30 Creepy Halloween Food ideas

Mummy meatballs as an appetizer, Graveyard Chocolate cake for the center table, and spooky fruits to delight health freaks. Oh! how can you forget the traditional candy corns? And What about the drinks for a long horror movie? 

We don’t want you to miss out on any important treat only to regret it later and thus, we are here with our layout of creepy Halloween food ideas that you must consider including in your food list to witness the magic of Halloween this year. 

1. Cheddar witches’ fingers

These crispy, spicy, and cheesy fingers might look creepy but are super delicious and easy to make. Serve it in a spooky bowl and see them disappear quickly.  Check out the full recipe @ myrecipes.com

2. Bloody gut cinnamon rolls

Baked cinnamon rolls presented in the shape of the intestine will surely make your Halloween buffet memorable. Pour the mixture of red food dye to complete the bloody look. Learn how to make this @instructables.com

3. Spider Dip bowl

The bowl-shaped spider is a unique way to serve marinara sauce with some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. A friendly tip from us: prepare extra rolls in advance, your guests might want to have more of them. Learn how to make this @It’s Always Autumn

4. Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes

These spookylicious cupcakes will set the tone for your Halloween Party. Learn how to make this @recipemagik.com

5. Monster cookies

Monster cookies stuffed with M&M are the most desirable snacks for both adults and kids. You can easily make them and turn them into monsters using big candy eyes. Learn how to make this @Two Peas and Their Pod

6. Banana mummy pops

The clean eaters will be delighted by the presence of this dish. Decorate the peeled bananas like a mummy using dark chocolate chips and complete it by placing homemade candy corns. Drizzle some melted peanut butter for an extra nutty taste. Find out how to make this @Wellplated.com

7. Pizza Skull

The sight of pizza itself is so electrifying but when served in the shape of the skull, your guests might end up screaming. A secret bonus of this dish is that you can prepare it in advance and enjoy them on the big day. Learn how to make this @ Plainchicken.com

8. Dead man’s dip

This creative treat can be made using very basic ingredients. Bread loaves are to be structured in the shape of a coffin. Balance it with the use of sticks and fill the coffin with your dip. Lastly,  insert a tiny skeleton to finish the look.  Learn how to make this @Woman’s Day

9. Wanton bats

These cheesy egg roll wrappers are fried and decorated with sliced olives and pink peppercorns for creating devil eyes of bats. If you have enough cheese items, you can stuff them with anything you desire.  

10. Chocolate raspberry brain Cupcakes

This dessert will certainly be a big hit at your party. Use skull shots glasses to serve your mixture with raspberry toppings. Bake chocolate cakes and form a brain using leftover fondant. Top them with food color and serve it cool. See the complete recipe at Instructables.com 

11. Spooky spider cake

A Halloween party is indeed incomplete without a terrifying cake. Mix desirable ingredients and bake the cake the way it is done. Whip the cream to make the mousse and fold it along the layers. Add black food color and some candy spiders in the layers so that you have a surprise spider cake. Learn how to make this at Pizzazzerie.com

12. Mummy dogs

To make your celebration extra festive try these traditional mummy dogs. Wrap the breadsticks around hot dogs and bake them. Apply cheese on the leftover place and place candy eyes on them to enjoy “ candy eyes in a blanket “.  See the entire recipe @ Home Made Interest

13. Chocolate cauldron cookies

These 3D structure cookies can be baked and stuffed with lots of Halloween candies. It might require some time and effort to make it fun by including your friends and family members to prepare this snack. Full recipe @Partylicious

14. Witches’ broom cheese

Made with pretzel sticks, these cheesy brooms might magically fly off within seconds. Make sure you make an extra bunch to avoid shortage on your big day. See the full recipe @cookpad.com

15. Boo bark

These luscious barks are everyone’s favorite grab-and-go treat. You can melt chocolate and orange candy, smooth them and cover them with loads of Halloween sprinkles. Remember to place candy eyes before freezing and cutting them into desired shapes. Learn how to make this at Sallysbakingaddiction.com

16. Jalapeno popper mummies

Filled with cheese and wrapped with crispy crescent rolls, this salty-spicy snack will make your guests lick their fingers till the end. Learn how to make this from Hopeless Housewife

17. Eyeball jello shots

These ghostly shots with blood and eyes kept afloat on it could be the creepiest drink of your bash. They are alcoholic drinks but you can replace alcohol with grenadine syrup to serve the kids. See the complete recipe at Simplistically Living

18. Bloody Shirley temples

Drinks like this might scare anyone but the fact is that they can be given even to youngsters. A  mixture of sprite and grenadine served in kid’s syringes is sure to excite young smiles in your house. See the complete recipe at The Peach Kitchen

19. Cheesy bones 

Breadsticks coated with cheese and baked together to create an appetizing snack for your festive season. Compliment this delightful snack with a mixture of dressing and hot sauce. 

20. Ghost strawberries 

With just two ingredients and few strawberries, you can make this treat within minutes. Full recipe at Made It Ate It Loved it

21. Spooky 7-Layer Dip

This spooky 7-layer dip is a super-good Halloween Appetizer that you would love to add to your list. And, guess what, this won’t stay around for long. See full recipe – Six Sisters Stuff.com

22. Spider Web brownies 

To make these cookies you would need to bake a batch of chocolate cookies (make it healthy by using Almond flour) then use whipped cream to make a spider web on the brownies. See the full recipe at Premeditated Leftovers.com

23. Witch finger cookies

Crunchy cookies topped with strawberry jam to form the effect of blood and its clots on fingers are one of the gruesome items for your Halloween party.  See the full recipe at recipemagik.com

24. Donut monsters

This recipe is as simple as sprinkling Halloween candies on frosted donuts. Involve your kids to lend their hands while you can work on other dishes to save time. See the full recipe at Your Home Based Mom

25. Keto Deviled Eggs

Mash the yolks with the flavors of peppers, hot sauce, mayonnaise, paprika, and salt followed by garnishing it with bell pepper, scallions, and chives to give a devil look to this treat. See the complete recipe at Home Made Interest

26. Tortilla bats 

This flavorsome dish requires tortilla wraps to be shaped in the form of bats and tossed with oil and smoked paprika. Bake these bats and plate them up with salsa. See the full recipe at Sainsbury’s

27. Monster burgers

These delectable – dangerous monsters are customizable and quick to prepare. The taste of cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and vegetables of your choice will make it a full-filling snack for your festive day. 

28. Spider Cupcakes

To please sweet tooth members in your guest list, this combination of dark chocolate, butter,  vanilla, and sugar will be a favorable selection.  See the full recipe at Texanerin.com

29. Ghost s’mores dip

Marshmallows loaded with cream and surprising chocolate flavor beneath the spooky ghosts are one of the confectionaries that will make your guests eat-hearty. Pair with crackers to make it more enjoyable. See full recipe at Delish.com

30. Graveyard Taco Dip

Make a regular taco dip and then toast tortillas to make the graveyard.

We hope you enjoy these spooky dishes along with your family and friends at the most haunted time of the year.