Maximalist Décor Trend for 2021 – Hacks to Make A Statement

room with couch cushion and planter

For many years now, the minimalistic style has been trending. Having a neat and tidy space with no clutter is very calming. But many people have not started to see a change in the world of Interior Design. From the minimalistic style, some people are now switching over to the other end of the spectrum – Maximalist Decor. Maximalism is a style where you go all out by mixing various other styles, colours and patterns to create a look that is over the top. This style does not try to clutter up your space, but it does however aim at you making bold choices. 

From adding more furniture and brighter colours to switching up the style by adopting trends from the past, you can slowly get into this trend. The best part about it is that there are no rules! You can mix and match and add anything as décor without holding back. So, as the saying goes ‘Go Big or Go Home’, keep this in mind when you switch to this trend and do not worry. 

Keep Scrolling for some ways you can incorporate this trend in your home.

room with couch cushion and planter

Maximalist Décor Ideas

  1. Wall of paintings: You can have a wall or two dedicated to paintings in your living room. A gallery wall is a great way to express yourself. Try to have a mix of frames made of as many materials as you can get like metallic, wooden, white and black ones, all in various shapes and sizes. Experiment with different colours and styles of paintings to get the perfect effect.
  2. Nature is Key: Who doesn’t love having plants surrounding them? Besides keeping a couple of succulents around your home, go crazy with bigger plants. Hang up plant pots in your kitchen and place other plants on the floor of your living room. Some of the best plants you can keep in your homes, that act as air purifiers too are the Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Pothos (as called the cubicle plant), Dracaena (it is low-maintenance, which is great if you aren’t great at taking care of plants or do not have much time to do so), Rubber tree, Spider Plant and of course Aloe Vera. So along with following this trend, you will also be breathing better air.
  3. Wall Paper: Be bold with your wallpaper choice. Have statement wallpaper, instead of boring and dull colours like pale cream and off-white. Try out electric prints mixed with a pinch of a tropical style. And to match these bright walls, get handmade cushions made of Turkish silk that has unique designs. They would look gorgeous on your sofas. Coordinate your room by having bold wallpapers and furniture and other decors of a similar colour.
  4. Rugs and Cushions: The fun part of following this trend is that nothing can stop you from adding décor that you like. Get rugs and cushions in various colours with different patterns. It does not matter if the colours clash because that is what makes the trend special. You can make your own throws for your sofas that are made of exuberant colours and different textures.
  5. Dramatic shades: If you are not super convinced with the whole ‘Bold’ look, you can always go for a dramatic shade. Black or any dark colour would look great. Play around with paint finishes and textures to make your own statement.
  6. The Clash of Eras: With no fixed rules or guidelines on how to decorate for these trends – anything goes. You are free to mix and match whatever you like. A common thing done by most people is mixing various styles of the past – like trends from different years. You can mix geometric styles, earth tones, light and dark colours and the retro trend. Combine furniture from different time periods to make your living space look really interesting.
  7. Pick Colours you adore: Everyone has colours that they like and prefer over others. For your living room, pick out about three to four colours that define your style. Mix and match these colours while decorating. If you want people to notice your furniture more, get furniture in colours that pop and attract attention and have your walls and floor in a pale, neutral and lighter colour. 

A key point to keep in mind would be that you should try to use about 3-4 styles to decorate. And just because you are mixing many styles, does not mean your home should have a lot of clutter. Add as many things as you like but do not let your home look messy. 

The maximalism trend is about embracing grandeur by mixing bold and bright colours, patterns and textures. From a past where less was considered more, in today’s day and age – more is more.