The Easiest and Most Convenient Hacks To Maximise Space In A Small Home And Make It Look Stylish

home dining and drawing room

Many people who live in small apartments have trouble figuring out how to decorate. They are always looking for ways to save space so that their homes don’t look too cramped. They want their liveable space to feel comfy yet look good for when people visit.

With good styling, no space will look too small or cluttered. There are plenty of hacks that can help you have a stylish and efficient living space. But to do so, you will have to get crafty. Whether you want to maximize storage space, are in need of shelving, or need to declutter your living room, we have all the hacks for you!

With a little creativity, living in a small space will not feel overwhelming. All you need is a few simple DIY’s and a couple of space-saving items to make your apartment go from meh to breathtaking.

Hacks to Maximise space in a small home

home dining and drawing room

Maximize Space in your Living room:

  1. Mount your TV to the wall: If you have a narrow living room, instead of placing your TV on a TV table, you can mount it to the wall. It will save space by offering a modern and less cluttered look.
  2. Cohesive Colour scheme: A cohesive color scheme will streamline the design process. Seeing that all your furniture and items are the same color and don’t clash will ensure your living space has a calm vibe. Try to have a light shade of the color.
  3. Add Mirrors: Confused about what to put up that won’t make the house look too cluttered? Mirrors do just the job. They create an illusion of a large space. Stick them up on your wall. It’s a pretty and practical hack.
  4. Transparent or Glass center table: Placing a transparent/ glass center table in your living room will trick the eye into thinking that there is more space than there actually is.

Maximize Space in your Kitchen:

  1. Hang up magnetic strips: To save space on your countertops, hang up stainless steel utensils like forks and knives. You also magnetic cup holders for the wall and a magnetic spice jar holder.
  2. Put up pot and pan holders: By putting up floating shelves, you can store pots, pans, and other light appliances.
  3. Practical Placement: If you don’t have much storage space, keeping items like a tea kettle or a frying pan on the stove will help. Besides freeing up some internal space, they will give your kitchen a cozy look.
  4. Put up a shelf for your Mini plants: If you love having plants around you, but do not have a place for big ones, attach a shelf on your kitchen window and place some mini potted plants like succulents on it. A floating shelf will ensure that you get in optimal sunlight.

Maximize Space in your Bedroom:

  1. Furniture with storage: Consider buying furniture with a headboard, built-in bookshelves, or with storage space and drawers under it. It’s a great way to have extra storage space without getting extra furniture into the room.
  2. Embrace Natural light: To open up the room, put up curtains in white or any light color. They accent your windows and bring in all the natural light.
  3. Small Closets: When you have a small room, you will definitely need to have a small closet for your stuff. So make sure to keep cleaning it out and donating old things. Only keep things you actually need and use.
  4. Hanging lights: To save on floor space, skip the floor lamp. Hang up lights or put them up on your wall. This gives your room a good vibe.

Maximize Space in your Bathroom:

  1. Fill up every nook neatly: To maximize every nook and corner in your home, don’t forget the bathroom cabinet. A mirror with a medicine cabinet is very convenient and saves a lot of space. It also looks neat and allows you to make the most of the storage space you have.
  2. Layer up: On your bathroom rack where you hang up your bath towels, layer them. This not only makes your bathroom look fancy like a high-end luxury hotel, but you also save on lots of space.
  3. Free up floor space: Have a hanging sink that is not attached to the floor and do not keep anything on the floor, besides a mat.
  4. Cosmetic organizer for your wall: Instead of keeping your cosmetics on the sink platform along with your soap and brushes, keep them in a cabinet that you can attach to the wall.

I really hope these hacks help you and you transform your tiny space into a stylish one!