Most Thoughtful House Warming Gifts to Give in 2021

It’s always pride and joy to move into a newly purchased house/apartment. After months or years of planning and saving and finally purchasing your dream home – most people have a housewarming and invite over their family and friends. Choosing the perfect gift to give on this occasion is pretty important. So, to help you out, I have combined a list of the best gifts you can give at a Housewarming Party! 

Best House Warming Gifts


  1. Personalized Cutting Board: Get their name/names engraved on a cutting board. It is an item they will use frequently and it will definitely make them think of you. If the gift is for a couple starting off their life together, you can also get the date they moved in together engraved on it.
  2. Coffee Mug: A thoughtful gift for a coffee lover – a coffee mug. You can get it personalized – with their name and picture on it, or you can put a picture of the two on it.
  3. Air Fryer: Air fryers are a healthy way to fry foods. They do not require oil and are thus a good way to fry frozen foods without being scared of the negative impact they will have on your body. They won’t have to think twice about eating certain foods and will be able to enjoy their meal.
  4. A Blender: Get them a blender with which they can make smoothies and milkshakes. They will be able to easily make a shake for themself after their morning run or before they head off to work each morning. 


  1. Potted Plants: Plants are a lovely gift to give. Give them a plant that is easy to take care of like a money plant. They do not need much water or light. Or a Lucky Bamboo is also a good plant to gift. It brings good fortune and prosperity (unless it dies). 
  2. Throw Pillow: You can’t have too many throw pillows. They make sitting on your sofa extra comfy and cozy. They come in so many different colors and patterns. From soft fluffy ones to ones with a bold design – you can find almost anything.
  3. A Record Player: For a lover of old music or someone who collects records – get them a record player so they can play their collection. 
  4. 3D Tic Tac Toe Made from Wood:  A wooden Tic Tac Toe set that is 3D is a fun gift that would be perfect to gift a family. They can play it on Family Game Night and have loads of fun.


  1. Handblown Glass Olive Oil Container: Items made of handblown glass are extremely gorgeous. You can gift them an Olive Oil Pourer for them to keep on their dining table and use for their salads. They will certainly be in love with how beautiful it is.
  2. Pizza Roulette Board: A Pizza serving board for Pizza night is a good gift. Get one that shows where exactly to cut the pizza so you get the perfect looking slice.
  3. Bluebird Wall Hanging: You can order them a Bluebird wall hanging handmade in Bali. It is a beautiful and cheerful gift that is perfect to hang up in Spring.  


  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp: A Himalayan Salt lamp is good to have around. It has many benefits like cleaning the air in your home, helps you sleep, soothes allergies, and boosts your mood. It also gives off a subtle pink glow in the space it is kept in.
  2. Essential oil Diffuser: Gift them a diffuser with their favorite scent or a variety of essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus. It fills the space with a lovely fragrance that is perfect to calm them down after a hard day at work and to help them destress. 
  3. Bedside Smartphone Vase: A pretty cool gift to give – A Bedside SmartPhone Vase. It is a part vase and part smartphone holder. It is very pretty and brightens up your bedside table. 


  1. Hand Wash and Lotion Set: Get them a Luxury Hand Soap and Lotion Set from the best brand you can think of. It would be perfect to keep in their lovely new home. 
  2. Vanity Mirror: A Vanity mirror is a gift that any woman would love. It is very helpful when she’s doing her make-up and getting ready for the day. 


  1. Memo Board: If they are going to be working from home, a memo board for their home office would be a really good gift. It will help them to write down important things they need to keep in mind and stay organized. 
  2. Personalized Stationery: A personalized stationery set will be a sweet gift. Their name engraved on a pen, a desk organizer, and other stationery that they would require would be very helpful.