Summer Nail Art and Color Ideas

Summer Nail Art and Color Ideas

Summer season is one of the most colorful seasons of all. It’s all about the bright and vibrant colors of the season. When you are looking for colorful Nail designs for summer you should think about all these happy and cheerful summer memories. From beach days to vacations to Palm trees, these Nail art designs are so adorable and exciting.

If you are looking for the latest Summer Nail Art trends, then you can use colorful and bright colors. Matte Nails in colorful shades look perfect for the season. You can also go for cuticle nails or neutral colors even during the Summers because it’s so adorable that it goes well all year long. So, below are some of the best Summer Nail Art and Color Ideas for 2020.

Summer Nail Art and Color Ideas

Watermelon Nail Design

Summer with some fruity watermelon Nail art! Yes, please. It’s so soothing and so exciting at the same time. Get the tutorial from Melissa Erial

Neutral Summer Nails

Be it the hot sultry days or a clear summer morning, these neutral summer nails never go out of style.

Summer Colorful Nail art

This is one fo the latest designs. Painting the tip gives your nails a classic look that looks extremely stylish and modern.

Yellow Nails for Summer

Summer Yellow Nails are so adorable. Summer is so synonymous with the yellow color. Use it to your hearts please with any colors you love.

Cute Yellow Summer Nails

Bright Yellow Summer Nails makes a classic bold statement. It goes perfect with summer outfits and looks so sophisticated and stylish.

Palm Tree Nails

Colorful Palm Tree Nails. Colorful and vibrant with dual colors! This Nail Art mirrors the Summer scenes at the beaches with a spark of the glitter.

Colorful Summer Nails

Multicolored Summer Nails are always special. Do it on long coffin nails and it surely makes a stylish statement for the summers.

Summer Sunflower Nails

Sunflower is all around. Why not have it on your fingertips. Sunflower nails are so special for summers.

Black and Yellow Nails

Black and Yellow are one of the most alluring Summer Nail art color combinations. It’s vibrant and colorful.

Palm Tree Nails

A gorgeous Palm tree nail that mirrors the beautiful Summer Sunset. Yes, please! There can be nothing more beautiful than this one.

Summer Ballerina Nails

Long Ballerina Nails with Yellow and Black color and long Palm trees look so perfect for the summer season. It’s easy to do and is so stylish and modish.

Grey and Yellow Nails

Gorgeous Yellow and Grey Nails are always a classic combination. Yellow works wonderfully with grey. It’s quiet and unknown combination but looks so sophisticated.

Neutral Palm Tree Nails

Palm Nails is one of the most trending Summer nail art designs of this year. Do it with Palm tree decals. Also, use natural colors so that it pops out the trees. image source weheartit

Pastel Blue Nails

These Pastel blue nails literally mirror the color of the clear blue sky and white flowers on the ground! So earthy yet so exotic. image source unknown.

Cute Summer Nail colors

Neutral colored nails with a pop of glitter are so special for summer. Be it for your beach holidays or for vacation, these summer nails always go in style.

Colorful Matte Nails

Summer is always synonymous with vibrant and exciting colors. These Summer Matte Nails are perfect for the hot days.

Palm Tree Nail Design

Palm designs are again the most popular summer nail designs for 2020. Be it in neutral colors of in solid colors or in Neon colors. Here is a classic example of using neutral colors like black and white along with Neon yellow.

Tropical Green Nails

Tropical colors always inspire calmness in us. Go for these tropical green nails with leaf prints which can be done by decals. It’s easy to do and looks so exotic! Image source unknown.

Lemon Green Nails

These bright green nails are perfect for summers. It looks so stylish. image source tumblr

Cuticle Colored Nails

This is so modern and stylish. A unique way of nail art is just doing the tips. It looks perfect for summers.

Blue Nails for Summer

Blue never goes out of style. Since Summers are all about clear blue skies, reflect that color with your Nail colors. Go for teal or turquoise colors.

Glorious Teal Nails

Teal is everywhere this summer. These Teal Nails are so stylish and so sophisticated. Of course, the pop of glitter stands out.

Yellow Green Nails for Summer

Yellow and Green mimic the perfect colors of nature, especially for the summers. Doesn’t it look so cute? image source weheartit

Neon Green Summer Nails

I love neon colors for the summers. Just one coat of it and it looks so gorgeous. Here this neon green matching the color of the shoes looks so stylish.

Simple Pink Nails for Summer

Summer is the season of colorful hues. Bring in the pop of pink with simple yet effective pink nail colors.

Pastel Blue Nails for Summer

The clear blue skies are the muse for these gorgeous Pastel blue nails. Simple yet stylish.

Yellow Nails

Yellow Nails are just perfect for this season. These Lemon Yellow Nails are so gorgeous.

Gorgeous Neon Nails

Neon greens are such a bold and bright color in itself that you need no other color to complement it. Also, these are available in acrylic and matte kinds.

Nude and Yellow Nails combination

These classic nude nails with a pop of yellow are the epitome of style and sophistication. It’s so easy to do and looks so appropriate for the present times.

Bright Red Nails

Be it the Summers or the Winters, bright and bold reds do not go out of style. These bright red nails are so adorable.

Sunset Nails

Summer Sunset Nails done with a blend of orange and yellow looks so cute and scenic. It’s such a unique nail art idea to be done.

Minimal Yellow Nails

Yellow is such a bright and bold color that just a pop of it makes it stand out. Here just the tips and a sole nail theme makes this manicure look so adorable.

Gorgeous Orange Tips

Pastel white Nails with Orange Tips! This reminds me of the citrus season.

Classic Red Nails

Adorable and gorgeous, these berry red nails are a classic summer style and color theme for this year.

Pink and Blue Nails

These Pink and Blue manicure is so cute. It looks like the sky and the flowers together, hand in hand. However poetic it is, these are a really easy color combination to be done for the summer season.

Vibrant Pink Nails

Bright Pink nails are so perfect for this season of sunshine. Also, if you want you can customize it with decal designs and colors.

Red Nails for Summer

Bright Red Nails are a classic summer style statement of the year.

So, these were some of the topmost summer nail art design ideas. I hope you found a lot of inspiration from these ideas.