20 Bright and Colorful Home Decor Ideas To Try in 2020

Maximal and Colorful Home decor is the most trending decoration of the season. This year, the most loved decoration theme is that of Maximal decor. If you love maximal decor, then this is the right place for you. It’s been a long time since we were stuck on rustic and farmhouse decor. It’s 2020 and people are looking for ways to decorate their home in more colorful and bright ways. People these days are bored of boring whites and love a splash of color in their home decor. They love some quirky color combinations to accentuate their collections and antiques from around the world. Colors are the best way to spice up your life. So, before you start painting your walls, here are the best colorful home decor ideas, you need to take a look of.

Colorful Home Decor Ideas

#1. Quirky Colorful Home decor | via

This boho style colorful Room is the most loved style of the day. The mismatch of patterns, the patterned area rug with plants around the house looks gorgeous.

#2. Bedroom Color scheme in Blue and White | via

This elegant Teal color for the walls with the white accent walls looks relaxing and bright. These colors complement each other well and brings in a perfect calming tone to the home decor.

#3. Home decor in Yellow | via

This Yellow Wall color for the room looks stylish and brings in a vibrant hue to the room decor.

#4. Grey and Green Living Room | via

This Green and Beige Color tone of the living room brings in an effortless elegance in the Living Room. The Grey Couch and Soft Shaggy Rug looks cozy and elegant.

#5. Quirky Rug for Home | via

This quirky rug is an easy way to elevate your home decor to a modern decor. Patterned rug is an easy idea that brings in a modern feel to your home decor in a snap.

#6. Bright colored Hallway | via

Hallways doesn’t have to be dull and dark always. Bring in that vintage vibe of the 50s with a colorful Hallway design. Elevate your style with a bold color for the hallway.

#7. Elegant Study Room | via

This elegant study room or work station looks perfectly soothing and calming. You could hang out here all day and yet keep your mind calm and composed. The Yellows stand out so well in the Sombre color tone of the Study Room.

#8. Tartan wallpaper for Study | via

This comfortable and soothing Tartan Wallpaper for the study is perfect for the study.

#9. Lavender Bedroom | via

This gorgeous Lavender Color Bedroom is bright and modern shade which gels perfectly with our modern times. The patterned rug brings in an element of quirk in this rather soft bedroom. This Lavender color for the bedroom is the most loved color of the year.

#10. Beautiful Dark Living Room | via

Dark isn’t dull anymore. This gorgeous dark living room looks relaxing and you’d definitely want to hang out on this cozy yet elegant space.

#11. Beautiful Gentlemans tone grey room |via

This dark and sombre grey color in the living room is ultimate color for a man cave. It’s sophisticated, elegant and so alluring.

#12. Farmhouse style kitchen decor | via

This cozy farmhouse kitchen with that blue and yellow color steals every heart in a second. You can do this color scheme if you love this farmhouse style cozy decor for kitchen.

#13. Stylish blue Kitchen | via

This is an easy way to redo the kitchen. This adorable blue color looks stylish and elegant in the kitchen and stand out so well against the white backdrop.

#14. Quirky Kitchen Countertops tiles | via

These amazing Kitchen countertops tiles bring in some pattern and also quirk up the kitchen in a jiffy. If you look to bring in a quick transformation in your kitchen, try this look.

#15. Beautiful White Kitchen with a Teal Ceiling | via

This beautiful Teal color on the ceiling brings in an instant splash of elegance and decoration in this rather dull kitchen. Ceilings when painted have this amazing effect on the room decor.

#16. Beautiful kitchen decor | via

This beautiful Green color for cabinets, with a black and white patterned flooring looks elegant and brings in the cozy and country vibe in this kitchen decor.

#17. Bare Brick Walls for kitchen | via

These Bare brick walls for kitchen brings in a rustic vibe to the modern tone of home decor.

#18. Herringbone style Tiles for Kitchen via

These classic Herringbone style tiles are modern and brings in a sophistication in the kitchen. The elegant color tone of Green and the wooden racks makes it look rustic and stylish.

#19. Colorful Corner in the Room via Nude and The Novice on Instagram

This colorful corner of the room with that yellow chest of drawers and that colorful and abstract frames brings in a pattern and design to the decor.

#20. Colorful Moroccan rug for room | via

A Moroccan Rug is a beautiful way to add a classic new look to your boring old space. It looks stylish and ethnic.

So, these were some Modern Colorful Home decor Ideas. Hope you liked these ideas and shall do these for your home.