20 Luxurious Modern Kitchen Designs – Color Schemes, Fixtures & Decor Trends

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When you are looking to redo your kitchen, then you must keep in mind that it’s the place which can identify with your personality. More than most times, we are stuck in a cluttered kitchen with very little space and thought to the color schemes and fixtures. However, modern Kitchen allows you to have a lot of space, by saving some known and unknown spaces, introducing modern lighting fixtures and also adding a splash of colors so that you can take your mid off the clutter. People Love White Kitchen these days as it looks luxurious. Also, Grey and Black Kitchen are loved by people. However, besides these two bold and over-done color schemes, here are some Luxurious Modern Kitchen Designs and Color Schemes, which you’ll love to take inspo from. So,without delay check these out.

Luxurious Modern Kitchen Designs

#1. Red and White Kitchen decor | via

The Classic Combination of Red and White Kitchen Design is brought to life here. Red is vivid and Eye-catching, while the white walls around it complements it with it’s neutrality. The Lustrous Black tiles in the kitchen Backsplash is a clever way to bring in shine and illumination in this Kitchen design.

#2. Scintillating blue Cabinets | via

This Denim Blue and White Kitchen Design looks graceful and Dignified. The Clever use of Gold Accents underlines a luxurious undertone to this Kitchen design. The intelligent use of Navy Blue Tiles for the Backsplash, stand out against the white granite Kitchen Countertop. The Green Planter brings in that Luminous and Fresh Vibe in this Kitchen which mostly uses serious and restrained colors.

#3. Modern lighting Fixtures | via

These Modern Lighting Fixtures on this Ash Grey Colored Kitchen looks appealing.

#4. Cozy Neutral Colored Kitchen | via

This Sage Green Kitchen is a charming example of a fresh farmhouse style kitchen with modern pronunciation. Sage Green has that serious and down to earth vibe to it. When that combines with grey highlights in this Kitchen, you get a sophisticated Kitchen Design.

#5. Blue and White Kitchen | via

These Steel Blue Cabinets with Brass lights over the Kitchen Island is a clever way to add luxurious Sophistication in the kitchen. Blue brings in that restrained look and the Brass accents adds that dashing dose of vibrancy.

#6. Brown Kitchen with Tan Brown Countertops | via

Trendy and Up to the minute, this is a Glamorous Kitchen design. The Blue Walls with the Brown Cabinets brings in a bright and cheerful mood to this rather sombre Kitchen Design. The clever use of Stone Stacked Wallpaper is a great way to add variety and create a beautiful Vignette through the color schemes.

#7. Yellow and White Kitchen | via

This Tuscan Yellow Backsplash for the Kitchen with effective White Cabinets is a snazzy way to do the Kitchen.

#8. Yellow and Grey Kitchen decor | via

Slate Grey Cabinets with Yellow Herringbone Tiles is a suave way to design kitchen. Yellow is a Happy and luminous color. While Grey has that sombre tone to it. When you combine the two color schemes the result is sassy and fashionable Kitchen design.

#9. Red Flooring for Kitchen | via

Red and White are a Classic Color Combination. However, the use of Red in the Flooring along with the chairs and countertops is an intelligent way to add brightness and Luminosity in the room.

#10. Bare Brick Wallpaper for Kitchen | via

This Bare Bricks Designed Textured Wallpapers looks Rustic yet Refined. A Luxurious Kitchen with that distinguished bare brick backsplash looks like a plush story.

#11. Orange and Brown Kitchen | via

Brown and Orange are the best color schemes for kitchen. Orange is said to increase your appetite and is also a warm and friendly color to use for the kitchen. When you tone it’s brightness down with some brown cabinets, it’s clever!

#12. Black Kitchen with Green Countertops | via

These black Kitchen Cabinets is supremely sophisticated. The clever use of green color for the countertop with a shiny backsplash makes the decor more practical and bright.

#13. Modern style Kitchen Island | via

This Pre-lit Kitchen Island is what Modern Kitchens are all about. Modern kitchens like this is all about sleek and stylish design with some muted shades like grey and black.

#14. Bright White Kitchen | via

Scintillating White Kitchen with tasteful Brass lights over the Kitchen Island looks gorgeous. The most refined part about this kitchen which stand out in the white and brass design is that Black Granite Kitchen Island.

#15. Luxurious White Kitchen | via

White is the epitome of luxury. This White Kitchen with that elegant and over the top Chandelier, makes this kitchen look stylish and luxurious.

#16. White Tiles for Kitchen | via

These white tiles in the Kitchen brings in that fresh and bright vibe to the room. Also, the beautiful green planters add to the make the room feel more cozy and warm. Also planters in the kitchen brings in so much fresh vibe.

#17. Stylish White and Brass Scheme Kitchen | via

White Kitchen with Brass accents and edges gives this rather simple Kitchen and Extraordinary look.

#18. White Kitchen with Blue Cabinets | via

These white cabinets with the blue ones makes the perfect dual tone cabinets for kitchen. Navy and White are a fabulous Kitchen color scheme that’s cool and luxurious.

#19. Sage Green Cabinets | via

Sage is peace. This beautiful Sage and White Kitchen with Brass Accents looks like a kitchen that’s spotless. It’s effortlessly elegant and chic kitchen design.

#20. Stone Kitchen Backsplash | via

This Stone Work Kitchen Backsplash brings in that period vibe to your kitchen. This is the most luxurious Kitchen look of the year.

So, these were the best Luxurious Kitchen Designs Ideas. Hope you loved these ideas and shall do these for your next kitchen remodel project.