‘Grandmillennial’ Style: All You Need to Know

Planter kept inside in a diy basket with ropes around it

What is “Grandmillennial Style”?? The Grandmillennial style is a vintage style that’s inspired by traditions. It includes having plenty of traditional touches along with personality. This clean style includes decorating the way they did back in the mid-20’ to late ’30s. The style is considered to be outdated, but it makes people nostalgic. It is considered to be a spinoff of the ‘Granny Chic’ style.


The key feature of the Grandmillennial style is that it reminds you of being in your grandmother’s home. It’s an approachable and comfy style. 

This ‘Grandmillennial’ style has taken over the internet. From Twitter to Instagram and even Pinterest – everyone is talking about this design style. The internet has made it famous and is the reason for more people seeing it and loving it.

This trend is rightly called ‘For Millennials with Old souls’ as it’s inspired by traditional looks used by people who appreciate things of the past. 

Planter kept inside in a diy basket with ropes around it


  • Colors and Prints: The colors and prints used to decorate must be used judiciously. A mix of crisp colors and fabrics with similar prints is preferable. 
  • No linen, patterns of the ’80s and 90’s: Some believe that having tea-stained linen, and patterns from the late ’80s and 90’s reminds them a little too much of their childhood. 
  • Patterns and Styles: Keep in mind that you should add something unique and unexpected. Avoid very popular patterns and styles if you want a fresh feel in the room. Perhaps put up abstract art or a mirror with a unique looking frame.
  • Embroidery: Handmade embroidery on pillow covers, curtains and bedsheets are back in style. Though some may find it ‘old-fashioned’, the style in your homes depends on your likes.
  • Clutter: This style requires you to have plenty of décors and you might feel that your home will be too cluttered, but you have to know what is too much and keep your home from looking too cluttered.


  1. Embroidered pillow covers: Hand-stitched embroidery on pillow covers look very pretty. Embroider on some modern slang that you like. 
  2. Collections: When you think of your grandma’s house, you will definitely remember all the collections of various things that she has in a wooden showcase. From figurines to crystal and china objects, the Grandmillennial style requires you to keep on display all that you own. Hang up china plates on a wall and display crystal objects on your sideboard.
  3. Canvas Paintings: Needlepoint is a kind of canvas work. It’s thread embroidery that traditionally covers the canvas. They are painted completely by hand. Needlepoint is pretty expensive, but you can always learn to do it on your own.
  4. Wicker and Rattan Furniture: Wicker is a weave style while Rattan is a material. Furniture made of wicker rattan- like chairs, sofas, and swing chairs is a classic used for this style. They are very popular and look very grand. 
  5. Cozy Sofas: Get an overstuffed sofa like the one your grandma had at her house. Get one with a floral print and it will remind you more of your childhood!
  6. Vintage Tables: Dark wood furniture like vintage tables are a great place to display your china and crystal collections.
  7. Floral Print Sofa Cushions: Get cushions for your sofa with a traditional floral print. If you are putting floral cushions on a floral sofa, ensure that your wallpaper is not floral, or space will look too cluttered. You can paint your walls a light color.
  8. Blue and White Lamps: Blue and white lamps are something everyone’s grandma had. They are very classy.
  9. Pleated Lampshades: Pleated lampshades give a vintage touch to any lamp.
  10. Preserved Boxwood Topiary: Preserved Boxwood Topiary is real boxwood that has been soaked in dye and dried so that it remains green for a long long time. You do not need to water or care for it. 
  11. Gold Leaf Mirrors: Gold Leaf mirrors are grand and set the tone of any room they are placed in. Get one that looks vintage.
  12. Floral Bedding: Floral bedding sets give an elegant country vibe to your room. Floral print bed sheets and pillow covers are very common. Also, you can match the color of the bedding to your bedroom curtains.

When you try out this style at home, use items you already have or upcycle them. Get out items that make you happy and the items you have collected from holidays in different places. Get inspired to find the perfect look for your house that shows who you are, by using décor ideas from above and also social media. This style mixes comfort and tradition with a hint of modernity to give an elegant look.