Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas to Bring a Rustic Yet Stylish Theme to your Bathroom

spacious bathroom with bathtub in the center

Farmhouse décor is a space that’s accentuated with worn and weathered finishes that are dominated by wood and steel materials. Along with furniture, exposed fittings are also very common. The farmhouse style is known for being warm and simple. Along with the cream, several other colors are also paired with it.
Although farmhouse bathroom décor seems like a thing for only bathrooms in actual farmhouses, you can always incorporate this look in your apartment in the city. Have you had a look at these latest 2021 Bathroom Design Trends?

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

An authentic farmhouse is found in rural and suburban areas while a modern farmhouse can be found in cities too. So whether you want an authentic farmhouse bathroom, a rustic traditional bathroom, or a modern farmhouse bathroom, we have all the information you need to decorate and make your bathroom look amazing.

spacious bathroom with bathtub in the center


  1. Rustic Bathroom Hangers and Hooks: Ever thought of hanging up hangers and hooks? The wooden ones, when hung up, look like bathroom styles of the past.
  2. Rustic Bathroom Mirror: Hang up a wooden rustic bathroom mirror above your sink or place a rustic floor mirror on the floor. 
  3. Old Fashioned Barrel: You can put a sink in an old fashioned wooden barrel. For storage, you can make cabinets below the sink.
  4. Rustic Objects for the bathroom: A wooden vintage ladder in your bathroom is not only an object that can be kept for show. You can also hang up towels on it. It looks great when placed beside the bathtub.
  5. Natural Materials: Have a few plants placed on a wooden countertop for a refined look. 
  6. Rustic bathroom walls and floor: Farmhouse bathrooms always have a wooden look. Wooden floors and walls will make your bathroom look like the bathrooms they have had in farmhouses for years.
  7. Rustic Bathroom ceiling: To make your bathroom give off more of a farmhouse vibe, you can have a wooden ceiling. This will go well with a white bathtub, sink, and cabinets.
  8. Upcycled Items: Take old items you have and give them a new look. You can paint wooden circles and hang that up or make a countertop using the bottom of an old wooden bench.
  9. Rustic Faucet: Have a mix of several rustic materials for a vintage touch like an ancient oxidized faucet along with a gilded mirror frame.

10.A built-in cabinet: A built-in vintage cabinet is an essential item for you to have in your bathroom. It completes the rustic look.


  1. The shower:  Farmhouse showers usually have exposed piping. It gives the shower area a vintage vibe. So along with exposed piping, have a glass shower door to show off this authentic look.
  2. Farmhouse Bathroom Cabinets: Have wooden cabinets in your bathroom. Also, in one of them, you can hide your electrical outlets. This way the rest of the bathroom is kept neat and you can still charge phones or plug in hair dryers and anything else.
  3. The infamous Farmhouse subway tile: Subway tiles have been popular in farmhouse bathrooms since the beginning of the 20th century when they were used in the New York subway. They got famous as they reflected light even in dark tunnels. They brighten up a room and are pretty cheap to put in. 
  4. Farmhouse Bathroom vanity: The vanity area in your bathroom must have a rectangular mirror above the countertop that has the bare necessities. Below the sinks, you can have a storage cabinet for towels and other necessities.
  5. Vintage Hand mirrors: Vintage hand mirrors are very pretty, and they add depth to a room. Hang up a few mismatched ones with unique shapes for a cool vintage look. 
  6. Rustic Wall Hanging – Mason Jars: Mason Jar light fixtures for your bathroom will be the prettiest item you can own. They are attached to a wooden plank and they create very cool bathroom lighting.
  7. Wooden Bucket towel holder: A farmhouse wooden barrel is a great storage space for extra items that you need to store in your bathroom. It’s convenient to use and gives a very rustic vibe. 
  8. An elevated Bathtub: In your bathroom, have wooden floors and a wooden surface above it for your bathtub. This makes it look elevated and very much like a farmhouse bathroom that has its ups and downs.
  9. Rustic Wall Shelf: Make a wooden shelf using a wooden plank for you to keep bathroom essentials and other items on. It is functional and provides good storage.
  10. 10.Farmhouse Bathroom Rug: A braided rug is a perfect accessory to place on your bathroom floor. Make sure it’s a neutral tone that matches everything else.

You can choose to go for a traditional rustic farmhouse bathroom look or a modern farmhouse bathroom look. Also, you can always combine both looks and decorate in a way that matches your personality!