Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This Christmas

With Christmas approaching and the holidays near, most of the family is at home. Being at home can be quite boring, but if you have your family with you, there are so many Christmas activities you can do. Watching Christmas movies before Christmas is definitely my second favorite Christmas activity, with decorating in the first place (of course!). Christmas movies always put me in the Christmas spirit, and I enjoy watching them. So, to spend the extra free time that you have, I’ve put together some of the classics and other Christmas movies that you definitely should watch this Christmas season!



These are all movies that most of us have grown up watching. Even after watching them each year, you can never get tired or bored with them. They never fail to entertain us.

Home Alone:

Definitely my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I always watch it the week before Christmas. I would say part 1 and 2 are the better ones. Part 1 is about a boy named Kevin who is left at home by mistake while his family goes on a Christmas vacation. At first Kevin is happy that his Christmas wish to be alone for Christmas came true, but he soon realizes that he would rather be with his family. In the second part of the movie, Kevin gets on the wrong airplane and reaches New York City, while his family goes to Miami. They manage to find him before Christmas. Part 3 and 4 are also Christmas themed, but they each have different actors.

The Grinch:

The grinch has a sad childhood which leads to him hating Christmas. So, when the village of Whoville is preparing to have the biggest Christmas ever, he decides to steal Christmas. With his dog for company, he sets out to ruin the festive spirit.


Buddy, a little boy, was accidently transported to the North Pole with Santa Claus, who comes to the orphanage he is at. As Buddy grows up, he believes he is an Elf, until one day he overhears 2 other Elves talking about how he’s a human. He then sets off to New York in his Elf outfit to find his father and have a relationship with him.

It’s a wonderful life:

When George Bailey is having problems, he decides to end them all. But its Christmas. As he is about to jump off a bridge, he ends up saving his guardian angel, who then shows George all that he has done in his town and how different the town would have been if not for him.


Besides the classics, each year new Christmas movies are produced. Some of the newer movies have been made by Netflix and are certainly entertaining.

The Princess Switch:

Both parts one and two are fun to watch. Vanessa Hudgens plays a double role in the first part. A Princess (Margaret) and a baker in Chicago (Stacy) who’s given up on love. When the two run into each other accidentally, they decide to switch places to see how the other lives. In the second part, a third look-a-like (Fiona), also played by Vanessa Hudgens, is Princess Margaret’s cousin. When Margaret and Stacy try to switch places, Fiona gets in the way and tries to mess things up.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Miracle:

It’s a new Christmas movie that was recently released. When a toy-maker’s apprentice betrays him, the joyful toy-maker now becomes depressed. But when his granddaughter appears on his doorstep with a plan to reunite him with her mother, he rediscovers his belief. It’s a lovely movie full of songs and charming characters.

A Cinderella Story-A Christmas Wish:

A singer is prevented from showcasing her talent by her stepmother and stepsisters. She starts working to earn and make her dreams come true, but she falls in love with the new Santa at her workplace and one thing leads to another.

Christmas Made to Order:

When an architect’s family says they are coming to his home for Christmas, he has a few days to decorate his house. So, he hires a holiday coordinator (who is just starting her business) and gets her to decorate his house and take his family around town to do fun Christmas activities like picking up a tree, making stockings, and going for a Christmas movie. But she ends up bringing much more than festive decorations into his life.

Besides these movies, you can also watch – The Christmas Chronicles, Let it Snow, Klaus, Angela’s Christmas, The Christmas Prince, and Saving Santa.

During the Christmas season, these movies are perfect to watch with your family. While you are all sitting on your sofa, make sure to keep your favorite Christmas snacks (like cookies and hot chocolate) to munch on as you watch!