Cute Easter Treats For Kids To Spread the Festive Cheer

Easter is almost here. And, we are all ready to actually make some of the best possible treats and desserts. However, I really like those early days leading up to Easter when we have to make treats for kids in school. I really love getting creative in my kitchen. I look for various ways to re-do something that has already been done. My version of cute Easter treats for kids are a pack of white chocolate candies or a big pack of chocolate cones stuffed with chocolate Easter eggs. However, when I checked online I found so many cute Easter treats that I was left amazed. I told myself, that whether I make them or not, they deserve to be shown to the world. Hence if any of you is looking for some Easter treat for kids, then just look at the recipes listed below. I am telling you that you are gonna love it.

These bloggers are world-class chefs and I salute their creativity and talent for being able to actually create these magical recipes. If you are making them for your kids at school, I bet they will be overjoyed and thrilled beyond comprehension. And, we all love to see that smile on the faces of our kids. We are willing to do anything for that. So, this Easter try making these recipes and they will be the treat that kids are gonna say are better than Halloween treats.

Cute Easter Treats For Kids

Oreo Bunny Butt By Hungry Happenings

Fun and cute, these Bunny Butt Pops will be the best treats for Easter. It looks soo adorable! Moreover, can you actually believe that these are Oreos!

Oreo Sheep By Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

These Oreo Sheeps looks so perfect for Easter. The best part is that they are the favorite Oreo desserts! Loaded with marshmallows this sheep is the most delicious Oreo sheep in the world.

Easter Crockpot Candy by The Slow Roasted Italian

Making candies in the crockpot is really easy and that is made more fun when you look at how this blogger has done it. Easter is a festival of colors. Hence here she has used white chocolate and colorfully decorated it.

Lamb Pretzel Pops By Hungry Happenings

Lambs are another important part of Easter. Hence here the blogger has used the theme of lambs to actually make some of the best Easter snacks for kids which is these adorable lamb pretzel pops.

Colorful Chocolate Pretzel Bites By Kid Friendly Things To Do

Pretzel is a snack that I can never have enough of. And, that’s a fact. Hence here is a recipe that I know would be my ultimate favorite. Presenting you the most colorful bite-sized Easter treats – these colorful chocolate pretzel bites.

Marshmallow Pops By Two Sisters

Marshmallow pops are a classic treat that I guess we all have loved ever since we have known about it. Heres a take on Marshmallow pops with the colors of Easter. Hence you see the primary Easter colors – blue, purple, and yellow.

Easter Candy Bark By The Sweetest Occasion

Candies are something that you can have as many as you want especially if they are being made for festivals. After all the festivals like this don’t come often. Hence try to make this cute candy bark with lots and lots of colors.

Brown Batter White Chocolate Bark by The Chunky Chef

I love how the blogger has packed the chocolate bark in a pack. This tells us that even we can get it done. Made using white chocolate I am sure this tastes awesome.

Bunny Chow By The Seasoned Mom

Bunny chow or puppy chow is a snack that has to be on your Easter dessert table if you want to please the kids and the inner kid within you. Let’s face it, what’s not to love about these cute and colorful puppy chows.

Spring Pretzels By The Keeper of the Cheerios

The colorful spring colors will make you want to whip these pretzels right away. Covered with cream, sprinkles and loads and loads of chocolate this is a treat that can make anyone happy.

Springtime Chocolate Covered Popcorns By Cooking With Curls

As the beautiful season of spring sets in, we all get excited for Easter. But, the real excitement is about getting to eat colorful easter snacks such as this springtime chocolate-covered popcorns. Just the thought of popcorns covered in chocolate makes my mouth all watery.

Bird’s Nest Easter Cupcakes By Cooking Classy

I am sure you will see a lot more of Easter nest desserts below. Its because they are some of the cutest possible Easter desserts. Just looking at this recipe I am filled with excitement. Its sheer craft and some expert-level baking to actually make this happen.

Rice Krispie Easter Chicks By Crafty Morning

Easter chicks are the cutest possible dessert that you can make. Here are some bright yellow rice Krispie Easter chicks with cute eyes, nose and small little feet that makes a big statement.

Coconut Macaroon Nests By Inspired by Charm

Small little macaroon nests are a dessert that you would want to save up even after your Easter party. Loaded with cuteness and deliciousness these tasty coconut macaroon nests is something that you should definitely try.

Easter Chick Pops By Hungry Happenings

Easter chick pops are the most adorable and cutest possible dessert in which you can easily use a treat for kids. Loaded with bright colors, taste and cuteness this is a dessert we would all want to make for Easter.

Bunny Rice Krispie Treats By Eighteen 25

I love rice Krispie treats. This is because they are really easy to make and moreover, I love the crunch that I get from them. The best part is you can give it any shape as you want. Like here the blogger has given it a bunny shape.

Cadbury Cream Eggs by Passion for Savings

I can tell you that this sort of dessert calls for a huge round of applause. She has made chocolate cream covered eggs. I couldn’t tell it from the look. But, I can tell you that I am dying to taste it.

Easter M&M Thumbprint Cookies By The Rebel Chick

Making Thumbprint cookies is easy. And, I really enjoy biting into the M&M’s. Hence this is a dessert that has to be in my bucket list for Easter desserts.

Spring Wafers By Thrifty Momma Ramblings

Making wafers is easy and here the blogger has given the wafers a typical Easter touch. Look how she has covered it in cream and topped it would the beautiful Easter colors.

Chocolate Bunny Silhouettes By Hungry Happenings

Can there be anything in the world cuter than these chocolate bunny silhouettes? I guess nothing. Just the thought of chocolate bunnies puts a huge smile on my face. I also LOVE the cute poofy tail of the bunnies made with marshmallows.

Easter Basket Cookies Cups By Lil Luna

When its Easter we all look for Easter baskets. But, what if you could make these cute little Easter basket cookie cups at home? I bet there shall be nothing cuter than that.

Peeps Cupcakes | source unknown

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the recipe for this cupcake. But it was too cute to not include this in my list. I suggest you make your usual cupcake. Now, use green frosting to make fake grass. Finally, just attach small yellow peeps on the cupcakes. You can keep some candy eggs in front of them to make it look even cuter.

Easter Cone Treat By Crafty Morning

Can you imagine how excited the kids would be to actually see this adorable and fun-filled Easter treat? The crunchy cone loaded with chocolate eggs and decorated with ribbons looks like the perfect Easter treat for kids.

Easter Oreo Bark By Lil Luna

Whatever dessert you are making for Easter, don’t forget to make barks. They are excellent Easter treats and are a fancy candy these days. I have seen kids liking more and more of these barks.

Peeps S’mores Treats By Cincy Shopper

I wonder how great it would be to actually take a bite of this tasty, colorful smores. Loaded with crunch, color, and taste, these peeps treat is a recipe for unlimited happiness.

Cinnamon Sugar Bunnies By Its Always Autumn

We have all seen cinnamon rolls. Here are cinnamon sugar bunnies for Easter. The beautiful shape of the bunnies makes me wonder how talented the blogger must be to actually make them. The gorgeous twists and turns looks so professional.

Carrot Chocolate Strawberries By Lil Luna

This easy dessert makes me filled with loads of energy and tells me that I can easily make them for Easter. Strawberries covered with chocolate are surely going to be a treat for all.

Lemon Drop Cakes By Lil Luna

These magical, zesty, and classy Lemon drop cakes are something that people would love to bake for spring. The fresh taste of lemons makes it a must bake dessert for Easter party.

Easter Oreo Eggs Truffles By Gimme Some Oven

All I am thinking of looking at these gorgeous Easter Oreo Egg truffles is  – how can she turn Oreos into eggs? Well, I know the recipe and I would want you to know it as well. Once you know the recipe, this would look like the easiest no-bake dessert to you

Peep Candy Bars By The Domestic Rebel

These cute peep candy bars are total to die for. The gorgeous pink color of these candy bars makes a statement from far away and tells you that this is it. This is the candy that you are gonna make this year.

So, these were the Cute Easter Treats Recipes that impressed me beyond comprehension. I am head over heels for them. If you wish to share any recipe then kindly visit the original website and do so. It would help the author flourish.

I hope you liked this article.