Decorating Christmas Tree with Ribbons and Bows? These Ideas might be Just What you Need

ribbon background with text on top

Have you ever wondered how you can use up the ribbons to decorate your home for Christmas? At Christmas time, you can decorate your home in so many ways using old ribbons that you have. And not just your home, ribbons can be put up on your Christmas tree to make it look lovely.

Whether you have short ribbons or long ones, all can be used in some way to make your tree look its best, all you need is a little creativity to do these DIY Christmas decorations. Keep scrolling for the easiest ways in which you can decorate your home with Christmas ribbons.

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree with Ribbons and Bows?

ribbon background with text on top

Do the waterfall effect:

To do this, you will need long Christmas ribbons. Starting at the top of the tree, pin-up one end of the ribbon and after every 15 centimetres’, pin it again. And at the bottom of the tree, pin on the other side. To do this all around the tree, you will need about 4-5 long ribbons. Make sure you evenly space them out and decorate the rest of the tree with other ornaments.

The Classic wrap around your tree:

For this, you will need one really long ribbon. Though you could use many shorter ones, using one long one will make your Christmas tree look way better. At the top of the tree, pin up one side of the ribbon, and then spiral wrap it around the tree, the same way you usually put up Christmas tree lights. Try to use a thick ribbon for this.

A poofy bow to replace your Christmas tree star:

At the top of your tree, instead of putting up a star, make a cute poofy bow and attach it. To this bow, attach 4 long ribbons on each side and let them hang down and pin them to the bottom of the tree. Using a gold or silver ribbon for the star would look really good.

Christmas Ribbon bows:

Using ribbons of different colours, make bows of different sizes. Attach these bows to your tree in different spots and fill up the remaining space with Christmas tree baubles and ornaments.

Stick them to the foot of your Christmas tree:

At the foot of your tree, fold few short ribbons in half and stick them. These ribbons can be in any colour and could have any design. This will make the bottom of your Christmas tree look much neater and cuter!

A snowman Christmas tree:

Dress up your Christmas tree like a snowman using ribbons. First, wrap up your tree with Christmas lights. After that, spiral wrap your Christmas tree with thick white ribbon and cover up as much of the tree as you can. For the head of the snowman, use a white circular lamp shade. Draw on eyes and a mouth using a black marker and a nose using an orange one. For the scarf, make a bow out of a long red ribbon and attach it right below the head of the snowman. Stick a black hat above the snowman’s head.

Decorate your tree using ribbons with a criss-cross effect:

For the criss-cross ribbon effect, you will have to spiral wrap your Christmas tree with 2 long ribbons, each going in a different direction from the top of your tree. This will give you diamond-shaped empty spaces on your tree. In these empty spaces, you can decorate with baubles and a few lights. You could have a colour theme – like a red ribbon with red baubles or gold ribbon with gold baubles.

Make and hang up ornaments:

There are so many cute DIY ornaments you can make:

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornament:

To make this, glue two cinnamon sticks together, next to each other. Then take a few ribbons and make bows, from small to little bigger, stick them onto the stick and there you have a mini Christmas tree ornament.

Santa Claus Ornament:

Take a Santa Claus face, it could be a picture or a drawing and to it attach white curled ribbon as his beard. Let it fall downwards. You can then hang this up on your tree.

DIY Ornament hanger:

Stick ribbons to the baubles and ornaments so that you can attach them to the tree.

Hope you liked these ideas and actually try some of them out! Using them will definitely make your tree look extra pretty and will remind you of the professional trees you see when you go out. Every time you look at your tree, you will be so impressed and proud of yourself for making it look that way. Have a fun time decorating!