Cute & Fresh DIY Spring and Easter Decorations That Mirror Pages of a Fairy Tale

DIY Spring and Easter Decorations

Looking to decorate your home for Spring and Easter season. Spring is one of the most joyful and gleeful seasons. Spring brings in feeling of warmth, joy and hope in our minds. When you are looking to decorate for a season, it’s very important to keep in mind the theme of the season. Since Spring is all about the beauty in nature and fresh bloom, our home design should replicate it. Our home should mirror these feelings. Even if you are not set out to decorate all over your home, just minor transitions and changes will make your home look so much more season appropriate. So, here are some of the best DIY Spring and Easter Decorations ideas and inspirations for you. Without delay let us check these out below.

DIY Spring and Easter Decorations

#1. Spring Mantel Decor By Dining Delight

Elegant and like a fairy tale, this beautiful Mantle decor for Spring will steal your heart away.

#2. Candle Wreaths for Pillar Candles

Use Baby’s Breath flowers to adorn your Pillar candle stands with. Decorate your dinner table with these Pillar candles.

#3. Perfect Spring Corner in the kitchen by Clean and Scentsible

Learn from the link above on how to make this perfect Spring corner for your kitchen.

#4. Galvanised flower vase for Spring

These plush Flowers with a farmhouse vase creates a cozy and luxurious Centerpiece for Spring.


#5. Rustic Spring Tiered Tray decor

Make a cozy little Spring centerpiece with Egg Nest, Wooden House and fresh blooms.


#6. Spring Wooden Tier Tray

Make your very own Spring Tiered tray with lots of Lavender, a Wooden Spring Tag and of course add a small little ceramic Bunny.


#7. Mossy Easter and Spring Centerpiece

This Moody and gracious Easter centerpiece looks amazing. You can use Porcelain Bunny with a Cloche and Pillar Candle to make this. Add in moss in your decoration for this look.

#8. Farmhouse style Flower vase for Spring

Debonair and Rustic, this Gorgeous Centerpiece for the Kitchen Table looks so rustic yet refined.

#9. Lemons Centerpiece for Spring

The Alchemy of Yellow Lemons creates a feeling of bubbling joy which exactly matches our feelings for Spring.

#10. Spring Candle Wreath

These baby’s breath flowers wreath is the most elegant and stylish way to make a graceful decoration for Spring.


#11. Spring Table Decor by Meaningful Spaces

Make a beautiful Spring tablescape with fresh flowers and greens.

#12. Spring and Easter Centerpiece by Stone Gable

This charismatic Easter centerpiece with Eggs and flower branches is a great way to decorate for Spring season.

#13. Tulips in a Vase

Spring just spells Tulips. Make this exquisite Spring centerpiece with fresh Pink Tulips.

#14. Easter Centerpiece on a Cake Stand

Cake Stands are perfect for making centerpieces. Fill in a cake stand with a DIY Egg nest, add a Lavender Planter, some Moss and Carrots and of course, the highlight will be a Porcelain Bunny.


#15. Spring Centerpiece with Bunny and Eggs

Use Porcelain Bunny and fill in a cake jar with Plastic Eggs.


#16. Beautiful Spring centerpiece in a wooden tray

Make this gorgeous Spring Vignette with Topiary, Pillar Candles and Bunny FLower Vase.


#17. Gorgeous Spring Decorations

This Beautiful Spring decoration is the best way to create a vignette. You can use fresh plants and a wooden bunny to make this scene.


#18. Easter Floral Arrangements By Purely Katie

This is one of the best Spring Centerpiece idea. Learn how to make this Centerpiece from the link above.

#19. Easter Tree Decor

Make an Easter Egg Tree for your home. Take dry branches and decorate it with plastic eggs. Also ad rice lights on it.


#20. Square Wooden Frame Wreath

Use a Wooden Frame and tie artificial flowers on it. Use this to decorate your doors.


#21. Spring Mantel Decor by Tatertots and Jello

This Spring Mantel in Yellow Color Theme looks warm and glowful.

#22. Cute Easter Egg Tree

Take dry Branch and Paint it and finally use plastic eggs to hang from the tree.


#23. Spring Living Room By Making Home Base

This graceful Spring Living room, looks rustic and refined.

#24. Wooden Easter Eggs

This is an etsy product. However, I think you can easily create this using wood and paper.


#25. Spring Tier Tray

Decorate a galvanised tiered tray with Porcelain Bunnies and other easter decorative items which you can collect from your nearest Dollar Store.


#26. Spring FLower Decor By Room Like This

This pot of Mustard Yellow Flowers, with bright yellow lemons looks refined and elegant.


#27. Spring Daffodils Centerpiece By Jenny Steffens

Daffodils brings in a feeling of Bubbling joy in the the room.

#28. Lavender Wreath for Spring by Sand and Sisal

Spring and Lavender go hand in hand. Bring in the vibrancy and elegance of Lavender in your Spring decor with this adorable Lavender wreath.

#29. Farmhouse Watering Can decor for Spring

Use any old watering can and fill it in with flowers and a Bird Nest. Also make a Paper Butterfly and keep on it.


#30. Felt Carrot Garland by Positively Splendid

Easter Mantle without some Felt Carrots is so boring!

#31. Easter Egg Garland by Mommy Evolution

Learn how to make this adorable Yarn Easter Eggs Garland from the link above. Decorate your Mantle with it.

#32. Zinnia Pinecones

Use Pinecones and Paint it in vibrant Zinnia flower colors. Keep them in a vase or a bowl and it’ll look like Spring in a Bowl.


#33. Cute Spring Centerpiece

Create this beautiful Easter and Spring Centerpiece Vignette with Fresh Tulips and a Ceramic Bunny. The Silver Vases looks rustic and adds elegance in the decor.


#34. Adorable Spring Decor

To do this Decoration, you can use Topiaries with some Ceramic Bunnies and also use a ceramic Planter for your Tulips.


#35. Spring Coffee Table Centerpiece

Make this adorable coffee table centerpiece for Spring with Lavenders, and other Spring Flowers. Make these Balls using a Balloon and Jute ropes. Wrap your vase with a Burlap ribbon for the rustic effect.


#36. Farmhouse Spring Decor

Make this perfect Easter Vignette with Tulips, Lantern and an Egg Nest with Eggs. You can use any old vase and paint it with white color for a farmhouse look. Use White Tulips because it looks fresh and also make a small leaves wreath to hang on the lantern.


#37. Wooden Tiered Tray decor

Decorate your Wooden Tiered tray with Ceramic Bunnies, Rae Dunn Mugs and a lot of Fresh flowers. Also add a cute little Egg nest.


#38. Easter Tiered Tray Centerpiece

Use any old galvanised tiered tray or cupcake stand and fill it with Porcelain Bunnies which you can easily find during Easter. Use Eggs, Egg Nest and flowers to decorate your tiered tray.


#39. Easter Table Decor by HGTV

For your Easter brunch decorate your table with the classic porcelain bunny and also a lot of greens and tulips.

#40. Rainbow Easter Egg Wreath By The House That Lars Built

Make this Gorgeous Easter Eggs Wreath for your Front Door. Although, it’s so cute that I believe it’s best to keep it indoors above the Mantle.

#41. Easter Lantern Decor

Decorate your Lantern for Easter with Easter ribbons which you can find in any dollar store. Also fill on the lantern with Plastic eggs.


#42. Easter Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jars filled with Candies are an easy way to decorate for all season. Although I thin it’s better to fill it with stale candies as it’ll stay then, or else, no one will be able to resist these. You can use Cadbury Eggs, Peeps and Candies to fill in the Jars.


#43. Spring Basket Wreath By Your Cozy Home

Decorate your door with this Basket Wreath for Spring season. Get the tutorial in the link above.

#44. Spring and Easter Cake stand decor

Make this Mossy and Fresh Tiered Tray. Use Tulips in a Mason Jar and also write on your Eggs to decorate the Tiered tray. You can make Moss Bunnies yourself and decorate your tiered tray with it. Moss Bunnies are really cute. You could use a sponge bunny and cover it with fake or real Moss. After your done, just remember to trim the excess and groom your bunny properly and it’ll be done.


#45.  Spring Tulips Door Decoration

I could not find the source to this image so I did not give one. I think you can easily recreate this with any old planter and fill it with fresh Tulips. You can also use Artificial flowers, since the fresh ones will wilt sooner than later.

#46. Spring Lantern Decor

Use yellow colored Pillar Candle to place inside the Lantern. Now use Black and White Buffalo Plaid Ribbons and make a bow. Aldo stuff in Yellow flowers in it.

#47. Spring Lantern decor

Decorate your Lantern with Green and Pink ribbons. Place a small bunny in the lantern.


#48. Old Ladder Decor for Easter

Use any old ladder. Decorate it with rice lights. Also, take wooden blocks and place a paper bunny image on it. Paint all over the box with colorful paints and then remove the Bunny image. You’ll have these gorgeous Bunny imprint wooden blocks which you can use to decorate the ladder. Use this Ladder to decorate your Front Porch.


#49. Cute Spring decor

To make this charming Spring house, use Wooden Boards and make a house. Now add artificial plants and fix a hook where you can hang the Rae Dunn Tea Pot. Tie it well with a Gingham ribbon and place a small Succulent Planter in a Terracotta pot under it. Use this to decorate your room corners.


#50. Wooden Cross Sign

To make a cross, use wooden branches and tie them together, horizontally and vertically to make a square. Now tie a bunch of Lillies in the center. Use this Cross to decorate your doors.


So, these were some of the best and my favourite DIY Spring and Easter Decorations Ideas. I hope you loved these ideas and shall do these for your home. Spring won’t be fun unless you do some decorations inspired from nature, and this was an endeavour to help you with it.

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Happy Spring from Glam Vapours