Cute and Cool Ways to Decorate your Dining Table for a New Year’s Eve party

table decorated with chairs around for new years eve party

In a few days, the New Year will be here. New Year’s is the time of the year that is full of opportunities, promise, and new beginnings. After giving thanks for the year we have had, we must be ready to embrace everything that comes our way. Do you know about these New Year Food Traditions that brings good luck all around the world?

Many people enjoy going out for dinner with their families and friends or for dances/ balls/ parties at hotels, but there are also many who host New Year’s Eve parties at their homes for their near and dear ones, so they can countdown to the New Year together. 

If you plan on having family and friends over for a party this New Year’s Eve, you will need to dazzle up your home and deck it up to make it look amazing. New Year’s Eve parties need to have good food, good music, and (obviously) good décor! So, to make sure your home looks breath-taking, we have some amazingly cute and stylish décor ideas for your dining table that will leave your guests awestruck. So keep scrolling!

table decorated with chairs around for new years eve party

Ways to Decorate your Table for a New Year’s Eve party

Listed below are a couple of ways you can individually decorate different items.


  1. Shiny Champagne Glasses: Using a paintbrush, coat the base of a Champagne glass with glue and sprinkle glitter on it to coat it. 
  2. Mini Bow Ties: Decorate your Champagne Glasses with mini black bow ties and shiny buttons. They look super cute.
  3. Disco Ball Cups: Get mirrored disco ball cups with metal straws. These are so cool, and everyone will love them.
  4. Metal Straws: Get reusable stainless steel straws in gold, silver, and black that can be used in any drink or cocktail and will glitter from afar. These straws will let you start off the New Year by being eco-friendly. 


  1. Hang up Bubbles: Above your dining table, hang up transparent baubles to look like bubbles. Add some lights along with them for an extra pretty look.
  2. DIY Chandelier: Make your own chandelier using gold rings. Hang these up above your table and have gold lights for a golden glow.
  3. Gold Chandelier: A tinsel fringed chandelier above your table would look so good. It will match a gold-themed party.


  1. Gold or Silver Table Cloth: Get a glamourous and shiny gold or silver sequin table cloth. It will dazzle up your dining table.
  2. Floating Balloon Centerpieces: Blow up gold helium balloons and attach a string to them. Line them up along the center of your table. Weigh these down by placing mini ornaments on them or place cardholders.
  3. Gold New Year Confetti: Get gold confetti that says, ‘Happy New Year’ and sprinkle it over the center of your dining table.
  4. Fairy Lights: Get fairy lights and put them in a champagne glass. Ensure that they are the small bulb lights so that they fit in.


  1. Place cards: Place handmade and reusable place cards on each plate that say ‘Cheers’. These can also be used for other occasions. 
  2. Black and Gold Plates: Get party plates in black with a gold border. They are attractive and will save you from having to wash your china plates later.
  3. White Crystal Coasters: Get gorgeous white crystal coasters for your dining table. They are perfect for keeping drink glasses on so that your dining table/table cloth won’t get rings on it.

If you would like to have a themed party, here are a few ways you can decorate.


Have a white table cloth on your dining table and a silver table runner on it. On the table runner, sprinkle silver sequins, place silver stars and silver baubles. Also, light white candles and place them on the table runner along with the other things. Lastly, you could have plain white plates or white plates with silver borders and silver stainless steel cutlery placed beside it. Don’t forget silver glasses for water.


On a gold sequin table cloth, put black square table mats for each person. On each mat, keep a white plate with gold borders and gold-colored cutlery along with a gold water glass. For a centerpiece, you can put white flowers in a gold vase. With that, you can light gold candles and have evergreens placed around them.


Ever heard of Boho Glam? It’s a mix of the laid-back and chill style with high glamour. When you lend the two styles together you get Boho Glam! It’s a great style to follow if you are not planning on having an extremely fancy and grand party. 

To have your dining table decorated in a Boho Glam theme this New Year, you will have to have a wooden table. You will not need a table cloth unless you really want one. You could just have a knitted table runner in white for your table. On this keep plenty of flowers and candles, either in various bright colors or just a few light ones. Have a few Moroccan style lanterns also lit on the table.

I hope you like these ideas. Have a Happy New Year!