12 Affordable Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him That He Will Love!

Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

February 14 – Valentine’s day is steadily approaching. It’s a day meant for love. And what is it that people love? Getting Gifts, of course!! For the special man in your life, you might want to start looking out for the perfect gift soon, because finding the perfect gifts for your loved one might be tricky but we have got you covered. There are so many special personalized gifts that you could find to give to your man. Listed below are personalised gifts that you can give to the special man in your life. Whether he is into gaming, sports, fitness, music or art, you will certainly find a gift for him from the wide variety of options we have. So, keep scrolling!

Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

A Watch:

For a man that loves to be on time or for a man that never is, a watch is always a perfect gift. It will help him to keep track of time no matter where he is. You can personalise the watch by putting a photograph of you both on the dial of the watch or by putting a romantic quote on it. 

A Headphone Hanger:

Every gamer uses headphones. If your man is a gamer, he would love a personalised headphone hanger with his name or initials on it. He can treasure it along with all his other gaming equipment.

Personalised Beer Mug:

Using a digital printer, you can print out a caricatured picture of the face of your loved one, a photograph of the two of you or a loving quote and put it on a Beer Mug. Every time he uses that mug, he will think of you.

DIY Scrapbook:

A handmade scrapbook is probably the sweetest gift to give him. Though it takes time to make, it shows that you really care. Gather pictures from the past and present to put in it and fill it up with cute quotes and lots of stickers and drawings. Looking into the scrapbook will be like taking a walk down memory lane. You could make one of those scrapbooks that comes with a box in it, that way you would be able to put a small gift in it – like a Bottle of Perfume, A Watch or A Ring. 

Water Flask:

Get him a personalized water bottle flask. Perhaps write his name on it. It is a great gift for someone who is into fitness. He will be able to take it with him to the gym and stay hydrated – while thinking of you.

Spotify Plaque:

Personalized Spotify Plaques are currently very popular. I am sure that the man in your life would love to have one. You just need to choose a picture you would like on it (maybe something of the two of you) and a song that is special to the both of you or any romantic one. Put it in a sleek frame or just give it to him in a box. He can put this up on his wall. 

‘Our Life Together’ Photo frame:

Remind him of your amazing love story by showing him where it began and how it has progressed over the years. Stick pictures from your first date, the proposal, the wedding, the honeymoon and a recent one from your last anniversary. It’s a gift he will love. 

Custom Canvas Painting:

A custom canvas painting is a lovely gift for your man. You can get any professional artist to do this for you. It can be hung up on a wall in your home. 

Song Lyric Wall Art:

Think of your partner’s favourite song. Get those lyrics printed onto a canvas to show him how much you love him. This gift comes from the heart and is a really special one to give.

Promise Keychain:

A Promise Keychain is a very thoughtful gift. You could have a quote like ‘Through Thick and Thin’ printed on it to show him you will always be there for him – no matter what. 

A Customized Gift Basket:

Make him a gift basket with all his favourite things. If you want to, you could have a colour theme. Pick his favourite colour and get all his favourite snacks, spirits and candies in it. You could also add in some healthy treats. Add a cute love letter and a rose. 

100 Reasons Why I Love You:

Get a Mason jar and paint it in your man’s favourite colour. Then on tiny squares of paper (all in the same size), write down reasons you love him. This is definitely a very sentimental gift and one that he will cherish forever. He can read it on days he is sad or upset. You can give him this filled jar along with a box of chocolates.