Japandi Aesthetic home decor ideas for a minimalistic yet classy look

Japandi Aesthetic home decor ideas

Japandi Design is an interior trend- a rustic minimalistic décor that creates a feeling of simplicity and nature. The main focus of it is light colours and bright spaces. It is a new hybrid trend that’s a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

It’s a very minimalistic home décor that might be hard for people who tend to over-shop and crowd up their homes. But none-the-less, keep scrolling for simple ideas that will help you embrace the Japandi Style in your home.

Japandi Aesthetic home decor ideas

Firstly, make sure to keep the following tips in mind before you begin to redecorate.

  • Declutter to keep the rooms clean: The Japandi style’s main focus is minimalism. You will have to ensure that your house is clutter-free and has a lot of free space. You do not need to get rid of things you own but try and arrange everything you have in a way that it looks like there isn’t much.
  • Bring in Nature: The Japandi style makes sure that you bring in nature as a decoration. Place houseplants in terracotta pots and place them on any wooden table you have. It looks very aesthetic.
  • Natural Colours: Natural colours with natural tones like blue, green and brown can be used to decorate. Black is also a common colour that many people love to use too. Ensure that you use one colour to decorate your whole house or apartment so that no colours clash. If you want to use more than one colour, contrasting colours can be used.
  • Less is More: Being a minimalistic trend, you will have to try your best to have only the most basic decorations and furniture in your house. Do not add anything extra.

Japandi Aesthetic home decor ideas

Wall of Art: To make a plain wall look less boring, put up paintings and drawings. Try to get modern art and minimalistic artwork to match the theme you are going for.

Sprinkle some Personality: Add key accessories and decorate your walls with things that define your personality. This way your home décor will feel very personal and will always be calming and relaxing for you.

Unique Décor: Make your home feel unique and different from others. Convey your story with having things that are out of the box. Find personal items of yours and put them on display, but without cluttering up your space.

Plants for every room: In every room in your house, add potted plants- succulents and plant wall hangings. For your bathroom, you can hang up a string of ivy leaves.

Plain surfaces: On your flat surfaces like coffee tables and sideboards, you can’t have too many items on display. For a coffee table, you could place a few glass vases, a potted plant or flower bouquet with fresh flowers. For your sideboard, hang up a mirror or painting above it and place a few books or magazines on it. You could also place a vase with plants and a table lamp.

Hanging Lights: To brighten up your living space, hang up many lights around your apartment or house. Fancy lights with classy lamp shades would look very elegant when placed over a dining table or centre table.

Furniture: The Japandi style requires you to have all your furniture in the same shade. Your sofas, tables, chairs, wardrobes and bed. Preferably have them all in a shade close to brown that is plain and doesn’t have any designs.

Entryway Organizer: To stay organized and not have things in a mess, hanging up an entryway organizer near your front door to keep your keys, wallet or purse. You can also place mini plants like succulents on it for an aesthetic look.

Carpets and Rugs: Always see that all your décor matches each other and the colours (if different) go together. If you generally do like having a carpet or rug in your living room, make sure that it is the same colour as all your furniture in that room.

Japandi Bathrooms: Japandi Bathrooms are very aesthetic and minimalistic. They have only the bare essentials that one requires. Things that you must make sure that you have in your bathroom when you are going for a Japandi style inspired look are towels, hand soap and hand cream and a plant near your sink and near your bathtub or shower cubicle to keep shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

A common colour used for Japandi style is brown, either light or dark. Usually wooden colour along with white and black for a plain, simple yet classy look. Try and see that all your furniture is in this colour, so it matches the theme.

Having Japandi style home décor is a great way to incorporate the minimalistic lifestyle in your home. It is a sustainable way of living that will let you benefit the environment too!