element.

Always have fresh Towels:

When you use towels for a really long time, they start to collect bacteria and odors. Make sure to wash towels regularly and replace them after a while. Old towels can be used in other ways. You can cut them into pieces to use for cleaning. When you do eventually decide you need new bathroom linens, remember that your skin absorbs the energetics of materials put on it, so opting for organic non-toxic, and sustainable products would be a smart choice.

Deep Clean your bathroom on a regular basis:

Take time out at least once a week. In the same way that our body needs to be cleaned so does the bathroom. Buy sustainable and non-toxic products to use to clean.

Keep the toilet out of sight:

Attempt to keep your toilet out of sight. Always keep the bathroom door shut or when decorating the interiors, place the toilet in a way that it can’t be seen from the outside.

Have a mirror on the bathroom door:

Get a mirror to put up on the outside of your bathroom door. Doing this improves the feng shui in the bathroom. The presence of the mirror is said to energetically erase the bathroom and get rid of Feng Shui problems.

Other Bathroom Decor Ideas

So, these were the top Bathroom Feng Shui tips that you must know. I am sure you found them to be helpful.