DIY Kids Halloween Costumes that are extremely Funny and Creative

The crazy, spooky night of the year is almost here. This means we get to wear some of our favorite Halloween costumes. But, what is more fun is getting our kids dressed in some cute and funny Kids Halloween Costumes.

After a heck of a Halloween last year with my kids, one of my sons went an Iron Man costume and my daughter went wore the Velma costume. Whereas my little pea – my youngest son decided his mom choose his outfit. And guess what, I was in a complete fix. Somehow, deep down I knew that he wanted to wear some superhero costume. And, there you go, I made him wear my favorite Disney Super Hero Costume – Batman.

As a Mom, I have always seen my kids as my superheroes. Yes, though they need my help at the moment, but they are still my super heroes.

Somehow, when you have little kids at home, you get live a few of your own fantasies. Right?

This time I am definitely not going to go with any superhero costume. I am surely gonna wrack my brain and raid the internet to find the cutest little outfit for my little kiddo. And, just so that you don’t have to waste your time raiding the internet, I am sharing all of these ideas with you.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume

Every kid would love to wear this costume for Halloween. A favorite dinner recipe or a cute costume that is not scary and is so cute and adorable. Make it at home with jute ropes and burlap balls. image source – costume works

Carousel Costume

Every kid would love to fit into this Carousel Costume. It’s so easy to make. You can make a Cardboard Carousel and stitch it to any golden and red colored outfit. It’s a cute, simple and so perfect costume for kids.

Gumball Machine Costume

Aaha! The perfect Candy themed costume for kids! Cute and so hilarious. Make this gumball machine costume by using a big old box. You can use any spare Amazon boxes you have at home. Paint it up in red color and decorate it with some small balloons.

Grapes Costume

A bunch of grapes or a creepy alien! Wow, this costume is surely going to be a hit. Make this costume at home with Balloons.

Coca Cola Costume

A unique way to show your love for Coca Cola. It’s so creative and fun. The perfect way to dress up kids for Halloween.

Sandy the Squirrel From Sponge Bob Square Pants

Sandy the Squirrel from Sponge Bob Square Pants is my favorite character. So, I just love this costume so much. Also, this is so easy to recreate!

Cindy Loo Who Costume

Cindy Loo Who is always a favorite Kids Halloween costume choice. Especially her hair-do is so cool. Dress up your kid in this adorable costume and steal the show!

Caterpillar Costume

A super easy DIY kids Costume this is. All you need is a green T-shirt and hang a super simple Caterpillar craft on though his neck and that’s done!

Abducted By an Alien costume

Every kids love to wear something which is funny and which scare off their friends. This abducted by Alien costume is so cool and creative. It’s super easy to recreate it as well. image source – costume works

Kids salad costume

Your kid might not love salad but this Salad costume will be his favorite costume for Halloween. Made with green papers, this is actually the easiest ever DIY Kids costume for Halloween. image source – coolest homemade costumes

Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Oh wow! I am a cat lover myself. Are you too! You can totally re-create this fabulous Crazy Cat Lady Costume by Michelle from Crafty Morning. It’s so creative and so exciting! PS: I love her shoes 🙂 image source – crafty morning

Baby Bunny and Magician Costume

Is this the same sibling dynamics in your home too? Then allow your elder one to be the Magician with a tall hat of cards. Get her a wand and a robe and let your younger one be the bunny! Just a White Tee with a crafted Bunny Ears and you’re done making this costume in an afternoon.

Monsters Inc Costumes

Are your Kids Monster Inc Fans? Then this costume will be the best ever costume for your kids. Craft it at home. Use a plastic or Paper plate to make the Eye and paint it accordingly.

Jar of Sprinkles Costume

This is the most colorful and creative costume I’ve ever seen. Head over to Oh Happy Days to get the tutorial of this wonderful Kids Halloween costume. image source – oh happy days

Crazy Cat Lady and Kitten Costume

There is nothing cuter than dressing up your munchkins as a Cat Lady and her Kitten. It’s the cutest and most adorable costume ever!

Power Puff Girls and Mayor Kids Costume

Got a big family of kids and wish to dress them up in a Disney Costume? Try this Power Puff girl and Mayor Costume. It’s totally homemade and so easy to recreate!

Pebbles and Bam Bam kids costume

Pebbles and Bam Bam are my favorite Cartoon characters! Are your kids too a fan of this, then try this easy and fun costume. Use an old robe and transform it into this costume. Stitch Black Patches and it’ll be ready in a jiffy.

Mario and Luigi Costume

Super Mario is another one of my favorite Disney characters. Super Mario Costume is so easy to recreate. You might want to buy those hats and socks otherwise this costume is totally possible to make at home.

Unicorn Costume

Every kid loves Unicorn. How about a Unicorn costume for Halloween? I think it’s a great idea. This easy and fun Unicorn Costume will be your Sweet Pea’s favorite of all Halloween costumes. image source – costume works

Maleficient Kids Costume

Maleficient is the best costume for little girls or even teenage girls. Every girl loves to get their hair done and go overboard with some dark-colored lipstick! Well, nothing suits them better than the evil queen Maleficent Costume! After all, Halloween is all about having fun with your Makeup and kids love that!

DIY Mulan Costume

Easy, peasy and so much fun! This Disney princess might not be your quintessential Disney princess with the Tutu dress but let’s be honest, today’s kids do not oven like the idea of a Tutu dress princess. This is the perfect Halloween costume for today’s kids.

Disney Pocahontas Costume

Another popular Disney Princess costume which is offbeat and different. Just like the kids of this generation! Super creative and super innovative!!!

Kids Starbucks Costume

Even if your Kids do not hit the Starbucks yet, they surely will love dressing up as your favorite coffee! Try this easy DIY Costume for Halloween and have fun making it with your kids. Use dollar store cardboard for the coffee mug and stitch the foam using an old beige cloth.

Crayola Costume

Got a family of kids, all yearning to dress up something different! Why not acknowledge their desire and also reduce your workload! Get them to wear this colorful Crayola costume. It’s so easy to DIY at home. All you need is some printables and a bunch of colored shirts. The hats can be made out of cardboard as well.

Kids Carousel Costume

Carousel Costume is one of the cutest and easiest DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids. It’s so easy to make this Carousel with the old toys of your kids.

Milk Jug and Fruit Loop Cereal Bowl

Fruit Loops are everyone’s favorite! This Cereal Bowl with the jug of milk and Fruit Loops is the most creative of all DIY Halloween costumes.

Contortionist Costume

Contortionist is one of the most unique and magical Halloween costumes. It’s super fun and an interesting costume which kids would love to fit into.

Fruit Loop and Toucan Sam Costume

Recreate your morning breakfast scene with this perfect Breakfast table cereal bowl! I just love this costume so much.

Party Pooper Costume

There’s always a party pooper. How about making a costume which is exactly that! Well, this costume is all about it and look how easy this is to make.

Head in the Freezer Costume

I know hoe kids get around Halloween. They look for scary costumes which are fun to wear! Well, here’s a quick and easy costume which you can make at home. It’ just heat in the freezer and so easy to recreate. All you need is a big carton and decorate it like a fridge.

Book princess costume

As a child, we have all grew up listening to stories of book princesses. How, she would elegantly carry herself, how she would fly across the sky with her feathers made of the favorite pages of our book. Bringing alive that costume seems like an excellent idea to me.

Exhausted Mom and Kid Costume

image source: 9gag

This picture and this costume sort of reminds me of my situation about few years back when my little pea was just born. If you would see me in the middle of the night, I swear, I would look exactly like this.

Social Media Apps Costume

Social Media is like the lifeline right now. Hence, there cannot even be a Halloween without some social media App logo Halloween costume. Let your little pea choose her favorite Social media app and you can make a costume for that.

Jim Cantore Costume

This is a really funny and super awesome costume. The weatherman has always been someone who we have looked up to. They have a huge role to play in our society. And, this costume will make your little one believe that he has a huge role to play when he or she grows up.

Kraft Mac and Cheese Costume

Mac and Cheese is like bread and butter for us Americans. And, therefore, you can always recreate that in the form of an outfit. An just look at this cute little girl right here wearing this outfit. Doesn’t she look just adorable? I feel that I am definitely gonna try this with my daughter this year.

DIY Edward Scissorhands Costume

This animated romantic movie has touched all of our hearts. And, therefore you must surely give this outfit a try. It is seriously awesome. The freakish look is scary enough for Halloween.

Willie Costume

Willie Nelson has always been someone that Americans has loved, adored, and appreciated. Why not, let your little one dress up like him. He or she is gonna admire that outfit. The cute looks paired with that rugged willie costume will be a perfect match.

Carousel costume for kids

Well, this costume may look like a bit too much to pull together, but trust me, actually this us very easy to DIY. And, what is more important that the look literally nails the style quotient.

Kids Tom and Jerry Costume

Tom and Jerry have been the two heroes that we grew up watching and something that kids love even today. And, therefore these two Disney characters will never ever get old. So, let’s take inspo from them and wear and outfit about them. Its gonna be fun.

Pinta Halloween Costume

image source – costume works

Hot Air Balloon Costume for Kids

Kids are gonna really really love this costume. For one this is gorgeous. Second, this has got elaborate designs and lastly, there is not much makeup to do. All of these make this costume something that kids would love to wear.

Pennywise Costume for Kids

It or Pennywise costume will always be an excellent idea for Halloween. It has got that scary element in it and moreover, the movie has been and will always be really close to our hearts.

Kids Ghost Costume

If Ghosts were this cute, then I won’t mind getting married to one of them. Keeping the puns aside, this costume is probably the most basic and one of the most interesting Kids Halloween Costume.

Day of the Dead Costume

This Mexican Holiday has become a major point of celebration here in the United States. And rightly so. The festival is really fun. Why not recreate the same outfit for Halloween. It is gonna be simply classic.

Oompa Loompa Costume

Do your kids come from Loompaland, keeping the puns aside, this outfit is really really crazy. Oompa Loompa costume is surely gonna be something that kids are gonna love.

Kids retro costume

This retro costume looks perfect on this little girl. She has that charm and that elegance that was pretty common in the 60’s. After all, we all miss those good Old times. Don’t we? Let’s recreate that with our kids.

Bee and Bee Keeper Kids Costume


Smoke Detector Kids Costume

Got a kid who’s a next Sheldon Cooper? Try this Smoke Detector Kids Costume as he’ll be the first one to get alarmed every time.

Campfire Costume

Missing Summers? Make this Campfire costume and be the heart of your party. A simple Black Tee with a printable flame stuck on it and a tutu with some lights! And you’re done making this easy Halloween costume for your little one!

Bubbles Costume

Need a cool and interesting Halloween costume idea? Try this Bubbles outfit. A simple and easy DIY Costume and the bubbles are just transparent Balloons!

Kids Toy Story Costume

The perfect Toy Story Family Costume. Customize this as per your family needs and enjoy making this fun DIY Toy story Halloween costume for your whole family.

DIY Crab Costume

Looking for an easy DIY Halloween costume for your munchkin? Try this adorable DIY Crab costume. Use a Red outfit and customise it with paper made claws and you’ll be done making this DIY Crab Halloween costume in under an hour.

And, that’s it. These were the best Kids Halloween costume ideas. I think by now you must have chosen the one that you are gonna go with. I really hope and wish that you have an excellent Halloween this year.