First Valentine’s Day Together? Best DIY Gifts To Give Him

First Valentine’s Day Together? Best DIY Gifts To Give Him

If you have recently started dating and this Valentine’s Day is going to be the first one you spend with your boyfriend, you might want to make it special. Thinking of the perfect gift is always hard. If you are confused about what to get the special man in your life, you could always make him something that he will love. DIY gifts are always loved and cherished by people. There are so many creative gifts you could make instead just buying store made ones. I have a list of homemade DIY gifts that you can make on your own, they are pretty simple and I’m sure your man will love them! 

First Valentine’s Day Together? Best DIY Gifts To Give Him


Jar of memories: Give your man the gift of memories. In a mason jar put in things that take you back in time. Movie tickets, photographs and letters are a few things you could put in. They will remind him of all the good times you have spent together.

‘Open when’ Letters: ‘Open when’ Letters are a really cute gift to give. Making them is also super fun. Take about 5 envelopes and on each write one thing – a few examples are – ‘Open when’ You Miss me; ‘Open when’ You’re Feeling anxious; ‘Open when’ You’re having a Bad Day; ‘Open when’ You wanna take a walk down Memory Lane and ‘Open when’ You need a Laugh. Fill the insides of these envelopes with something related to what is on each cover. Like in the envelope that says Open when’ You Miss me’ – you can put in a picture of the two of you and a bracelet for him that will match one of yours. So you both can have matching ones that will remind you both of each other.

A Gift Box: Make him a gift box with all his favourite things- his favourite perfume, favourite protein bar, favourite snacks and scented candles. You can pick a theme and put in stuff related to it.

Chalkboard Love Mug: Get a chalkboard love mug and write a personalized message for him on it. Or make your own by buying chalkboard sheets and cutting them up and sticking them onto a mug.

Wood Slice Wall Hanging: You can buy wood slices from a store and then decorate them as a gift. In the center of the first wood slice- stick a picture of the both of you. On the other wood slices – you can write cheesy quotes and things you love about him. 

Carved Scented Candles: DIY candle making sets are available everywhere. Get one and use it to make your man a lovely scented candle. Make it using his favourite fragrance and his favourite colour. On the front of the candle carve in your initials and draw a heart around it.

Mini Notebooks: Using paper from old notebooks, make a new mini notebook for him. He can use it to make notes or to sketch (a thoughtful gift if he’s an artist).

Pop-up Wooden Photo Box: Take an old wooden box and repaint the inside and put in your favourite picture with him. Put a spring under it so that it pops up when the box is opened. You can also carve out your initials on the top of the box.

Origami Flower Bouquet: Make origami hearts and leaves and put them on a green stick. You can put these flowers that you have made together in a beautiful mason jar. 

Movie Night Box: Make your own ‘Movie Night Box’ for your next date night. Take any box and paint it red and white. Fill up this box with snacks that you both love. Candies and chips are the perfect things to fill it up with. 

Love Coupons: Make him a booklet with ‘Love Coupons’ – which are basically things you both will do together. A few ideas for things to write on them are – Video Game Night; Netflix and Chill Night; Weekend Getaway; Romantic Dinner; Watch the Sunset together and A Relaxing Massage. These are all things that will ensure you both get to spend more quality time together.

20 Reasons Why I Love You: Take a paper and cut it into tiny squares. On each square write one reason why you love your partner. Fold them all up and put them into a mason jar. On the outside of the mason jar write ‘20 Reasons Why I Love You’ in bold and draw little red hearts around it with sharpies. 

Our Life Together So Far: Make him a scrapbook with all your memories so far. Put in pictures from your first date, movie nights, parties and random goofy selfies. On the cover of the book, you can write ‘Our Life So Far’. Make the scrapbook colourful and cute by adding in stickers and sketches. 

Photo Collage on a Canvas: In the shape of Number 1 – stick pictures of the two of you together on a canvas and frame it. You can write ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ on it.