How to decorate your home this January

How to decorate your home for January

As January begins, we know that the Christmas season has ended. It is a time when most people take down their Christmas and New Year’s décor. This leads to ones’ house feeling bare all of a sudden, as all the bright and colorful décor is sadly gone.

January, in most parts of the world, is still the winter season. So you can always put up winter décor to make your home feely comfy and cozy and well decorated even after you have put away your Christmas and New Year’s décor.

There are so many lovely winter décor ideas out there that you can look at to get inspired to decorate your own home. I have put together some of the ones I think would look amazing and give your home a Wonderful Winter Makeover!

Home Decoration Ideas for January

How to decorate your home for January


Don’t get rid of the greenery yet:

Though the Christmas season is over, consider keeping out a few décor items so that your home is not stripped of the Christmas look. Mini Christmas Tree ornaments, bauble centerpieces, and green garlands can still be kept around. You do not need to keep too many Christmas decorations, make sure you have only a few basic ones and nothing too Christmassy.

White Wonderland:

Decorate your home using white and other neutral shades. It really brightens up the room and gives off a fresh feeling. White lace curtains, beige sofa sets, and wooden furniture look simple but lovely. Have white centerpieces, a white rug, and white walls. You can add a pop of color by adding blue cushions and blue candles around the living room.

Make your sofa super Comfy:

Everyone loves to curl up on their couch and read a book, watch a movie, or sleep! In the winter season, you can keep warm and comfy by adding extra cushions, throw pillows and throw blankets on your sofas. You can also drape a sheepskin rug on your couch, for a classier look.


DIY Hot Cocoa Bar:

At the side of your dining table, make your own Hot Cocoa Bar. All you need for this is to place marshmallows, mugs, cocoa powder, and stirrers on the table with a cute signboard beside or above it saying ‘Hot Cocoa Bar’. It is the perfect set up for a winter party or if you just plan on having a comfy night at home.

Place Winter themed centerpieces on your dining table:

Make your own winter-themed centerpieces. First, put a white table runner across your dining table, then on top of it you can place mini Christmas Trees, string lights in a mason jar, and tiny houses. Make your own little winter village! Also, you can make bay leaf wrapped candles and keep them along with the other items. 

Get a cool Wall Hanging:

There are many super cool wall hangings. You can get one in the shape of a Christmas tree, the shape of snowflakes or just hang up several mini potted plants. Or a really simple décor for your wall would be to just put up fairy lights around the room. They always look amazing and very pretty!


Have warm bedding:

Give your bedroom a winter feeling by having plaid, tartan, knit, or faux fur blankets, throws, and pillows. They are super comfy and warm. Match the curtains and rugs to the bedding. Changing your bedding each season is a great way to show a transition from one season to the next. It is a cheap option.

An Evergreen wreath for your wall:

Get a plain evergreen wreath and hang it up above your bed. It gives a winter feeling and winter look to your room.

Winter themed paintings:

There are so many gorgeous winter-themed paintings that you could buy. If you are an artist, painting your own one would be lovely! You can hang it up above your bed or on the wall opposite it.


Keep Colourful plates on display:

When decorating a home, many times people decide to leave out the kitchen. But there are a bunch of really easy and simple décor ideas that you can use in your kitchen that will not take up too much time or space. Choose a plain wall and put up many shelves on it. On these shelves, display colorful cookware or plates that suit the winter season!

Plants always make a room look lovely:

Bring in the outdoors by having some potted plants in your kitchen. You can get colorful and decorated plant pots to match other things in your kitchen.

Make DIY Vases for your kitchen island:

Take the yarn and wrap it around a glass vase. Put in white flowers and keep this on your kitchen island. This is easy to make and very pretty.