90+ Cute & Funny DIY Group Halloween Costumes to Make the Best Memories

Halloween is right around the corner. I am sure you must be busy looking for your perfect Halloween costume, which will reflect your personality and choice. However, dressing up for Halloween is more fun when you have your best friends by your side. Friends make the best memories and after all its all about these special occasions and the special memories.

Halloween Group Costumes are not only memorable but so much fun. Dressing up with everyone and wearing matching costumes. I just love group costumes for Halloween. It reminds me of my college days when I used to be so excited about dressing up for Halloween with my besties! Collage days are shortlived but they are the days which live by us always. To make the best of Collage days or the time with your friends, there is no better time than Halloween, when you get to dress up together and click photos together dressed as your favourite characters.

Looking for the perfect Halloween Costume for your group? Here is a list of the best DIY Group Halloween costumes. Yes! These are totally wearable and so easy to recreate at home. Also, these are super cute and funny! Forget scary because this Halloween it’s all about Fun.

Cute & Funny DIY Group Halloween Costumes

White Claw Costume

M&M Gang Girl Costume

Alvin and Chipmunks Costume

Gru and Minions Costume

Peace and Love

Frats Halloween Costume

Unicorn Costumes

Skiiers Costume

College Girls Costume

Sanderson Sisters Costume

Burglars Couple Costume

Wizard of Oz Gang

Frat Boys Group

Firefighter Girls Costume

Aliens Costume

Traffic Triangles

Angel and Devil Costume

Wild Animals Costumes

Clueless Halloween Costume

Serena and Blair from Gossip Girls

Pooh and friends Costume

Spice Girls Squad

Mermaid, Day of the Dead and Unicorn Costume

Butterfly and Race Car Driver

Minions Girl Squad Costume

Sugar Skull Costume

Magicians Costume

Mean Girls Gang Costume

Risky Business Costume

Life Guards Costume

Playing Cards Costume

Blind Mice Costume

Life Alert

Pooh and friends 

Bachelorette Party Halloween Costume

Sushi Halloween costumes

Twin Day Girl Squad

Purge Group Costume

Four Seasons Costume

Ninja Girls Squad Costume

Cookie Monster Halloween Group Costume

3rd Wheel Group Costume

3rd Wheel Group Costume

Divers Costume

Lime, Tequilla and Salt Costume

Lifeguard Costume

Princess Costume

Fairy Tales Princess Costume

Care Bears Group Costume

Money Heist Group Costume

Monster Inc Group Costume

Sauce Bottles Group Costume

Pooh and Group Costume

7 dwarfs Costume

Social Media Apps Costume

Whataburger Costumes

Bachelor Group Costume

Peace and Love Group

Players Group Costume

Harley Quinn and Group Costume

Kiss Band Group Costume

Clovers Cheerleaders from Bring It On

Zombie Girls Group Costume

image source – costume works

Hocus Pocus Group Costume

Snapchat Filter Costume

Angel Devil and Bay Watch

Boxers Group

Daphne and Velma Costume

Disney Princeses gone Bad

Aliens Group

Cheetah Girls Group

Spongebob Group

Skittles Group

Jack O Lantern Costume

Cards Group Costume

Dalmatians Group

60s Pop Costumes

Netflix and Chill Group

Spongebob Group

Mean Girls Group

Gangster Group Costume

Prisoners Group Costume

Cybergoth Costume

Heather and Group Costume

Pink Ladies Group

Spice Girls Costume

Power Ranger Costume

Rainbow Group


Fruits costume

Lifeguard Costume

Clover Costumes

So, these were the best DIY Group Halloween costumes Ideas. I hope you loved these ideas. I am sure you must have found out your favourite Group Halloween Costume by now! Thanks for sticking around!!! Happy Halloween!