Best Home Decor Ideas for Spring in 2021

The main trends for this year revolve around being comfy. With people having to spend more time indoors, they are pretty much shopping for things that will bring comfort to their lives – Things that help them save time and do things quicker. 

I have a few décor ideas that I think could really help you make your home extra comfy and cozy to live in. Keep Scrolling!

Home Décor Ideas for Spring

Comfy and Durable Fabrics: Get fabrics that are durable and that be washed easily. Preferably linens and slipcovers. Throws for the sofa are super cozy to snuggle in while working or attending classes.

Colors of the Year: The official Colours of the year 2021 are Ultimate Yellow and A Pale Gray. In Spring, decorating your home with colors like Ultimate Gray and Illuminating is a great idea. They both look lovely in all rooms of a house. A mix of Yellow and Gray decor around a room really looks good – photo frames, pillow covers, walls, lampshades, wall art, sofas, quilts, chairs, curtains, and rugs are all items which you could buy in either color so that your house matches this trend in spring.

Indoor Plants: I think having plants indoors is a lovely thing. There is something calming and peaceful about being surrounded by things from nature. Especially when you live in cities and are away from having greenery around you, bringing in a few plants really helps. They freshen the air indoors and look super cute when placed absolutely anywhere. There are several plants that are really easy to take care of in case you feel like it is too hard. You should definitely try to get a variety of plants that benefit you on all levels – aesthetic, mental, and functional levels.

Edible Gardens: As people continue to spend more time at home, there will be a rise in the demand for buying edible plants. People who have balconies or gardens can easily grow their own herbs and vegetables. Based on how much space you have to spare, you can get edible plants in different sizes. Some common plants that people grow at home are tomatoes, lemons, carrots, cilantro, mint, and ginger.

Bird’s Nest Display: Get a small bird’s nest display that you can hang up on your fence. Put some mini pastel-colored eggs in it. You can also make a mini tree using floral sprigs and a few tiny butterflies to stick up on it.

Cozy Corner: If you have any extra space in your home, you can turn it into a cozy space to chill. Get a really comfy one seater couch and a bookshelf to keep beside it. Put a few throw pillows and a blanket on it. You could also consider it your ‘no Wi-Fi space’ and refrain from using your gadgets while sitting there. Read a book there and using that space to take your mind off other things and chill.

Smart Lighting: To make your home comfier and more functional living space, you can put up smart lights. Get rid of your old regular incandescent bulbs and put in smart lights. They save energy and will also create a lovely ambiance in your home. 

DIY Home Decor Ideas:

There is also a bunch of really simple décor that you can make at home. Some things I think would look lovely are listed below-

Repurposed Drawer: Green Plants are always in fashion. Take an old drawer and repurpose it by putting in some living grass or edible greens like lemongrass or wheatgrass. You will get a lovely centerpiece that you could keep on display at a dinner party.

Mason Jars: Hanging Mason Jar décor is very easy to make. Using a hot glue gun, stick a mason jar onto a wooden plank (it’s size). Fill up the jar with pretty flowers and hang it up on a wall. You could make 3 of these hang up since things look better together (Rule of Threes).

Spring Entryway: Make a lovely multi-level spring entryway to keep outside your front door. You can place some eggs (fake ones) in a basket with hay and flowers in a pail.

Unique Umbrella Display: Hanging up flowers has been a springtime tradition for many years. Hang up an umbrella and display your flowers in it.

Glass Jar Center Pieces: Fill up a glass jar with pastel eggs and a few flowers on the top.

Mason Jar Bunnies: Bunnies are super cute. Take one or two mason jars and fill them up with m&m’s or smarties and then cover the jar. Then on each jar, paint on a bunny. To finish up this cute little décor item, tie a bow at the neck of the bottle. 

Hoop Wreath: Make your own wreath out of a hoop to hang up on your front door. Take a hoop and spray paint it brown. Then at the bottom, using twine, attach leaves and flowers to it and a big bow at the top.