Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

What Are Frameless Sliding Glass Doors?

Frameless Sliding Glass Doors are a glass enclosure system put in houses and offices. They are a smart way to extend your living space and to allow more light to enter your home. It really opens up your house to more freedom and makes you one with nature.

Features Of Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

They come in different transparencies and based on your tastes and preferences, you can pick one suitable for you. They come in various designs and can easily be customized. They blend right into the house to match its style perfectly. The doors are built out of tempered glass – a material that is built-in thermal treatments so that the glass is strengthened and made safe. Unlike regular glass, it lasts longer, will not shatter, and can withstand even harsh weather conditions. The feel of unending space, the feel of freedom, the possibility of creating a room in an open space, is all possible in your house.

How Do They Work?

When they are opened up, the glass door moves to the side with the help of railings built into the floor and ceiling. 

What Rooms Would They Look Good In?

These sliding doors would look best in a living room that outlooks a garden area. These doors can also be put in the shower or a balcony. They can also be used in walk-in-closets to give them a modern look. 

  • BALCONY: When used in the balcony, they can be opened up to make the room feel much larger, the same way it can make the living room feel bigger when it opens up to a garden.
  • SHOWER: For the shower, there are 2 kinds of doors available, regular glass doors and frosted glass doors. The regular glass doors are made of normal transparent glass, while frosted glass doors are translucent, thus creating space for privacy. Frosted glass doors range from partially frosted to fully frosted. The decision for which design is wanted is completely up to you.

Where Do We Commonly See Frameless Sliding Glass Doors?

The most common place where everyone would have seen these frameless sliding glass doors is at the mall. They create a feeling of unending space and freedom.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Frameless Sliding Glass Doors? 

There are so many advantages of having frameless sliding glass doors. Those who install them in their homes or at their workplace really do get to reap the benefits of having them. 

  1. They Are Eco-Friendly: These doors are eco-friendly. They allow lots of light to enter the house thus leading to less energy being used. Lights in the house only need to be turned on between sunrise and sunset. They are sustainable and good for the environment.
  2. They can be Customized easily: The glass doors are available in various styles and designs. If none of the available styles interest you, you can always customize them to a style that you would like better – one that perfectly fits into your home. If you like, there are also ones with prints on them which are very attractive. 
  3. They Give your home a Modern Look: The glass doors have a minimalistic vibe to them. They are simple and plain. But they still manage to make a house look modern and classy (the perfect duo). It makes the house look and feel very spacious. You also get a lovely view of the outdoors – a nice scenery to look out at.
  4. They last very long: With all the treatment they go through while getting manufactured, these doors can withstand storms, don’t shatter or break, and are very durable. Unlike metal door frames that can corrode or wooden door frames that can decay, these doors have minimalistic frames and are made out of tempered glass – thus being much safer and very durable.
  5. They are Super Easy To Clean: Since they are made entirely out of glass, these doors are very easy to clean. You do not need to put in too much effort to clean it. Any stains and dust can just be wiped away with a cloth. Special cleaning solutions especially for glass can be bought and used too.

Are There Any Disadvantages of having Frameless Sliding Glass Doors?

Everything has its pros and cons. In the same way, so do these doors. Though they seem like the perfect new addition to your lovely home, there are a few cons that you might want to keep in mind before you do.

  1. They Are Expensive: These glass doors are pretty expensive. A frameless glass door is made using thick glass so that it is strong. Thick glass is not cheap. So installing these doors could lead to you spending more.
  2. They Could Leak: When installed in the bathroom, if not installed properly, there could be the threat of it being the reason for leaking water.
  3. You could get hurt: These doors are so clean and transparent that there have been many incidents of people walking into them and getting hurt since they could not see it.