20 Luxurious Modern Bedroom Designs – Color Schemes, Designs, Lighting Ideas

Bedroom is one such room in the house which we spend the least amount of time. But whatever time we spend here it’s all about relaxing. When we are looking to remodel Bedroom for adults, we keep in mind the value of the pace, the usage and the practicality of the space. Modern Bedroom Designs, keeps in mind the usage and practicality and doesn’t shy away from being bold and dramatic at the same time. From Choosing the perfect color scheme for your modern Master bedroom to choosing the right pieces of furnitures to the perfect lighting fixture that just makes the space looks extraordinary, here are some of the best Modern Bedroom Designs which you’ll find really helpful. So, without delay let us check these out now.

Luxurious Modern Bedroom Designs

#1. Luxurious Blue and Grey bedroom | via

This Coin Grey bedroom with the Brown Cupboards and White ceiling is a relaxing space that has a sombre and serious undertone to it. However the statement Chandelier brings in that amazing Luminosity to this Master Bedroom.

#2. Minimal Grey Bedroom | via

Minimalism is a style which takes into account very little things. This minimal Bedroom is just underlined by tow lamps beside the bed. The clever use of Drape like wallpapers makes the space looks less cluttered and fancy. Also, the subtle use of Planters gives that fresh vibe.

#3. Suave modern Bedroom | via

This rather sublime bedroom is what you want when you are looking for a space which is comfortable and luxurious. The Plush bed with the statement Vase and Lamp is gorgeous. Very minimal use of colors in the bedroom makes it stand out as an elegant space you would want to retire at the end of a long day.

#4. Blue Bedroom | via

This Sky blue Colored Headboard complements the baby blue wall and that accent wall paper in the bedroom. Blue has a character of cool and seriousness. When you pair it intelligently with that white cupboard and those Brass colored Wallpapers, it looks handsome.

#5. Relaxing Bedroom design | via

This appealing bedroom with Orange Pillows and an Eggnog White Paint on the walls stands out as a complete and fetching Bedroom design.

#6. Dark and Plush Bedroom | via

Dark Bedrooms are no longer old and dull. People now a days are looking for this Leather finish, soft and plush look in a dark bedroom that feels relaxing and reduces your stress in a snap.

#7. Sombre Teal Bedroom via Ruth on Instagram

Teal has a clever effect on our psyche. It’s both vivacious and refined. This reserved yet rustic color when schemed with some gold and white brings in an effective Luxurious Master Bedroom Decor.

#8. Modern Blue Master Bedroom | via

This pale Stone blue Shade of the wall with a statement wall hanging looks rustic yet refined. Very simple yet very sophisticated this bedroom has a classic farmhouse feel to it and that’s so comforting!

#9. Luxurious White bedroom  | via

White is your ideal choice when all other colors confuse you. The clever use of Silvers in the bedroom along with those pom pom lined pillows looks intelligent and adds so many layers in this rather dull Bedroom.

#10. Mid-century Modern Bedroom design | via

Mid-Century Modern Design is a new and trending design style which is a combination of modern and farmhouse style. So, the effective use of Ladder, Planters and Pillows in the white bedroom brings in that elegance in a jiffy.

#11. Industrial Bedroom Decor | via

Industrial theme is the most trending theme of the year. Paired with some statement lights and an offbeat watch on the bare brick textured wall, it looks stylish and drop dead gorgeous.

#12. Luxurious Grey Bedroom | via

The Grey Bedroom is one of the most loved colors of the year. This amazing Bedroom uses colors and layout very cleverly. So, the room isn’t at all dark, rather it’s bright, illuminated at the right spaces and looks desirable.

#13. Wooden Accent Wall for Bedroom | via

These statement Wooden Paneling on the wall against a dark black room is stunning. It beautifully reduces the refined and dull ambaice of the black and brings in a light and luminous glow in the bedroom,. The offbeat lighting features in this bedroom are tantalising.

#14. Luxurious Bedroom Design | via

This modern Bedroom design with a glass panel that bifurcate the room is a clever idea. The room is the epitome of luxury and sophistication suiting out modern needs.

#15. Framed Bed in Modern Bedroom | via

These framed Beds have been in our lives since ages. We have used, discarded and again started using them. The statement minimal lighting fixture is the most arresting feature of this room.

#16. Black Panelling Wallpaper for Bedroom | via

This Paneled Bedroom looks perfect. The Amazing way to use the paintings which creates an optical illusion a remarkable technique done greatly today.

#17. Herringbone Wall Pattern | via

This Herringbone Wallpaper for the bedroom with the green and red themed design is magnificent. It looks bright and cozy.

#18. Warm Yellow and Black Color Scheme | Via

Grey, Black and Yellow Makes for a fabulous color scheme which elevates any living space. Here the clever use of headboard along with the yellow accent pieces underlines a luxurious yet rustic bedroom

#19. Luxurious Green Bedroom | via

Green Bedroom looks fetching. It’s the color of Luxury and Success. When remodeling a Man Cave this is your ideal decor option.

#20. Luxurious Ambient Bedroom | via

This Ambiant and Luxurious Bedroom looks splendid. The Clever layout, the statement backdrop and the beautiful hanging lights beside the bed looks magnificent.

So, these were some Modern Bedroom Designs. I hope you liked these designs and shall do them for your home decor.