Long and Pretty Acrylic Nail Art ideas for any Occasion

Acrylic Nail Art ideas

Acrylic nails are the newest fashion. From celebrities to fashion lovers, everyone’s wearing them. In the last few years, acrylic nails have become the most popular trend that everyone seems to love.

Acrylic nail art can have various simple or elaborate designs and can be done in any colour and pattern, based on what you like. You can choose a length that you prefer and also add on accessories. They can be personalized to suit one’s style. Putting on Acrylic nails is a time-consuming process that requires a professional to do. Acrylic nails have also become a solution to cover up nails that are damaged, broken or too short.

Some of the most popular styles currently in fashion are below, keep scrolling so that when you next go in for a nail appointment, you’ll know exactly what you want. Also, we’ve got a few holiday-inspired acrylic nail art ideas that are perfect for this season!

Long and Pretty Acrylic Nail Art ideas

Acrylic Nail Art ideas

  1. PINK AND CLEAR NAILS: For every alternate finger, paint pink nail polish and on the others paint clear transparent nail polish. On the clear nails, paint on a layer of gold or silver glitter.
  2. BLACK CHEVRON NAILS: Paint all your nails with black. To dazzle up this look, stick-on gold jewels on the fourth finger of both hands.
  3. TRANSPARENT BUTTERFLY DESIGN: Paint every alternate nail in light purple. For the two remaining fingers on each hand, paint them with clear nail polish. On the clear nails, paint on tiny butterflies in purple.
  4. MATTE RED: Paint on matte red on all your nails. To spice up this look, pierce on gold hoops at the tips or to stay safe, you can buy pre-pierced press on’s.
  5. ANIMAL PRINT: For all the animal and fashion lovers out there, these will be perfect. Instead of plain animal print nails, paint the top half of your nail with a light colour and the bottom half with an animal print of your choice.
  6. METALLICS: Metallics are always in style. If you don’t want something too flashy, you can always go with a chic neutral shade.
  7. TIE-DYE NAILS: These nails look super cool. You can choose a couple of colours that you want to mix together. Whether you want a classy black and white look or a summer-themed neon look, they all look good and only choosing the combination of colours will take some time.
  8. NUDE NAILS: The classic. There are a few different shades that they can be in, all pretty similar to each other. Along with the nude shade, you can also add on gold glitter for a classier outcome.
  9. FLAME LOOK: On a yellow and orange ombre background, draw on flames with red nail polish for a fiery look.

10. YELLOW OMBRE: Paint on yellow ombre nails. To look cooler, you can stick on flower petals. Yellow is a bright colour and these nails will definitely brighten up your day.


Acrylic Nail Art ideas

  1. PINK SNOWFLAKES: Paint all your nails with pink nail polish. Leave the first, third and fifth nails plain. On the index finger paint on white stripes and on the fourth finger paint on white snowflakes.
  2. REINDEER NOSE NAILS: Reindeer nails are super cute. Paint your thumb and pinkie finger with shiny red nail polish, your index finger with sparkly silver, your fourth finger with stripes of red and white silver nail polish and finally, for your middle finger, paint on a reindeer’s face. Use black nail polish for 2 black dots as eyes and antlers and a red shiny dot for a nose.
  3. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT NAILS: Paint all your nails in red nail polish and the fourth finger in white nail polish. On the white nail polish, paint on any of the Christmas ornaments – snowmen, Christmas tree, baubles or an angel.
  4. RED AND GREEN GLITTER: On a layer of clear transparent nail polish, paint on red and green glitter. It’s a simple, yet festive look!
  5. LEAFY LOOK: Paint all your nails in a light pinkish shade of nail polish and using red and green nail polish, paint on leaves and red spots on them as berries.
  6. SANTA NAILS: Who doesn’t love Santa? These nails are super cute and are super easy to do. Paint on a Santa Claus cap on your fourth finger using red and white nail polish. Over the white nail polish, you can also stick on gems for a prettier look. You can paint your thumb, index, middle and pinkie finger red and add on white polka dots.

All these Nail art ideas are really trendy. Make sure to try them out with long nails for a prettier outcome!