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  • 12 Netflix documentaries that will change your mindset

    With the times changing, and Netflix coming along in the scene documentaries are gaining popularity as much as fiction, crime, action, and superhero movies and series.  Documentaries are not “boring” or just “educational” anymore, there’s more. Documentaries are being talked about with the same enthusiasm as the latest banger movies filled with crime, action, drama, […]

  • Top 10 Indian web series IMDb rating

    Many people believe that Indian web shows are relatively low quality when compared to their western counterparts. If you also think the same then let us prove you wrong! Plenty of Indian web shows make it to the IMDB hall of fame, and we will tell you the best of them! So clear your next […]

  • Curious about the Significance of putting Angels on the top the Christmas Tree? Here’s all you need to know!

    Christmas is a time when people decorate their houses. Besides ornaments, people put up Christmas Angels and Stars around their house. Have you ever wondered why people put Angels and Stars at the top of their Christmas tree? You’re not alone. It is a pretty common question that many people have. For centuries, it has […]