5 Gardening Trends of 2021 That You Can Easily Follow

5 Gardening Trends of 2021

With people being forced to stay indoors many began turning to the garden to pass time. People’s interest in gardening has grown over the past year and it is still continuing to grow. Many people have found comfort and joy with spending time being surrounded by nature. The number of gardeners increased in the last year with people having to work from home and getting extra time to engage in more activities that interest them. Gardening has become an activity that people engage in to reduce stress and to express their creative side.

The real question is, what will people be growing in 2021? There are definitely different trends emerging that are quite popular and that will make your garden look astonishing. Understanding different trends will help you to plan which one you would like to follow. Your gardening skills will also most definitely improve after you start to follow the different trends.

Listed below, we have for you, the Gardening Trends of 2021!

5 Gardening Trends of 2021

Gardening Trends of 2021

Sustainable Gardening:

Being sustainable in every aspect of life is a great and mindful way of living. Most people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and become more aware of their actions. You can ensure that your garden is environmentally friendly by following a couple of tips. Save water by collecting rainwater and using it or having a drip irrigation system. Keep plants that require more water in places where the soil remains moist for a longer amount of time. Make your own compost at home, this is better for the environment and saves you money. Try to plant flowers and plants that are meant for the region you live in. Use organic methods when gardening like making use of organic pesticides and fertilizers. And lastly, plant many trees as they absorb a lot of carbon dioxide and give out oxygen which makes the air around you very fresh.

Get flowers that are easy to grow:

When people are new to gardening, they like to begin by trying out something easy. Many enjoy planting foods- so that they can grow their own foods and consume them which is super healthy. There are several veggies and fruits that are very easy to grow. Potatoes, tomatoes, peas, beans and beetroots are some vegetables and blueberries, strawberries, apples, grapes and peaches are some fruits that can easily be planted and grown in a garden. There are also easy to grow flowers that look very pretty. Sunflowers, marigolds, coneflowers, lupines, lavender and daffodils are some of the easiest flowers you can grow at home. Having a bright and colourful garden, filled with flowers is definitely a mood booster!

Have creative containers:

Container gardening is used by people who do not have much garden space. Containers are available in various shapes with different patterns and designs on them. Many flowers and vegetable crops can be grown in containers. Thyme, basil and chives are herbs that can effortlessly be grown in a pot. If you have bigger containers, you can combine plants too. There is an unlimited number of combinations that you can try. Growing plants in larger containers are way easier than small ones. Smaller ones tend to get dry faster and you will have to water them twice or thrice a day. Having drainage holes at the bottom of the container is necessary, otherwise, the soil gets waterlogged which could lead to them dying. Getting containers made of the perfect material could be a little challenging as each one has their pros and cons. Container gardening is not new but is getting popular as it is super easy, and anyone can do it. Watering many pots will take time and if you have many, you may forget to water some. To prevent that from happening, you can always install a drip irrigation system.

Have Bright Tropicals:

Tropical houseplants are bright and bold and will certainly make your garden look incredible. Plants that originate from tropical regions generally grow well in the warm climate. Tropical houseplants have lush leaves and bloom even indoors. Many of them are even fragrant. The African Violet, Gardenia, Begonia, Moth Orchid, Peace Lily and Calla are some tropical houseplants that are easy to grow at home and take care of.

Have a Colour themed Garden:

What’s your favourite colour? Or a colour that you particularly like instead of others? Use this colour and go all out by having flowers and plants in it. You can paint your containers in the colour and plant flowers in it in the same colour. Monochromatic gardens (as they are called) are getting more popular. They are gardens all decked up in different shades and textures of one colour. Foliage is available in different colours like black, silver and green. If one of these colours is the colour you decided to use all around, you can add some pots of foliage too. Monochromatic gardens do not need to have a pale neutral colour, you can choose bright colours like red, purple or blue.