Best romantic comedy web series in 2021

Sometimes you just want to switch off reality for a while and get lost in a make-believe world. And what better way to do that than watching a nice and fuzzy romantic comedy series? But with such a wide variety of romantic comedies out there, it can be difficult to choose which one to binge over the weekend. But not to worry, as we are here with the best romantic comedies you can find online in 2021 to stream on your free weekend! 

Best romantic comedy web series in 2021

The baker and the beauty 

You must have heard about the tale as old as time: beauty and the beast. But have you got on the latest train of the baker and the beauty? And yes, it is as cheesy and wholesome as it sounds. Daniel Garcia is an easygoing man running his family bakery and trying to make his strict Cuban family happy. But then one night his life gets turned upside down when he meets the international superstar Noa Hollander by an accident of fate at an upscale restaurant in Miami. Both are from opposite worlds but can’t help the magnetic attraction between each other. Will their love prevail against all the challenges? To find out, tune into this wonderfully sweet show today!


Lovesick is a romantic comedy with perhaps the most unique premise. It starts off with your basic romantic guy Dylan looking for true love. He’s just twenty years old but he has already racked up an impressive list of ladies he has dated in search of his true lady love. Now here comes the plot twist, as Dylan’s life turns to a head when he gets diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. 

Being the upstanding man Dylan is, he decides to contact all his past escapades and inform them of his diagnosis. Will Dylan finally be able to find his true love in this journey makes the rest of the plot with fun little twists along the way. Are you interested to find out what happens next? Lovesick is available on Netflix where you can catch all of its episodes!

Never have I ever 

‘Never have I ever at first glance looks like your basic teenage drama show. There’s our Indian American protagonist Devi who is your basic school girl with basic school girl problems. She has problems back at home with her domineering mother and boy problems at school to boot. But really all she wants is a boyfriend and to move on from her father’s recent death. 

What makes this show different from the rest is that it mixes the nuances of Indian culture with American life. Devi, like many people of color out there, struggles with reconciling both these worlds in her life. To see how everything plays out in Devi’s rollercoaster life, catch Never have I ever on Netflix today! As an added bonus, it’s the latest second season released this year as well!


A writer who hits a block and finds her marriage is lacking something finds solace in her three friends. It has particularly good writing which makes this feel soo good.

Watch it on Netflix today.


A perfect romance set on the beautiful romantic coast of Italy, this one is surely going to keep your eyes glued to the screen. As romance blossoms between a woman, who is determined that she is going to leave her small town, and a motorcyclist, it’s just so fun to watch. Watch it on Netflix Today.

Dash & Lily

A particularly special story based on a YA novel by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, this one is sooo good. Watch it on Netflix today.


This is one of the best series on Netflix this year. By Shonda Rhimes, this one has everything that will keep you glued to your seat.

Tiny Pretty Things

Set in Chicago’s Elite Batter Academy, this one is a story of dancers from all walks of life and how romance unfolds between them. Watch it on Netflix today.

Crazy ex-girlfriend

If you are at this point tired of watching the regular romantic comedies with the same old repeated tropes, then a crazy ex-girlfriend is the perfect mood changer. Although a crazy ex-girlfriend comes under the romantic comedy category, it actually makes fun of all the tropes we have come to associate with romantic comedies. You can say this crazy ex-girlfriend is a parody of romantic comedies and that is exactly what makes it so great. 

The show follows the story of Rebecca Bunch who is in the quest to win back her old boyfriend. How she goes about that is a spectacle you definitely need to watch! With four seasons, there is plenty to watch if you are looking for a long series!

Gavin & Stacey 

If you are looking for a chill romantic comedy for your weekend, Gavin & Stacey is your go-to show. Gavin and Stacy are two average individuals living in Essex, England who start a romantic relationship over the telephone.

Despite everyone around them not exactly being supportive, they decide to meet after six months of telephonic communication. With comedy sensations like James Corden in its cast, Gavin & Stacey makes for a fun comedic ride for any weekend.

And since it consists of only 21 episodes, it also makes for a quick and easy watch if you are not looking for a long-term show!

Sweet Magnolias 

Sweet magnolias are among the latest offerings of Netflix. It’s just a wholesome show about three ladies being supportive to each other in life. But even with such a simple premise the show has been a success and is already renewed for the next season! 

The plot follows three childhood best friends who are just going through life like the rest of us. But at least they have each other, as despite the years of friendship they are still thick as thieves, standing by each other in family, love, and career problems. To see how these three friends get past all odds, catch sweet magnolias on Netflix today! 

What’s wrong with secretary Kim? 

We have till now only talked about English romantic comedies, but we’d be remiss to mention some excellent international options for you. Among them, Korean dramas especially stand out,

with their fun and quirky characters and storytelling. And if you are new to Korean romantic comedies, then ‘what’s wrong with secretary Kim’ is a perfect place to start! 

Lee Young-Joon is your typical arrogant CEO who no one likes. Except maybe his longtime secretary. But then even she quits her job, leaving the cold-hearted CEO in a fix. Now he is determined to bring her back, and maybe fall in love in the process! If you want to watch this epic love story unfold just go to your Netflix and watch What’s wrong with secretary Kim!

Love, Victor 

Love, Victor is another latest show around the block that is just too adorable and sweet for all of us. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t lacking in drama as you’ll soon find out when you watch Victor’s life unfold on your screen. 

Victor is your average teenager just wanting to survive through his new high school. But with enemies all around, he finally reaches out to Simon. Who is this Simon you might ask? To find out, watch Love, Victor on Hulu today! With two complete seasons and more to come next year, Love, Victor will surely leave you wanting more!

Romance is a bonus book 

Not everyone can afford to watch long shows with so many seasons. For busy people, even watching one season is a task. But don’t worry if you are looking for something short and sweet for your weekend as we have you covered! If you want something under thirty twenty-five episodes, Korean romantic comedies are made just for you! What’s even better, the latest Korean romantic comedy is now available on Netflix! 

Romance is a bonus book that follows an editor-in-chief who meets his former friend when she comes to work for him. She is now divorced and a single mother, but that does not lessen his support for her any less. As they go through the paces of life together, their feelings eventually come to the surface. To find out what becomes of them and how they’ll deal with it, watch the full show on Netflix today! 

Romantic comedies get flayed on way too much all the time for their light-heartedness. Sure they are not high on artistic quality, but that does not make them any less enjoyable. Everyone deserves a bit of a laugh once in a while and romantic comedies are best at that! We hope our list of best 2021 romantic comedies helps you in choosing what next romantic comedy you’ll stream this weekend!