Best Christmas Web Series To Watch During The Holidays


Watching the Christmas Web series is the best way to spend your time counting down to Christmas. As the days go by, you can watch one or two episodes a day to make time go by a little faster. Or if you like to binge-watch, you could also finish these Christmas Web series in a day. They are all entertaining and are perfect for the holiday season. They are sure to put you in the Christmas spirit!

So, to get you into the Christmas spirit, we have a list of shows that you will enjoy watching. Some are tv shows and others are reality TV. So keep scrolling!



Dash and Lily:

It’s a Netflix original that was recently released. It’s a cute show that is meant for teenagers. When a girl named Lily hides a red book at the bookstore with clues to finding her, Dash finds it and tries to figure out who she is. They exchange clues back and forth as they try to find each other. But the clock is ticking as Lily’s parents tell her they are leaving for Fiji on New Year’s Eve.

Home for Christmas:

It is a Netflix show that has 2 seasons. In the first season, a 30-year-old woman who is a nurse is constantly commented on for being single and feels pressured by her family to be in a relationship. So she lies to her family about having a boyfriend. She then sets out to find one, using a dating app. Though there are people she works with who like her, she is quite clueless to the fact.

Merry Happy Whatever:

It’s a show about the Quinn Family and the struggles and stress they go through before Christmas. The father has to deal with his youngest daughter who has come back home for the holidays along with her boyfriend Matt. Matt seeks his permission to propose to his daughter. It is a comedy show.

Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas:

Mr. Christmas, aka Benjamin Bradley, is an interior designer. In this new Netflix series, he is called to different houses to decorate houses and bring holiday cheer to the families. He ensures that the house looks very festive on the inside and out.

Sugar Rush Christmas:

It’s a Christmas-holiday themed baking competition show. If you like watching cooking shows and competitions, this is perfect for you!

25 Days of Christmas:

It’s an annual season of Christmas programming broadcast during December each year. It started in 1996 and has continued since.

How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding:

This TV series isn’t out yet but will be released in a week on Netflix. Tumi tries to make things right with her sister after ruining her sister’s picture-perfect Christmas wedding. She has limited time to fix her mistakes.

12 Dates of Christmas:

It is HBO’s newest reality show, which has been made especially for the holidays. It is very festive.

Over Christmas:

An aspiring musician is having a hard time with his career and his love life. His girlfriend Fine breaks up with him. So, instead of celebrating Christmas alone, he decides to spend it with his family this year. But when he returns home, he finds out that his ex-girlfriend and brother are now dating.

Besides shows that are only for Christmas, many TV series have a Christmas episode in each season. These as just as much fun to watch. Some of the best Christmas episodes from TV shows are:


Out of all the 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, only the first and last seasons don’t have a Christmas episode. All the other 8 have one. Each is funny and entertaining and is perfect to watch especially if you are a FRIENDS fan.

The Office:

The Office’s Christmas episodes are also the best. All Office fans will definitely agree with me.

Full House:

If you grew up watching Full House, going back to the Christmas episodes this Christmas will be super fun and will bring back memories of your childhood.

Modern Family:

In the Christmas episode in Modern Family, where Lily is taken to see Santa for the first time. It is a cute episode.

Brooklyn Nine-nine:

The Christmas episode in this show is also very entertaining. It’s a great way to chill and relax. The show has several Christmas episodes.

During the month of December, YouTubers post Vlogs every day. They call it Vlogmas. They are fun to watch as they usually include lots of fun activities they do right before Christmas. From decorating their homes to vacations they go on, Vlogmas is always fun to watch!


It’s always fun to relax while watching a Web series during the holidays especially since you have time to spare and don’t have to worry about having work to do. As they say, Netflix and chill with these enjoyable Christmas Web series!