Cool and Calming Blue Christmas Décor to Give your Home a Mesmerizing Look

Blue cushion for christmas

Red and Green! The two colors that we associate the most with Christmas and the two that we see the most of. It’s strange how most other colors are barely used at Christmas time, though they would look equally good. So, today we’ll talk about exceptionally cute Blue Christmas Decor Ideas. Also, check out these Budget-friendly Christmas Home Decor Ideas.

Almost all the decorative items used can be found in other colors too. Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Purple decorations also exist and it’s time we acknowledge them and start using them too!

The color blue is calming and peaceful. It’s the color of the sky and the sea. Decorating with blue for the holidays will keep you calm even if things go out of hand. It sets a serene mood for the holidays.

What’s Christmas with no décor? Boring! So, listed below are some easy ways to decorate your home for Christmas with a blue theme:

Blue Christmas Decorations Ideas

Blue Baubles for Christmas tree

Your Christmas tree can be decorated with baubles of all sizes in different shades of blue along with white. Other ornaments, bows, ribbons, and tinsel in blue can also be used.

Blue and white christmas tree

Blue ornaments for Christmas tree

Glitter snowflake and star ornaments in blue can also be hung up on your tree.

Blue and white ornaments for Christmas tree

Bring In a Blue Christmas tree

Instead of getting a normal green Christmas tree, you can buy a blue one instead! And decorate it with fake snow and silver and blue ornaments.

Blue Christmas tree with ornaments

Let Your Blue Centerpiece Steal The Show

You can decorate tables with centerpieces made out of flowers, ribbons, and tea lights in blue.

Blue Christmas Centerpiece

Bring in Some Blue Candles

Blue color scented candles can be lit around the house – in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and even the washrooms. This makes your house look and smell nice!

Blue candle on a wooden surface with leaves in the background

Light it up in Blue

Blue LED lights or string lights can be put up all around the house. They have a calming effect. You can hang up blue window curtain lights. They are very pretty.

Blue led lights


You can get star lights in blue and silver. These can be hung in any room. In fact, Blue and Silver decor is a thing these days.

Bring in Some Cute Flowers

Blue poinsettia flowers are very beautiful and look lovely. You can place them in a flower vase near the Christmas tree or the TV table.

Blue flowers for Christmas

Deck Up Your Dining Table in Blue

At the dining table, you can keep blue and white crockery and cutlery. Also, placing a table cloth or table runner on your dining table is a must. You can use a blue one

Blue Christmas table decor

Adorable Blue and White Stockings

You can hang up blue and white stockings with different patterns and designs on them.

Blue and White Christmas Stockings

Bring in Some Colorful Blue Wall Hangings

Hanging up any Christmas themed paintings in blue, would match the other decorations. If you have kids, you can help them paint and make cute canvases and put this up on the walls and on the refrigerator.

Wall Hangings can be of Blue pennants, Garlands with blue flowers and pictures in blue of reindeers, Santa and snowmen and etc.

What about a Blue Christmas Wreath

You could either make or buy a wreath in blue, which is made up of small and medium-sized baubles. Or also attach mini blue baubles to a green wreath.

Blue christmas wreath hanging on a door

Blue Cushion Covers

You can place blue and white cushion covers on your sofa with different patterns like snowflakes or with ‘Merry Christmas’ written on them.

Blue cushion for christmas

Go for a Blue Star

The star on top of the tree represents the Star of Bethlem, which was a sign of the birth of Jesus. Instead of putting up the normal gold or silver star, you can top your Christmas tree with a blue star.

Blue star for Christmas

A Cool Blue Tree skirt

Many people put a tree skirt to hide the bottom of the tree. It looks neater. You can use a blue one.

Blue Bows to brighten up your home

Blue bows can be put upon, not only the tree but also the walls and doors.

deco mesh blue and white wreath

Blue Gift Wraps

Gifts can be wrapped in blue wrapping paper and decorated with blue ribbons and bows. Each gift can be wrapped in a different way to make them look unique and can be kept under the tree and in other spots around the house to give the house a Christmas feeling.

Blue Christmas Gift wrap

Decorate Your Staircase railing in Blue

The staircase railing in the house can be decorated with garlands, tinsel, baubles, and bows in blue and silver. It gives a festive vibe.

Blue Staircase Decoration

Blue is one of my favorite colors. I love to decorate my house with anything that is blue. But for Christmas, I try to make sure that everything I have on display is Christmas themed. There are a bunch of unique ways you can decorate your house if you have the time and patience to do so, some of which I have mentioned above. Decorating should be a fun and happy process that you do along with your loved ones. It should not be hurried or rushed into.

I hope you liked these décor ideas and try them out. Having blue Christmas decorations is not the norm but trying them out might be fun!