Curious about the Significance of putting Angels on the top the Christmas Tree? Here’s all you need to know!

Christmas is a time when people decorate their houses. Besides ornaments, people put up Christmas Angels and Stars around their house. Have you ever wondered why people put Angels and Stars at the top of their Christmas tree? You’re not alone. It is a pretty common question that many people have.

collage of family putting angels on christmas tree

For centuries, it has been a tradition to put up an Angel on the top of ones’ Christmas tree. The practice comes from the original Christmas story with the reason being that Angels played a significant role in the birth of Jesus.

The word angel comes from the Greek word ‘Angelos’ meaning messenger. In the Holy Bible, angels act as representatives of God to deliver news or foretell the future and they appear in both, the Old and New Testament.

The first time an angel visited was to talk to Mother Mary. Gabriel, the archangel of revelation told Mother Mary that she was going to bear a child and that she will be the mother of Jesus- the son of God. After that, an angel appeared to St. Joseph in a dream and told him that Mary was pregnant with the child of God and that he was to serve as Jesus’ father on earth. Also, on the night of the birth of Jesus, angels appeared in the sky over Bethlehem to celebrate and announce his arrival to the world. Here, they appeared high above the earth in the sky and this is one of the main reasons that people started to place them at the top of their Christmas trees.

You have probably also seen many people put up stars at the top of their Christmas tree too. Stars have a similar significance. In the Christmas story, along with the angels, the Star of Bethlehem, also referred to as the Christmas star, appeared in the night sky to guide the three Shepherds to St. Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. The five-pointed star signifies the birth of baby Jesus.

Both stars and angels have a great significance in the story of Christmas – the birth of Jesus. This religious tradition has been believed to have continued as people thought that placing them on their Christmas tree would scare away evil spirits from the house during the holidays.

Early Christmas tree traditions included evergreen trees being put up as décor. The people of the past would pray and worship outside their houses among the evergreens. They would decorate their houses with branches from evergreens during the winter.

The tradition of putting up Christmas angels and stars has been going on for centuries, but people are not sure as to when exactly it started. Though they are quite certain that the first angels ever made to put up in houses were homemade ornaments made out of natural and inexpensive materials.

This Christmas decorate your house with Christmas angels in the following ways so that you are reminded of the role they played during the first Christmas.

angel on christmas tree

Christmas Tree Décor with Christmas Angels

Put up a Christmas Angel on the top of your tree: Christmas angels at the top of the tree signify the first Christmas when Jesus was born. They filled the sky. Put up a Christmas Angel on the top of your tree this year to remind you of their significance.

Decorate your Christmas tree with Christmas angel ornaments: On your Christmas tree, you can always put little angels. Christmas angels on baubles, just angel wings, and even angels on a string can be hung up.

Decorate tables with Christmas angel centerpieces: For centerpieces, place an angel, candles, and a flower garland.

Decorate with Christmas Angel Candles: Scented candles smell amazing and to make them look really decorative, place an angel candlestand below them and keep them around your house.

A Christmas Angel cupcake stand for your dessert table: To keep your cupcakes on the dessert table, use a super cute Christmas angel cupcake stand. It is festive and adorable!

Place Christmas Angels on different surfaces: Christmas angels look pretty on any surface. Buy a few Christmas angel figures and just place them on any surface- like a Piano, bookshelf, or sideboard.

Decorate with Rustic Christmas Angels: If you are going with a rustic theme to decorate this year, get a set of rustic Christmas angels to match! You get wooden and metal rustic angels and even rustic Christmas angel tree toppers.

DIY Christmas Ange

ls: Make your own Christmas angels decorate your house with. There are several ways you can do so using paper, twigs, and even pipe cleaners!

So whether you top your Christmas tree with an angel or a star, do not forget the significance of them at the very first Christmas.