10 Home Office Decor Ideas for 2021

Home Office Decor Ideas for 2021

It’s no surprise that many people are now working from home and require a home office. A home office, which is a space or room in the house dedicated to working, has now become essential. You can use a spare bedroom, an unused walk-in closet or even a spare corner in the bedroom. You do not need to dedicate too much space to it. Keeping this space neat, tidy and organised is very important as it helps you to focus on your work. Ensuring that this space is kept safe from kids and pets is also necessary. 

Since the ‘work from home’ trend is not disappearing anytime soon, you might as well redecorate your home office to make it look better and feel cosier to allow you to focus without any distractions. Also, with the advancement of technology, people with various jobs can now work from home, thus needing a comfy workspace in their homes. Freelancers and smaller companies also find it better to let employees work from home so that they do not need to pay rent. IT, Blogging and auditing can all be done from home. 

Space or room you use as your Home Office should not have many distractions and should be clutter-free. So, we have a list of home office décor that you should definitely have.

Home Office Decor Ideas for 2021

Home Office Decor Ideas for 2021

Get cushioned Chairs:

When you are working from home, you need to stay comfy. Get a comfy cushioned chair or use one you already have at home. Maybe steal a chair from your dining table. This will help you feel relaxed.


Based on where you are going to sit, you will need a different sized table. If you plan on sitting in a corner of your bedroom, you would need a small table. This can also be used as a nightstand or can be decked up with flowers or a pretty lamp. If two people are going to be working in the same room, partner desks which are long would be perfect. But if each one is going to have to attend to calls and meetings where the timings clash, it is better to try and get 2 separate tables and keep them in different rooms. 

Brighten up space around you:

If you feel that having only pale and neutral colours surrounding you might put you to sleep, you can also add a splash of some bright and bold colours. Let the whole room remain neutral except for this one splash of colour. You can also have multi-coloured objects and accessories.

Have a wall of art:

Any art enthusiast would love to have a mini-art gallery surrounding their workspace. If you have a whole room for your home office, you can decorate the walls too. Place framed photographs, canvas paintings or drawings on shelves. 

Accessorize the space around you:

Being organized is very important. Accessorize the space on the wall behind your table instead of stacking things to the floor. Get shelves for your wall so that you can keep files, folders, stationery and other office supplies on it. Try and maximise vertical space instead of horizontal space.

Make the space around you as cosy as possible:

Sometimes being cosy can help you be productive. Not exactly when you are in bed, but definitely when you are sitting at a desk. Get comfy cushions and throws for your chair and scented candles, mini plants and a lamp for your table.

Good lighting is a must:

If you happen to be sitting in a room that does not have much natural light, then you will have to get lights. Beautiful hanging light over your table would look great. When picking up lights, do keep in mind the colour they are. Yellow lights tend to make people feel drowsy, thus leading them to be unproductive. But the bluish-white lights do help you feel alert and less fatigued. 

Have Natural touches surrounding you:

Try to sit in a place where there are many windows so that you can look out when you have the chance to. Having windows around also lets a lot of natural light and fresh air in. If you do not have a room in the house with many windows, you can also have your walls painted in a light colour like white or any neutral shade. You can also have pale coloured curtains or white lace ones. Lastly, bring in potted plants for a feel of the outdoors.

Minimalistic look:

Having a neat and organised space to work will always help you be more productive. The minimalistic look requires you to declutter and only have items that you actually need. 

Get a laptop stand: Get an adjustable laptop stand that you can keep on your table and use whether you are sitting or standing. They say that switching between sitting, walking and standing while working is good for the body. It reduces back pain, leg pain and blood pressure.