Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

aromatherapy Christmas gifts for teenages

Teenagers like to be up-to-date with all the latest fads and fashions. They love to receive gifts that are trending and in vogue. But thinking of cool Christmas gifts for teenagers can be quite challenging.

They either love what you buy them or just don’t care for it. Sometimes an adult might find that some of these gifts are not-useful, but a teen will love it, especially if it’s something that is popular among their peers. Here, I’ve got a list of the coolest gifts you can choose from to gift to a teen. I can assure you that the list of cool gifts for teens, that I have put together will be loved by them and they will definitely show these off to their friends.



  • DIY Tie-Dye Kit:

Tie and dye clothing is back in fashion. These kits include bottles of paint, rubber bands, gloves and instructions. From t-shirts to socks, your teen will be able to tie-dye anything!

  • DIY Bubble tea kit:

Bubble tea is a cold tea with boba. Get your teen a DIY bubble tea kit and they will be able to make their own tea at home.

  • DIY Water Balloon Luminaries:

Balloon luminaries are a very pretty and beautiful decoration to keep around their room, especially during the holidays. The DIY kit will include all the essentials needed to make it.


Gadget Christmas gifts for teenagers

  • Escape room in a box: When your teen can’t really go out to an actual escape room, he/she can stay at home and play this.
  • Don’t laugh challenge: It’s a card game that will keep your teen laughing this Christmas season.
  • What do you meme?: It’s a game your teen will definitely love. It is super fun to play.


  1. A personalized Hollywood star for the wall: The perfect gift for a teen who is a musician or an actor – Hollywood Walk of Fame Star for their bedroom wall.
  2. A Customised Blanket: Gift your teen a blanket with a picture of their favourite band or actor.
  3. Custom Bible Candles: Give your teen a candle with their favourite Bible psalm on it.


  1. Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe: A floating globe to keep on a table will look super cool. It hovers mid-air and slowly spins. It also has LED lights that illuminate it.
  2. Neon signboard to hang up: A neon signboard can be put up in their room. It could have a quote or can also be customised to have their name on it.
  3. A smart photo frame to display on a study table: The photograph being displayed can be changed from their device by sending the picture to it.


  1. Pocket DJ Mixer: It’s a mini sound mixer that they can carry with them anywhere they go. Teens can use it to make your own beats.
  2. DIY Synth Kit: This kit allows them to add a DIY dimension to electronic music.
  3. Thumb piano: A small thumb piano combined with a digital recorder, perfect for creating and recording music at home.


  1. Aromatherapy: It’s a healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. It enhances physical and emotional health. It includes essential oils and scented candles.

aromatherapy Christmas gifts for teenagers

  1. Sheet Face masks: Face masks help with acne and make your skin soft and smooth. Vitamin face mask kits help the skin get all the vitamins it needs.
  2. Skincare gift set: Skincare in the winter helps with dry skin. It includes moisturizers, hydration sets and facials.


  1. Amazon Echo-Dot: It’s affordable and helps with hands-free calling, alarms, music and updates on the weather.
  2. Travel Photo Printer: A smartphone-sized photo printer that will let them print photos when they are on the go.
  3. Waterproof speaker: Teens love to listen to music, even when they are in the shower! Getting them this speaker will allow them to listen to music whether they are in the shower or the pool, without damaging the speakers.


  1. Eco-friendly Jewellery: Unlike other jewellery that is made from gold and silver, and has several ethical issues, eco-friendly jewellery is made from recycled metals and is still as beautiful.
  2. Vegan Spices gift box: For food lovers, this is the best thing you could buy. These spices come in wooden boxes that do not harm the environment.
  3. Natural Perfumes: Most perfumes that you buy in shops have a ton of chemicals in them that are very bad to inhale. Gifting a natural perfume that has no chemicals, will keep your teen healthy!

These cool gifts will surely make any teen gasp in awe and they will love you for choosing something that’s cool for their age!