Best Christmas Gifts for Mom that has a Personal Touch to It

kid handing over a red gift to his mom sitting on a yellow couch

Looking for affordable and personalised Christmas gifts for your mother? We’ve got just the list that will help you.

Getting the perfect Christmas gift for the woman who’s sacrificed so much for you, can be quite hard. You can’t compare anything with what she has given to you, but these gifts will help you to show her how much she means to you and how grateful you are to her for everything that she has done. From personalised to DIY gifts, we’ve got you covered!


dad and two kids handing over christmas gift to mom

First, let’s check out some Personalized gifts!


Personalized family throw pillow:

Give your mom a pillow with every person from the family on it- either a picture or all their names. She can keep this on the sofa, her bed or even a shelf.

Handwriting Bracelet:

It’s a very special gift to give, especially since no 2 people have the exact same handwriting. Write a few words in your handwriting and get it made into a bracelet, that will match your handwriting.

Personalized Wine Table:

Give your mom a personalized wine table. It can be folded and is easy to carry. She can use it when she goes for picnics.

Personalized Book To show her you care:

Gift your mother a ‘What I love about Mom’ book. Fill it up with memories and pictures of all the wonderful things you both have done together.

Personalized Handwritten Recipe Plate:

Handwrite your mom’s favourite recipe on a glass plate and gift it to her. She can keep it on display in her kitchen.

Personalized Gift box:

Buy all your mom’s favourite skincare products like soaps, shower gel and moisturizer and pack them in a cute Christmas themed box. You can also add a scented candle and write her name on the box.


kid handing over a red gift to his mom sitting on a yellow couch

Now let’s check out some DIY Gifts for your Mom that you can make in NO-TIME!

DIY Mug:

Give your mom a DIY mug that you have made. Take a mug of any colour and write a cute Christmas quote related to mom on it, like ‘I fa-la-la-la-love you, Mom!’.

DIY Swirl Ring:

Jewellery is a common gift to give, but your mom will definitely love a swirl ring that’s made by you, especially for her!

DIY Personalized Christmas tree ornament:

The simplest gift you can DIY for your mom is a Christmas tree ornament, on which you can write her name and decorate.

DIY Fingerprint Jewellery:

Since no two people have the same fingerprint, you can make a pendant for a necklace or bracelet with your fingerprint.

DIY ‘Reasons I love you’ in a jar:

Fill up a Mason Jar with 50 Things you love about your mom on little pieces of paper and fold them up into chits. You can do this with different colours of paper, and you’ll see her face light up as she reads them!

DIY Photo Frame:

In a photo frame, stick pictures of you with your mom, in the shape of a heart. She can hang this up on her wall.


Well, you’re gonna buy a gift for your Mom! So, you gotta take a look at these Unique gifts for Mom!

Jellyfish Lamp:

Allow your mom to see a glimpse of the sea with this cool lamp. It has 2 life-like jellyfish that float in it and it keeps changing colour.

Self-stirring Mug:

With the push of a button, your mom’s drink will stir itself!

Docking station:

If you have a techy mom, you can get her a personalised docking station. It will help her to keep her stuff in an organized way. She can use it to plug in her phone, keep her watches and also her wallet, so she doesn’t lose anything. And you can have her name engraved on it.

Lavender Gift set:

Lavender is known for its soothing and relaxing effects. Give your mom a lavender gift set to help her unwind at the end of a busy day.

Back, Shoulder and Neck Massager:

If your mom loves getting massages, having someone massage her every day is not possible. So, buy her a back, shoulder and neck massager that will massage her stress away!

Long Distance touch lamp:

If you live far away from your mom, you can get her this lamp. Every time you touch yours, hers will glow and this will surely brighten up her day.

Gift your mom these heart-warming gifts and you will certainly make her Christmas special! Wrap all these gifts in super cute Christmassy wrapping paper and add bows and ribbons. Make sure to also make your mom a cute meaningful card to give along with the gift.