Easy and Effortless Mason Jar Decor Ideas for Christmas

Christmas tree in a mason jar

Mason Jar décor for Christmas is not something that many people would try to do. But these jars can be decorated in so many creative ways. They can also be an essential part of your Christmas Decorations. Just like these Warm & Festive Rustic Christmas decoration ideas

Mason jar Christmas crafts are super easy and are a fun activity that families and friends can do together. Listed below are some of the easiest ways you can decorate mason jars for Christmas. These are so warm and festive!


mason jar decoration with name tags

Make your own Christmas flower vases:

Paint a mason jar in gold and fill it up with the prettiest flowers you can find!

Pretty Floating candles:

In an open mason jar, fill up water and put in some artificial berries and evergreens. Add a tealight candle to the top. It’s super easy to make and can be kept anywhere.

Entryway Merry Christmas Signboard:

Paint 2-3 mason jars in red and green and fill them up with flowers. Then stick them to a wooden base and write ‘Merry Christmas’ on it. You can hang this up near the entrance to your house.

Mason Jars in a Christmas Garland:

As a centrepiece decoration, you can place 3 painted mason jars filled with mini baubles and surround it with a Christmas garland.

Fill them up with Christmas Ornaments:

Take any mini Christmas ornaments that you have at home, like peppermint candies and baubles and put them in a mason jar. Hang up some fairy lights above it and stick a few pictures of your family and friends!

Cute Christmas Bows never go out of style:

Make little bows out of red, green and golden ribbon. Just stick them to a mason jar and light a candle inside it.

Paint on a Christmas Tree:

Using gold paint, draw the outline of a Christmas tree on the jar. Paint the rest of the jar in red or green and light a tea light candle in the mason jar.

DIY Christmas Holly:

There are 2 ways you can decorate with holly. For the first one, you can stick a holly onto twine and tie that around the mouth of the mason jar. And for the second, you can put the holly into a painted mason jar.

Christmas Lights in a jar:

Just put fairy lights or string lights in the jar and close it and keep on a table. It will look like stars in a jar! You could also keep it as a night light for your child during the Christmas season.

Christmas Tree in a jar:

Christmas tree in a mason jar

Overturn a mason jar. On its lid, you can stick a mini tree with fake snow and a polar bear. This can be kept on any table or surface.

JOY Jars:

Take 3 mason jars and paint them red. Using gold paint, on each one, spell out J-O-Y. To complete this look, you can either light a candle inside each jar or you can hang a string of fairy lights around it.

Christmas Guardian Angels:

Take a mason jar and fill it up with white candies or mini baubles. For the outside, cut out angel wings from a white paper and stick them on.

Paper snowflakes:

You can fill up a mason jar with mini baubles, paint it silver and stick a white paper snowflake on the outside.

Cute Reindeer Jars:

Outline the shape of a reindeer and paint the background in white or you could just stick a red pom-pom ball as a nose and 2 googly eyes above it. And for its antlers, you can stick mini twigs.

Christmas Candy Corner:

Using glass paints, paint 3 mason jars with red and white horizontal stripes alternatively. Since glass paint is see-through, inside the jars you can put candy canes, gummy bears, gumdrops, lollipops and peppermint candies. You can keep these in a corner in your kitchen with a memo board behind it, labelled ‘Candy corner’.

Dress it as a snowman:

First, paint the jar white, then take a red ribbon and tie it around the mouth of the jar and after that paint 3 black dots, one below the other on the jar. It looks like a snowman.

Can’t forget Santa Claus:

Paint a mason jar in red and around it paints a thick black line with a golden square for his belt. Around the mouth of the jar, stick white cotton.

Mason Jar Christmas tree:

Take 6 mason jars. Paint them all a translucent green and fill them up with mini baubles. Keep 3 at the bottom, 2 above those and one above that. Attach a Christmas star on top on the highest mason jar and hang a string of beads or fairy lights from one side to the other. And there you have a mason jar Christmas tree!

Pastel Jars:

Paint your mason jar with the Christmas colours in a pastel shade – red and green. And fill them up with flowers.

Rustic mason jar ornament:

Paint your mason jar in any colour you like and hang it up like an ornament using twine for a rustic look!

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Hope you liked these easy Mason Jar Christmas décor ideas!