Modern Rustic Décor: Guide on Everything you need to know about it



The Modern Rustic Décor style embraces the rustic beauty that is combined with modern facilities. It’s a style that’s perfect for those who like living simple yet comfy lifestyles. It is a casual yet sophisticated style.



When decorating your house using the Modern Rustic décor, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. They include:

  • Large Open Windows for a Gorgeous View: Big windows that let you look at the outdoors and feel as if you are out there too are super important. This feature of the modern rustic home comes from both – rustic and modern décor. Modern Rustic homes welcome in as much sunlight as they can and make sure to always keep it a priority. 
  • Natural Colours to Match the outside: When decorating, a natural color scheme is kept in mind. Keep your walls painted white or cover them in stone or wood for a natural look.
  • A fireplace is a must!: Since this style is all about comfort, a fireplace is definitely a must. Whether you want to choose a rustic stone one or modern wood one, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a fireplace.
  • Modern Furniture and facilities: This style is a combination of rustic beauty and modern facilities. Mid-century pieces of furniture go well with this style. Leather and wood are two materials that go well together. 
  • Use Natural Fabrics as much as possible: Natural fabrics are used in rustic modern homes. People usually use fabrics without print. Neutrals are perfect. Linen, jute, wood, and fur are commonly used.
  • Wood and Stone can be used around the house: Nature lovers like to bring in the outdoors by using elements from nature like wood and stone. People with old homes usually do have walls or ceilings made of wood and a fireplace made of stone. Instead of redoing the home, they can just leave it as it is especially if they are sure that they are going to be following the Modern Rustic Trend. You can use stone and wood for walls, floors, and anywhere else that you would like to!
  • High Ceilings: High ceilings in modern rustic homes look lovely. Especially when you hang a gorgeous chandelier from it. Some houses even have glass windows from top to bottom where the high ceilings are. These are great for star gazing and just watching the sunrise and sunset.
  • Dark Stained Wood: Modern rustic décor is usually in dark stained wood along with white in a few places for a nice contrast. It looks classy.
  • Light Hangings and Wall lamps: In almost any room in the house, you can have lights hanging from the ceiling. In the kitchen they can hang over the kitchen island, in the dining room they can hang over the dining table and in the living room, they can hang over the center table. Wall lamps can be placed beside the fireplace and in the bathroom.
  • Wood Everywhere: Have as much wood on display as you can. With the easiest wooden décor being a center table or side board, you can also have the sofa frame, bookshelf, and chairs made of wood. Random décor items made of wood can be bought and put on display. Also, items that cannot be made of wood can be bought in a wooden color to keep in the house.


If you would like to decorate your interiors in the Modern Rustic Style, there are so many different things you can do. Keeping in mind the elements from above, you can decorate your home using the following ideas:


  1. Wall of Art: You can have a wall of art made from natural materials like wood and stone mixed with a few modern art paintings. When mixed on a wall, the two styles look great!
  2. A fireplace made of Stone: Your living room deserves to have a lovely fireplace made of stone especially if you are going for the |Modern Rustic Design.
  3. Cushion covers and Throws: Have neutral-colored cushion covers and throws for your sofa.


  1. Chandelier: Have a gorgeous chandelier hanging over the dining table or just a hanging light.
  2. Wooden Chairs and Table: Have a dining table set (table and chairs) made of wood. 
  3. Plants or Flowers: Decorate your dining table with fresh flowers or a few plants as Centerpieces



  1. Exposed Bricks: Exposed bricks or Industrial bricks on the walls look great. 
  2. Wood Walls and surfaces: Having wood all around is not a problem. From platforms to walls, to floors, to cabinets, have everything in wood. 
  3. Enamelled Metal Canisters: These are cute canisters that can be kept on the countertop. They can be used to store almost anything. They give a rustic charm to the room, without much effort.


  1. Neutral Bedding: You can use a neutral shade for the bedding – sheets, blanket, and pillow covers. If you would like to, you can always have a touch of designs or personalize the whole look.
  2. Reclaimed Wood Walls: Reclaimed wood walls look really good. You can have one wall in your bedroom like this.


  1. Large Windows: Lovely larger windows are a must so that you can adore the outsides from within.
  2. Large Mirrors: Big mirrors look pretty and add depth to the room.