Has Pandemic Changed the Way We Look at Fashion? Fashion Trends Post Pandemic

Pandemic has changed our lives in almost all sectors. But, the Million-dollar question is what are the fashion trends post-pandemic?

Remember when masks were non-existent? Well, since the pandemic masks have been an inevitable part of our fashion trend. After opening our doors to a new world of masks and sanitizers, it’s time we acknowledge the latest fashion trends of 2020, because as Taylor Swift rightly said, “We never go out of style”.

So, sanitize yourself, and get ready for the great debate of 2020, pre-pandemic vs post-pandemic fashion trends!

hats, masks, wigs hanging

 Fashion trends during & after the Pandemic

  • Fashion and PPE

Before the rise of Coronavirus, there was hardly any fashionable protective equipment.

To ensure maximum security of people, and to blend fashion with chaos, we now have a new trend of Fashionable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

From plain monotonous masks, we now have the most spellbinding collections varying from unique designs to colorful prints.

Girl Sporting a black mask with a black jacket

  • Sporty trends

Due to lockdown, many people finally got the chance to take a look at their health and fitness.

Influencers persistently work to motivate people to exercise, but this motivation proved efficacious during this pandemic.

As a result, there is a hike in sportswear fashion, and our estimation says that it will remain a part of this trend post-pandemic when gyms reopen.

  • Luxurious style

girl wearing fashionable goggles and mask

Remember jeans? Its been months since the last time we laid hands on them because, to be honest, we are too comfortable in our sweatpants.

Pre-pandemic, jeans were the number one outwear. But post-pandemic, approximately 30% of the working class are now working from home.

Hence, there is and will be a high demand for luxurious wear like sweatpants, a half-sleeved shirt, and many more during the post-pandemic period.

  • Aesthetics and Pastel

Loud and Bold colors that speak for our personality are so pre-pandemic.

People now need something calm to settle down all the uproar they experienced during the pandemic.

The fashion industry has seen a rise in floral, pastel, comfortable dresses. Fashion that doesn’t make a loud noise, but surely calms the whole mood down.

There will be an estimated rise of 21% in floral prints and clothes in pastel colors post-pandemic.

  • Rise of Kindness Economy

Coronavirus has not only affected the health of people, but it also took away the benefits of the job from many.

Consumers are not only focusing on trends but also on the treatment workers receive from that particular business enterprise.

Moreover, consumers are strictly boycotting those who inhumanely treat their workers.

Collage of images on post pandemic fashion trends

Hopefully, this change in mindset will continue to evolve post-pandemic, where there are no Violations of Human Rights in the name of fashion.

Fashion keeps on changing from time to time, but it is the consumer who decides what will go on-trend. As a result of the pandemic, fashion trends in 2020 and further will be more related to physical and mental health.

Light-weight clothes, calm colors, and fashionable masks are some fashion trends that hiked during the lockdown. Even in the post-pandemic era, they will continue to strive and change your styling experience forever. However, we are sure that if you read this thoroughly, you will have the best wardrobe post-pandemic so that you never go out of style.