Gorgeous and Simple Metallic themed Bathroom Decor Ideas 

gorgeous view of bathroom with metallic display

Metallic themed bathrooms are the newest in-fashion trend for 2021. If you are one of those people that enjoys keeping up with the latest fads and fashions, incorporating the metallic theme in your home would be great. Though designing a kitchen and living room in the metallic theme seems easy, it’s when you try to think of ways to decorate your bathroom that makes it hard. 

In the past, the metallic theme was divided into gold and silver. But now, there are ways to have both these amazing colors in the same room without them clashing. By mixing metallics, you will be able to show people how stylish the look can be.

Silver and steel are cool metallic tones. These give a modern and aesthetic look while gold, rose gold, and brass is warm tones and gives a glamorous look. Mixing both these tones gives you a cool, aesthetic, and glamourous vibe. So, keep scrolling for the coolest ideas on ways you can incorporate the metallic theme in your bathroom. 

gorgeous view of bathroom with metallic display

Metallic themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

  1. A copper sink: Add a bathroom sink made of shiny copper. It will give your bathroom the glam look it deserves and when matched with a copper frame mirror, will look very stylish. If you do have white tiles or a white countertop, it will look really good together.
  2. Shiny objects: When you are redecorating your bathroom, make sure to place a few metallic objects like toothbrush holders, a soap dish, or a plant pot around your sink on the countertop.
  3. A Shiny wall: Imagine walking into a bathroom with a glamorous shiny wall. How sleek and shiny it would look! Add shine to your bathroom by having a metallic wall behind your shower or bathtub. You can also place a few silver objects around to add in silver details.
  4. Shiny wall lamps: Any bathroom would look lovely with a couple of wall lamps. You can put up wall lamps in gold or silver. Wall lamps come in so many various designs, make sure to choose one that you like and that you feel would suit the vibe in your house.
  5. Shiny Copper, gold, or Silver frame Mirrors: Pick up a shiny copper, gold, or silver mirror that matches your bathroom sink. A mirror is obviously an essential décor item for any bathroom, so make sure it matches other items in your bathroom so that your bathroom looks glamorous.
  6. A Silver sink: For all of you out there who are not fans of gold or copper, shiny silver is a great option. Add a shiny silver sink to your bathroom that is very stylish. Perhaps a circular or a floating sink. Also, another super cool sink you could have is a sink made from tiny silver tiles stuck together for a mosaic look.
  7. A metallic bathtub: Whether you prefer silver, copper, or gold, have your bathtub in your favorite metallic material. Put in stainless steel, polished copper, or a metallic glitter bathtub to match the metallic theme. 
  8. A mirror wall or ceiling: Have a whole wall in your bathroom with just mirrors. Stick on the same sized mirrors from top to bottom. It will create a modern and glamourous look. Also, add metallic objects like metallic plant pots, wall lamps, and taps. 
  9. Metallic chandelier: If you have a bathroom that is spacious, you could always have a gorgeous metallic chandelier hanging over your bathtub. Imagine how dreamy that would look!
  10. Metallic details: See to it that all your taps and showerheads are in a metallic color theme as the rest of your main bathroom essentials. 
  11. Metallic Furniture: Many people have a table or chair in their bathroom (especially if it is big and has a lot of places). If you want to add one, make sure it’s metallic. Also, you can always place a metal vase on a metal table.
  12. Metallic Wall Art: If you are an art lover, you should definitely put up metal wall art. Besides looking beautiful, metal wall art is also durable and affordable! 
  13. Glamourous Golden Look: For a glamourous golden bathroom look, have your walls in a light gold shade with fancy gold metallic lamps and golden lights.

If you would like to have a contrast by adding silver and copper or gold, see that you have all your main items in one color, and you add in details with the other. For example, you can have a silver bathtub, sink, wall, and cabinet but have gold or copper vases, taps, and a showerhead.

Remember it’s up to you to choose the final metallic color for each item. Choose items and colors that match your style and have fun decorating!