Best Hallmark Holiday Movies to Watch During the Holiday Season that will Put you in a Festive Mood

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Certain Christmas Traditions are there to last. And, such is the tradition of watching Hallmark Holiday Movies with family during Christmas!

Hallmark Channel holiday movies are very popular and never fail to put you in the holiday spirit. During the Christmas season, the channel runs only Christmas movies.

Though each movie is different, they tend to revolve around romance at Christmas time- where someone finds love in an unusual way that no one expects. But the movies always end on a happy note, leaving everyone in a festive mood.

The movies are great for couples and families to watch around the holidays to spend their time. Hallmark movies always leave you feeling happy. So, here is a list of some of the best Hallmark holiday movies.


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Christmas Connection:

During the Christmas season, an eight-year-old girl Leah is taken care of by a flight attendant Sydney as she flies back to Chicago unaccompanied. Leah safely arrives but Sydney finds a package that she left behind by mistake. She decides to personally deliver it to Leah’s house. This leads to her spending Christmas there and she falls in love with Leah’s dad.

Meet the Santas:

Nick Claus is all set to marry his long term fiance Beth. But, first, he has got to impress his in-laws without letting them find out what he really does for a living. At their long-awaited Christmas Eve nuptials, Beth’s prim mother hijacks the proceedings and poor Nick has to try and melt her frosty personality.

My Christmas Dream:

The workaholic manager of a department store, Christina, is desperately attempting to create the best looking holiday display that the store has ever had with the goal of being relocated to the chain’s new store in Paris. But when she asks a recently fired employee to help her make an impressive display, they start to fall in love, and she starts to rethink her decision of wanting to leave.

A Christmas Detour:

Paige is stuck in Buffalo, New York due to a snow storm. She is trying to get to New York City as soon as possible to meet her fiancé’s parents. She manages to convince the annoying bartender sitting next to her on the plane, to give her a ride. Over time he becomes more loveable.

A Royal Christmas:

When seamstress Emily’s boyfriend reveals to her that he is actually a royal prince and is the heir to the throne of Cordinia, she heads home with him for Christmas. He intends on marrying her, so they try to convince his mother, the queen, that they are a good match.

The Christmas Train:

When Tom, a cynical journalist, remembers that he promised his late father that he would take a cross-country train trip from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, and write about it, he sets off on the journey. While he is on the train, he runs into his ex-girlfriend Eleanor and old feelings come back.

Christmas in Vienna:

A concert violinist travels to Vienna during the holidays, for a performance. But she isn’t looking forward to performing. On the lookout for motivation and inspiration, a handsome American who is also spending Christmas in Europe, helps her get her creative spark back.

Jingle Bell Ride:

A wedding planner Jessica will do anything for her clients. When a bride to be is adamant about getting her hands on a certain flower that only grows in Alaska, Jessica decides that the trek may be worth it for her personal life. But she soon starts falling for a local who is assisting her in her search.

Let it Snow:

(Not the Netflix movie) This one is about an executive- Stephanie who is anti-Christmas and has never seen real snow in person. A self-defined Grinch, Stephanie examines her company’s new property and prepares a presentation to transform the rustic lodge into a new hot spot. During the process, she meets Brady, who opens her up to winter fun and shows her a good time.

The Mistletoe Promise:

Two strangers who both hate Christmas, decide to pretend to be a couple to make the holidays easier. But the more time they spend together, they realize they are into each other and more into the holiday season than they thought.

Crown for Christmas:

After getting fired from her job as a maid in a hotel in New York City, Allie ends up becoming a governess to a young princess who is a part of a powerful European family. While she is teaching the girl, she falls in love with her father – the King.

One Royal Holiday:

A small-town single woman Anna, puts up a stranger along with his mother in her home during some bad winter weather. She doesn’t realize that they are actually royals and that they will be having their first cozy Christmas ever.

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I’m sure we’ll all get some time to relax during the holiday season, so why not curl up on the couch and watch one of these cute movies made just for this season!!