Easy Christmas Decor you Can Put up at the Last Minute

diy christmas wreath

The countdown to Christmas has begun! With Christmas coming up shortly, most people have put up their decorations. But what about those who have been too busy and have not had the time to start decorating? It is never too late to begin! Thinking of last-minute Christmas décor ideas can be hard. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Listed below are last-minute décor ideas for Christmas that are super easy to put up. Some of them can be made at home and won’t take up too much of your time, and you’ll be glad that you spent your time to decorate!


DIY Christmas Centrepieces

There are so many beautiful Christmas centrepieces that can be made at home. You could put baubles of all sizes into a glass jar and placing it on a table and wrap lights around the jar, you could cut up a garland and place candles on it or you could take glasses of different sizes and fill them up with mini baubles, leaves and flowers.

Hang up Paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are super easy to make. It just involves cutting paper into different shapes. These snowflakes can be hung up anywhere and can even be stuck to your walls.

Cute Snow globes for a boring table

Stores sell the cutest Christmas snow globes. They could have a tiny Santa Claus, Reindeer or Snowman in it along with fake snow. If you cannot buy a store made one, you could also make one at home.

Hang baubles to make a Christmas Chandelier

From the lights on your ceiling, you can tie string and attach baubles and flowers or a Christmas garland.

Arrange old Books to make a Christmas tree

If you can’t go buy a tree or have no time to put one up, you could use old books that you have at home to make one. Arrange the books in the shape of a Christmas tree and put fairy lights around it. You can also stick pictures and baubles on the tree.

Stick a Wall Christmas tree if you’re short on space

Wall Christmas trees are very easy to make and can be stuck to your wall. They are most used in small houses where there is limited space.

DIY a Mini Christmas tree

Mini Christmas trees can be made or bought. You can make them out of old plastic teaspoons, crotchet and also paper. You can keep them on any surface, in any room.

Make Salt- dough Christmas ornaments

If you have kids at home, you can make salt-dough ornaments. Mix 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of water and make a dough. Then you roll it out and using a cookie cutter, you cut it into a circle. Poke 2 holes on the top and then put your child’s handprint or footprint on it and bake it in your oven. Once it has hardened, you can decorate it with paint and glitter and write your child’s name on it. After that, attach a thread to it and hang it up!

Decorate every room with Candles

Floating candles can be put in glass bowls filled with water along with a few flowers. Candles can be placed all around the house in various places to brighten up the house. If you don’t have a candle stand, you can always just make one out of candy canes or you can just put the candle in a glass jar.

Decorate your Dining table in the cutest way

Decorating your dining table is an easy Christmas décor. You could keep a white dessert plate above a white dinner plate, this would look like a snowman. For its eyes, you could keep 2 frozen blueberries and a baby carrot for its nose on the dessert plate and a napkin folded in the shape of a hat, above it. And for your cutlery, you could knit cute little stockings in red and white to use as a cutlery holder.

A coloured frame and baubles with lights

In a glass frame, you can hang string lights from one side to the other and hang up mini baubles in it.

Fairy lights & Pictures always look pretty

On a wall, you can hang up fairy lights that have clips and attach pictures to it.

Decorate with Fresh Christmas Flowers

Fresh flowers are always beautiful decoration to keep at home, no matter the occasion. Poinsettias are a Christmas special, and keeping these at home would be lovely.

Christmas Window ornaments and lights

A string of angel lights can be put up on your window.

DIY Christmas Wreath

A simple wreath can be made out of a garland and a few baubles can be attached to it. You can place this on your front door or in your house on a table with a candle in the middle.

These are all easy  Last Minute Christmas décor ideas and I’m sure you’ll be able to put these up, even at the last minute!