Millennial Lavender Home Décor Trend Ideas for your Home

Lavender Home Décor

For a while now, Millennial Pink- a shade of peachy-pink- has been a trend especially in fashion, interior design, and on all social media platforms. It is also called Tumblr Pink. But now, Millennial Lavender seems to be taking over. It’s a pastel purple shade that is super pretty and loved by all. As the newest color trend, Lavender is getting super popular.

Home décor with Millennial Lavender is the one way you can incorporate this trend in your life. If you love the color lavender, make sure to embrace it and flaunt it.

If you are looking for ways to bring color into your home, get inspired by the following Millennial Lavender Home Décor ideas to decorate your home and it will definitely look stunning!

Lavender Home Décor

Millennial Lavender Home Décor Trend


  1. Paint your walls Lavender: The first thing a person notices when they enter the room is the color of the walls. Paint your living room, bathroom, or bedroom walls in lavender and show off your dedication to the trend. If you do not want to paint the walls Lavender, you could also put up Lavender wallpaper, so that as soon as the next trend comes along, you can peel this off and redecorate.
  2. Lavender Bean-bag for your floor: Bean-bags are super comfy to sit on. If you are a fan of them, place a lavender bean-bag in your living room or bedroom.
  3. Lavender Sofas: Lavender sofas will look great in your living room. Get comfy and soft sofas so that you enjoy sitting on them for a movie night.
  4. Lavender Paintings: Unleash the artist in you by painting anything you like in Lavender on a canvas and hang it up in your living room.


  1. Lavender Curtains: In your bedroom or your living room, hang up Lavender curtains.
  2. Lavender inspired bedding: To keep your bedroom in theme with the trend, make sure to buy Lavender duvet covers, bed sheets, and pillow covers. You could either have it all in the same shade or leave your bedspread in white.
  3. Lavender Bedside table: Place a Lavender bedside table beside your bed in your bedroom or paint your previous table in a shade of Lavender.
  4. Lavender Lamp and Lamp Shades: If you have a lamp on your bedside table, you can either place a Lavender lamp or just a Lavender lampshade on a white or grey lamp.


  1. Lavender mirrors for your bathroom: Lavender framed mirrors will make your bathroom look so good and they will definitely make your mirror selfies pop.
  2. Lavender Shower curtain: If you have a large shower area in your bathroom and need a shower curtain, put up a lavender one so it will match the other home décor.
  3. Lavender Mats: Place a Lavender mat or carpet on your bathroom floor. You could either place this inside or right outside your bathroom.
  4. Lavender brush holder and storage: In your bathroom, get a Lavender brush holder for your toothbrush. Also, paint or buy shelves that are Lavender.


  1. Lavender Decorations and Kitchenware: If you aren’t sure whether you actually want to jump on the bandwagon and follow this trend, you can experiment by buying small items in the color. For your kitchen, lavender plates, glasses, serving trays, dishes, and jugs can be bought and used.
  2. Lavender Bar Stools: If you have a big kitchen, you can bring in some high-stools or bar-stools in Lavender. A super calming and peaceful look that will look lovely.
  3. Lavender Cabinets: Kitchens have several cabinets and a cupboard. Paint them all in the same shade of Lavender that you have decorated the rest of your house in.
  4. Lavender Table Cloth: For your dining table, decorate with a Lavender table cloth.


  1. Lavender Pots and Plant holders: Very unique and classy lavender pots and plant holders can be bought to put your plants in. It does not matter whether you want to hang up your plants inside your house or outside, anywhere is fine and they will look equally good.
  2. Lavender Window frame: If you have windows facing your front garden, back garden, or your balcony, paint the window frame, Lavender, on the inside and outside.
  3. Lavender plants: Plant Lavender in your garden to make your garden look extra pretty.

Once you decorate your home with all things Lavender, make sure to also get Lavender scented candles to place around your home as aromatherapy. Lavender is known for its fragrance and the oils from it have a long history in herbal medicines. The scent is known to help people with several ailments. So, along with decorating your home, keep in mind all the benefits of having this color surrounding you!