Six Belly Button Rings You Must Try

Belly Button Rings You Must Try

Belly piercings are done for wearing naval rings, which make the belly look attractive and appealing. As you are getting ready to flaunt your bikini body, you must be planning to get belly piercings to add to your summer glaze! These rings make you look out of the blue. Add an amazing feel of glam to your bikini body with alluring naval rings. These sophisticated jewelry pieces are available in different shapes and sizes. You can select any one for yourself based on your preference.

Belly Button Rings

In general, the belly button rings are made of surgical grade steel, as this typically serves the need for people who are enthusiastic about belly piercings. People prone to sensitive skin and allergic reactions can use other rings made of titanium, gold, or silver as these will serve the purpose of an appealing look without any skin irritation.

Fashionable Belly rings you must try:

Looking for the perfect naval rings for your belly but unable to find one? Here’s all the information you will need so that you can confidently decide your look.

Fashionable Belly rings you must try

  • Banana Bells: Banana bells are the most attractive rings you can find in the market. They are barbells in a curved shape with an additional 5 mm top and 8 mm bottom balls. These are very comfortable to wear as they can be easily fixed and have a simplistic design. You can attach decorative end pieces to further dazzle your look.
  • Spiral Rings:  These are spiral-shaped barbells with one decorative end, matching tips, and a free-hanging charm extending from the barbell. The barbells have just one full revolution, not extending from the piercing. These remain attached to the belly and make a very attractive look when you wear them.
  • Super Spiral Rings: These are spiral rings with two to four complete revolutions for a great belly look. Due to the extra revolutions, these are priced a little higher than the other rings. They do not have any extra dangling decorative items but minimalist decorative balls. These are a bit tricky to insert but give a great alluring look to the belly.
  • Ball Captive Rings (BCR): These are highly recommended for the body piercing enthusiasts who have already pierced with captive jewelry. Their shapes are very different from the normally curved barbells. BCRs are not as popular as banana barbells, but they are great in style and come in various colors with decorative gems and balls.
  • Top Dangle Rings:  These look very similar to banana bells except that the decorative end piece is left hanging from the top, unlike banana bells where they are attached to the bottom. Top Dangle rings are worn by the body piercing enthusiasts with the location of the piercing on the rim of the belly button.
  • Top Mount Rings: These are reverse style rings because instead of the bottom of the piercing, they are inserted through the top.

Belly Button Rings You Must Try

If you are a fashion enthusiast, naval rings would be the perfect choice for a classy look. With crop tops and low-rise jeans being in trend, these gorgeous jewelry pieces will give a perfect style to uplift your fashion quotient. Thus, a navel piercing is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps in boosting up confidence in all circumstances.