Pet Friendly – Home Decoration Tips and Ideas

Pet Friendly - Home Decoration Tips and Ideas

There has been a rise in the number of people that have pets at home. With this number steadily increasing, it important that people have the right home décor that is pet friendly. This will allow them to have a well-decorated home that cannot be ruined just because there are pets at home. Pet parents can now have their furry friend and a gorgeous home, with both being equally comfy!

If you have pets at home and are not sure about what kind of décor would match the current trends and also be pet friendly, do not worry! We have a list of home décor ideas that will ensure your home looks classy and stylish without you having to sacrifice your personal favourite decorating style. 

Before we get into décor you can purchase, there are a few tips I think you should read first. 

Pet Friendly - Home Decoration Tips and Ideas

Pet-Friendly Home Decoration Tips


Try to get fabrics like synthetic fibres, leathers and smooth tapestries. Quality textiles can resist being dug into by claws. Avoid fabrics like velvet and corduroy as they are fur magnets. 


Avoid getting wooden furniture when you have a puppy as they perceive it as a teething toy. Get metal or chrome furniture so that your furniture is safe, and they go off in search of a teether toy.


If you just got a kitten or puppy, they might still have to be toilet-trained. If you have hardwood floors at this point, they are likely to get stained or scratched. Laminated flooring and stone tiles are a better option to keep your floors safe.

Avoid Carpeted Floors:

Avoid having wall to wall carpeted floors. With pets around, it will get messy and stained in no time. They are also harder to clean. If you really do want a carpet, you could try out modular carpet tiles. They are cheaper and can easily be replaced if a mess is made.

Bath area:

Once your pet is back home after a long day out, they are definitely going to be dirty and messy. Dedicate some space beside your entryway to clean up your pet as it enters the house. 


Have you ever noticed how pets love to sit by a window and look at the outside world? Having dark curtains deprives them of being able to do this. Get thin curtains in light shades so that your pet is able to enjoy the view.

Décor on Display:

Having décor on display at a height that your pet can reach could be risky. Candles, vases and any breakable items could easily break if your pet moves about and knocks it.  Think twice before you decorate your home and put anything on display to prevent any accidents. 

Vacuum regularly:

Many pets shed fur and vacuuming it every day is a must for heavy shedders. If your pets do not shed much, vacuuming twice a week should be fine.

Pet-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

A Play Place for your pet’s toys: Just like how parents have a playroom or playpen for their toddlers and children, you could have one for your pet. Have space in your home where all your pet’s toys are kept. This will teach your pet to only play there and keep its toys there. Also, your house will be much neater with a playpen in place.

A comfy bed for your pet: Get a bet for your pet that is made out of high-quality materials. A comfy bed for your pet will ensure they sleep in it and spend time in it relaxing and unwinding after a long day of play. Having their own bed will also keep them out of yours.

Colourful Walls: Having white walls and pets in the same house will lead to your beautiful wall turning grey. This allows you to be free and creative when it comes to picking out a colour for your walls. Choosing darker and bold colours will prevent marks from being seen.

Trash Cans: When you have pets, your home can get into a mess really easily. Try to get trash cans with lids in all rooms in your house. This prevents your pet from knocking anything over.

Litter Box: Instead of having your pets litter box out on display, there is furniture that comes with a hidden litter box enclosed in it. This lets your pet subtly take care of their business.

Glass Containers: Get a set of glass containers to store your pet’s food in. This looks neat and attractive when kept on display in a beautiful pantry.

Cute cushion covers: Get cute cushion covers with an animal print on them or a picture of your pet on it.