Casual viewing US TV shows that are worth your time on NETFLIX

Casual viewing US TV shows that are worth your time on Netflix  – Sometimes you just want to watch things that make you relax, and not make you think at all. Sure, artsy and award-winning shows are great in their own place, but after a rough day, you don’t want to exert your remaining brain cells in keeping up with what happens on the screen. right 😉

 Casual viewing US TV shows that are worth your time on Netflix 

There’s no shame in admitting that sometimes, you just want to watch mindless entertainment to pass time and maybe enjoy a good laugh. And if you are looking for some casual viewing shows, then you have come to the right place! We’ll set your Netflix up with the best casual viewing shows 2021 has to offer for you! 

  1. The Office 

Yes, this series is old but it is still among the top-rated casual shows you can watch in 2021. The office’s rewatchable quality is what makes it still relevant even this year. With its memorable quirky characters and endless humor that will always make you laugh, there’s no wonder that The Office reigns as the king when it comes to casual viewing. 

The show is set up in a paper company, where the office staff just try to get by each day. But every day something happens and how everyone at the ‘office’ deals with it makes up the plot. If you want to experience the magic of The Office for yourself, then watch it on Netflix today! 

  1. Emily in Paris 

Emily in Paris is among the newest casual shows Netflix has this year. It shows exactly what is written on the tin. A free spirited Emily all the way from Chicago ends up in Paris thanks to her job. Although she is now working for a French marketing firm, she lands in trouble almost every day with her boss. What’s worse, Emily knows next to nothing about French culture or language, leading to a comedy of errors with almost everyone she meets in France. 

Emily in Paris besides being a complete joyride is also a treat for the eyes. When you are not laughing along with Emily’s shenanigans in France you will praise her amazing fashion sense, or be in awe at how beautiful Paris is. If you want to escape reality and go to France, Emily in Paris is your ticket to go there! 

  1. The Crown 

At first glance, Crown might appear as your typical serious historical soap opera. And we won’t lie, it does have its serious beats, but not so much that you can’t watch it over a casual weekend. The show’s premise is so simple you don’t even need to be aware of the background of the British Crown. The show will tell you all you need to know so that you can just sit back and enjoy the adventures of British Royalty.

The show revolves around the life of Queen Elizabeth, the current reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. From her youth to her older days, Crown dishes out everything that happened across that time period. Whether it be political intrigue or romantic trouble, the Crown has all the gossip on past British Royalty! If you want to get a slice of some royal gossip, then you have to tune into Crown today at Netflix! 

  1. Virgin river 

If you are looking for a casual show that will give you fuzzy feelings with that special someone on a date night of Netflix and chill, then we have you covered! Virgin River is a cozy show set in a remote town called Virgin River. A nurse gets fed up with her busy life in Los Angeles and moves to the more peaceful countryside. What she found there was much more than she was expecting. 

With its sweet and simple premise, the Virgin river makes an easy watch for anybody. Especially if you are also living in an upscale city with not a day of break. The show just transfers you to the scenic life of VirginRiver, leaving you satisfied when it finishes. If you want to watch a breather show to relax, this is the show for you! 

  1. Dash & Lily 

The holiday season is still far away but that’s no excuse to watch something which will get you in the holiday spirit a little early! Dash & Lily is your typical holiday romance set during the Christmas season. It has snow, sweet treats, and your Christmas tree! But most of all it tells the adorable love story of Dash and Lily. 

Dash and Lily are complete opposites when it comes to personality, but sparks still fly when they meet. Dash is cynical while Lily is sweet and optimistic. But that doesn’t stop them from falling for each other as they trade their dreams and life with each other through a notebook. To find out if they will make it or not, don’t wait for Christmas to find out! Tune into your Netflix and watch Dash & Lily today! 

  1. Cobra Kai 

If you have watched Karate Kid as a kid—and we mean the original Karate Kid, then what are you seriously doing not watching Cobra Kai? If you are curious to find out what becomes of Johnny and Daniel, then Cobra Kai has all the answers for you! 

Cobra Kai shows Johnny and Daniel as grown-ups who now have their own families and separate lives. But as fate has it, they become rivals again when Daniel opens his own karate dojo. But will this time Johnny come out on top or will Daniel finally win? You need to watch Cobra Kai on Netflix to find out. 

  1. Lucifer 

If you are looking for a long series for your casual viewing time, Lucifer might be the pick for you. It’s interesting enough to keep you paying attention, but also simple enough that you can just sit back and relax as well. The show follows ‘Lucifer’ the actual fallen angel from the Bible

who is now running his own nightclub in Los Angeles. And let us tell you, the devil has never been hotter than Tom Ellis who is playing Lucifer. 

But the peaceful life of our beloved Satan comes to a halt when a murder takes place in front of his nightclub. You’d expect Lucifer to ignore this, but the devil is determined to get to the bottom of this. We definitely suggest watching Lucifer on Netflix to find out! 

  1. The Vampire Diaries 

We have another series for you that will keep you entertained for the long haul. If you like vampires but want them to be smarter and more compelling than Twilight vampires, Vampire Diaries is just the series for you. 

The show is very basic in its premise. Elena is your average human girl who meets Stefan, the vampire boy whom she falls for. It doesn’t end there though, as Stefan has a brother who also happens to be a very attractive vampire. What happens next, you can guess, but we will not tell! Instead, just vampire diaries on Netflix and find out for yourself! 

  1. Ginny and Georgia

Looking for a comfortable watch that will fill you up with teenage romance along with adult life problems? Try watching Ginny and Georgia. I bet, the southern accent of Georgia will get you hooked on the show. It’s basically, a show that explores the relationship of a Mother and her Daughter. I want to say more, but, it’s better if you watch it.

  1. Schitt’s Creek 

If you still haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek, what have you been doing all your life? If you have watched it already, we congratulate you! But if not, you have to finish this show before 2021 ends! 

Schitt’s Creek is possibly the most famous American sitcom. It has even won an Emmy in the comedy series category. The plot follows a wealthy family who has gone bankrupt and only has the creaky old motel in Schitt’s Creek as their last possession. How these rich people go about their new poor life makes up the rest of the show. Sounds simple, right? You then have to watch Schitt’s Creek find out what makes it so funny to win an Emmy for it! 

It’s been a rough time for all of us recently, and we hope our list of shows on Netflix will help you relax in your free time. Sometimes the best way to take a break is to sit back and watch a cheesy sitcom with hot chocolate in hand. And don’t worry, we will definitely not judge you for doing it! We wish you a happy casual viewing on Netflix!