Key Points To Remember When Choosing The Best Upholstery Fabric

fabric kept on a blue bed

What Is Upholstery?

I’m pretty sure you have heard of the term Upholstery before. It is the materials that are used to make up the coverings of sofas, chairs and other furniture. It is a soft textile that includes fabric, webbing, springs and padding. The process started in the Middle Ages and has become more and more popular over the centuries. Initially, wool, horsehair and hay were used. But now, Modern upholstered items use foam and spring. This lasts longer and is stronger.

Why Is It Important To Choose the Best Upholstery Fabric?

Choosing the right upholstery fabric is really important. You need to think of how you will use the upholstered fabric. Choosing the right upholstery fabric really depends on many factors. Do you have kids or pets? Because you might need a darker colour in case of stains and a fabric that is durable. Fabrics being used in the living room will also need to be durable ones as more time is spent there. For the bedroom, any kind of fabric is fine. Another thing to consider is how a fabric ages over time. Also, keep in mind the methods to clean different fabrics because if you work and do not have much time to clean, you will need something that can easily be cleaned without taking too long. If your room has too much sunlight coming in, you may want something that will not fade with the sunlight falling on it.

Upholstering items do cost a lot, so choosing the right fabric is kinda needed so that you do not have to redo anything later.

So keeping in mind all these things, we have the tips you need and key points you need to remember before you choose an Upholstery fabric.

Tips on Choosing the Best Upholstery Fabric

fabric kept on a blue bed

Patience is Key:

Many people make the mistake of rushing into buying an upholstery fabric. They hurry up the process without keeping in mind all the factors they need to consider first. By doing this, they end up with a fabric that they wish they hadn’t got. Considering the durability of the material is the most important thing.

Focus on the Durability:

Wear and tear do happen with all fabrics. So based on how you plan to use the fabric, you need to decide if it’s the most important thing for you to focus on. Is the fabric going to be used in a room that will be used often? Then the fabric will have to be very durable. But if you are going to use the fabric on a chair that is barely ever used, something that is not too durable will also work.

Note the Shape of the Furniture:

When selecting an upholstery fabric, you need to be clear about the shape of the furniture you are choosing. If you have curved furniture, going with a solid fabric looks better than anything else.

Different fabrics for different rooms:

Each room is any house is used for different things. Based on how often a room is used, a different fabric can be chosen for each one. For a room that is barely used, a luxurious fabric can be used. For a room used often, like the living room, durable fabrics like microfibre blends would work well. For a chair or sofa being used by only you, a luxurious velvet fabric would look lovely.

Keep in mind the Thread Count:

Cotton with a high thread count is better. The higher the thread count, the longer the fabric will last.

Dark Fabrics:

Dark fabrics are great for when you have small kids or pets and you know that something will leave a stain. But dark fabrics should not be kept in a room with too much sunlight because over time it will fade. So you could get a lighter shade or a fade-resistant fabric.

Have a Budget in mind:

Having a budget in mind is important. Upholstery fabric is costly, so before you do select the one you like, you will need to take a look at the options, keeping in mind your budget. A pre-decided budget does make it easier for you to decide on a fabric. But a lower budget also limits your choices.

Make a Luxurious decision:

If you do not have kids or pets at home, you can make a luxurious choice. Choose a luxurious upholstery fabric- maybe something fluffy with elegant gorgeous colour. The upholstery fabric that you choose does express your taste and personality, so make sure you choose something you can flaunt.

Choosing the right Colour:

Light colours are very pretty but show marks really easily. If you really want a pale upholstery fabric, see that it has washable covers or that you can use a spray-on it that repels stains. Grey coloured upholstery fabric is pretty good at hiding stains and marks. They might look dull, but you can get a fabric with a texture and decorate the sofa with colourful pillows and throw blankets.

So, I hope now you have a clear idea on what kind of Upholstery to choose from.